Samsung Galaxy S4 Original Clone (Made In Korea)

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Prince Of Light: what is the international price ?

Terrabyte: song?

Asip Bajrami: 1:08 is korea while this is original because I've a samsung galaxy s4 korea

Lovely Mae Panzuelo: Is this real ?! Im not sure about it :/

Vigi Amiti: is very good phone 

Jerome Beralde: how much in pilippines?

samera dushan: godak hodai

rylan wahiman: how much is it in the Philippines??

john cena: hey dude this phone is awesome were can i bye it plz answer ?

Maksim Donchev: orientdeal/orientphone-s4-advanced-best-galaxy-s4-alternative-mtk6589t-quad-core-5.0-inch-1080p-fhd-ips-screen-android-4.2-18.0mp-camera-2gb-ram-32gb-rom.html

José B: what about NFC? this phone have NFC?

Naresh garapati: hi do u have rom for this phone.. i need to flash

Crystal Eve: w w

Chanduka Rajapaksha: dude the music is awesome lol

Crystal Eve: w w

Crystal Eve: w w

sineth gunawardane: I have this phone to sell.If any one like to buy please mail me..

rishi mishra: how to purchase

Cerasela-Cristina Gaidos: How can I hard reset it?

andronikos sakelaridis: i need this please contact

Crystal Eve: w w

nobel ring: OMG That's Amazing

Muis Sham: problems is when call


Crystal Eve: w w

Crystal Eve: w w

faisalmdali: how do we know the clone phone made in korea or china.??

adrian white: i need this phone contact me friend

Crystal Eve: dont have, we have a new version of this phone,, GALAXY S4 V3 QUAD CORE 1.2GHZ 2GB RAM 5" HD IPS SCREEN AIR GESTURE,EYE TRACKING & SMART SCREEN (smartpause)

rafael Pardo: donde lo puedo conseguir contactam mi email

Crystal Eve: w w

Jem Aguilar: i have this phone. is this rootable?

Tom Wilson: I am also interested in purchasing. Please contact me:

Maksim Donchev: orientphone S4 advanced is better.

Masha Alkautsar: ni dealer chombie telecommunication ker

Crystal Eve: w w

Danushka Kodituwakku: dumb song played this video is crap

milan vojnovic: Price of this phone and can u sent it in Serbia?

Ismail Firushaan: Hey, I have that phone. Great Phone but doesnt support Multi Touch

Kimmy Dalumpines: please PM me the price...

Дима Целуйко: хочу купить мой майл

Emmanuel Friday: How do I make contact with seller. my email is

Andrés Osuna: Hi, I'm from Colombia, which has price with shipping included, this is my mail,, thanks.

Crystal Eve: nope

Syakir Shahidan: chombie ? Malaysian right ?

serdinhoful: orcınalmı buu

Perindu Rasulullah: price??????

journeytothestars7: Hey, Samsung is South Korean.

Crystal Eve: w w

mouh mido: True religion is Islam

Samsung Galaxy S4 Original Clone (Made In Korea) 3.9 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Original Clone (Made In Korea)