My Homemade Bowfishing Kit

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Ethan Martin: ... I want ome

NuketasticGaming: is that a bowfishing arrow?

koby walker: What's the draw weight on that bow?

kaziklu79: ;) No problem if you ever come here. Like your channel btw!

IntrovertedLoner: So you haven't used it yet? ??? I love bow fishing ill try it out for you lol

kaziklu79: :) It was two and a half years ago, but i'll try to list the parts looking at the picture at the beginning. For the arrow you need a plastic wheel from which to cut the slide, a short bolt (1cm long,2mm thick), a nut and two rubber pieces acting like washers. For the reel - a 6-7cm/6mm bolt, 3 nuts, 2 washers, a piece of PVC tube, a piece of paper or cardboard (to protect the finish of the bow). I think that's all. Good luck!

SumoNinja92: Can you list all the parts you used? I can't make some of them out.

kaziklu79: Yeah, i also tought so. I think i'll mount it somehow on the stabilizer hole.

kaziklu79: Because i want to be prepared :)

xGOTxEMxHAHAx: Whyd you make a bowfishing set up if you dont want to go through all the trouble to bowfish?

Colton Essary: @kaziklu79 welcome man ,hey hope u get some fish with it

kaziklu79: @semperfi253 Thanks for the tip!

Colton Essary: if you sand down the outside edge of the spool it will help keep the string from hanging up when you shoot

kaziklu79: @ddt121695 It's kind of hard to bowfish here - you need a license and to find a proper place. I don't want it so much to deal with these two problems :) If i'd got the chance to bowfish i'll make a vid for sure.

kaziklu79: @ddt121695 Unfortunately i haven't used the bow and the kit for actual bowfishing yet.

kaziklu79: @rockclimber30 May be, i haven't tried it yet :)

Marty Miller: that wont work

kaziklu79: @Turkey12328 By hand or i can easily mount a handle. Unfortunately i haven't used the fishing kit for real bowfishing yet .

jono90hd: @kaziklu79 thank you kind sir

kaziklu79: @2232rodney Well, if i need another one i'll make a tutorial vid :)

My homemade bowfishing kit 5 out of 5

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My homemade bowfishing kit
My homemade bowfishing kit
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My homemade bowfishing kit