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vanillamarshmallow: hair one is one of the worst products I've ever put on my hair

janelle blozy: I use Hair one for 2 months and I'm losing my hair like crazy!!

Emina Criston: My hair has been thinning and I find Argan rain Shampoo does seem to thicken it. I also use the Argan rain oil with it too.

Kelly Sutton: the Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus is way better than wen it made my hair beautiful

SkeyeU: Subscribed and liked! Thank you sooo much!!!

SkeyeU: OH MY goodness!!! Thank you sooo much! I use to get wen and when it would get low I would add some aloe vera in it and make it last a little longer. THANK YOU for posting this! THANKK YOUUUU!!!!!!

Tammy Lewis: hair one take ur hair out and tangle ur hair so bad I. KNOW FIRST HAND I HAD TOO CUT MY HAIR IT WAS SO KNOTTED UP FROM HAIR ONE !!!!!! LIES YU TELL 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

SHANIQUA MATTHEWS-MCCLAM: I am so excited that you found this, only took me 6 years of purchasing WEN to see this videoI I am running to Sally's as soon as I get of work. Thank you

keith parkhill: Did you know that simple hair conditioner can be used to wash hair.

PEGGY Hawker: That is nothing like Wen ! It sucks

Azzedine AliaFan: just saw there is a class action lawsuit against wen for it damaging their hair. . . .

Ashley Baerga: uh its not the same not at all

Dorian Whitfield: where did you get the hello kitty neclace

D. R. Griggs: For those who can stand the loud smell, Hair One probably would work out for you financially. However, the overpowering floral scent from the green bottle (Argon Oil) made me eyes water and kept my nose stopped up to the point where I had to wear a bandana until I could get it washed out. It was so strong that I still could smell traces of if afterwards. :/ I may try Wen again. At least that didn't make me gag. :( *Note: I have chronic sinusitis and I am hyper sensitive to smells, so that could be a factor also.

Tarahji Ellsworth: I think wen is better than hair one

Crafty Ayana: I used hair one a while ago it is no where near as good as wen! It made my hair dry and clumpy. And it's not as rich as wen. If you have a problem with the price go online when there is a deal that's what I do and I get $100 dollars worth of wen items for $30

Michele Baker: Hi Gina, I was wondering if you ever tried the Hair One Sweet Almond Mint for normal hair, and what you thought of that one?  I recently started using Wen and I love it but I would still like to try Hair One too. Thanks

Swan Kelly: 40, 10, 40, 10
Nuff said!

Tracena22: Hair One made my scalp itchy.  There's also a Loreal product that is sulfate free; I'm going to try that.  Yes, WEN is impossibly, ridiculously expensive!  If they'd charge half the price, they'd sell 100 times as many.  Crazy stupid marketing.

Linda SJ: Thanks for sharing... very helpful....

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Alternative to Wen!! 5 out of 5

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Alternative to Wen!!
Alternative to Wen!!
WEN- Review, Rant & Alternatives
WEN- Review, Rant & Alternatives
WEN Review - the Good, the Bad, & the CHEAP!
WEN Review - the Good, the Bad, & the CHEAP!
Wen Alternatives
Wen Alternatives
hair one review (Wen alternative)
hair one review (Wen alternative)

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Alternative to Wen!!