BBP Scale For CBBE And CHSBHC For Skyrim

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Cee mcneil: yes but how do we make the breast bigger?i have the CHSBHC jiggle mod but idk how to make them bigger n still get jiggly like

Dereshi: download link??

LeOn Low: hi...can you tell me what is your settings for the shadows? its awesome

Demolishor27: Hmm ? how does the animation part of this mod work ?

OptimusRhymes: the guard at the end "im gonna get me sum of dat"

OptimusRhymes: man look at those wall textures

Stewart Mckinna: lol @ the guard following
BBP Scale for CBBE and CHSBHC for Skyrim 5 out of 5

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BBP Scale for CBBE and CHSBHC for Skyrim