Chinese ATV Oil Change How To

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Payoloscovk Norris: 1 lt for a chinese atv 150cc ??

rob hockenberry: do these chinese bike require two types of oil or just one?...and what oil should i put in it

Scott Ohler: Since theres no oil filter does that mean its a 2 stroke or do they just dont have oil filters?? and do they take gear oil??

Kongen i sin ghetto: i got a problem with my 70cc loncin ATV i can't get the idle to get lowered. since its automatic it rolls away, iv'e been turning the idle screw all the way out have been mixing with the air/fuel screw and jetting too. pretty sure theres no air leak because i sprayed starting fluid on the intake and it dosen't rev up even higher or bog out and shut off. i have also checked the needle its almost all the way down so the trottle is not the problem or the wire. since my 5 year old is gonna ride it i want it to be as safe as possible so he dosen't get hurt. by the way its been sitting for 4 years before i got it, got it relativly cheap since theres not so much work to do just tightening the chain lubing all spining parts change oil wich i did before i started it by the way. i got a good used carb cheap since the other one was leaking and had lots of other problems so i got i good used one. when i changed the carb i couldn't get the idle lower anymore. all help apreciated since my kid can't wait to ride his very first quad. sorry for lack of dots and bad english im from sweden, have a great day cheers.

Jonah Ware: I have a 125cc cool start Atv and it's just not starting up I have gas in it . What oil should I use? Maybe that's the problem

Danny Crews: Thanks man. Greatly appreciated.

Andres Mendoza: I just got the Coolster 3125CX and the spring along with the metal tube with holes came out, but I don't know if the plastic end should go in first.

Juan J. Torres: someone know how i can check the gear box oil on a 250 cc baja

Zajkan Mrkaljevic: Wich kinda of oil do you use for this ?

drzort92: My bro jus got a hyosung predator90 what oil should i buy for it

ascha schumm: is there an oil filter in my raptor 90 what type oil do i use

Miranda L: COOL...

georgesj1979: Just bought one atv it's got a knocking noise when you give it gas any idea ?

Joe Bananas: Great video thanks. Wish id seen it first, my Chinese owners manual said to remove both bolts - turns out wrong! The other bolt is for the camshaft tensioner, it has a pipe with holes in and a big spring behind it - I put it back in, so far so good. Dont remove the 14mm bolt.

GyroticArts: what type of oil goes into my loncin lx250st-eec 250cc atv??

Tanya Momotok: What do I do I took out the other bolt and a spring came out and this other little thing

Jessica Farley: 1 liter

nathan shepherd: Does anyone know how much oil i need to put in a 200cc redcat???

Hector Sanchez jr: I think my atv is a: Buyang group 2007 FA-D300A Type ATV-A 2WD I need to find parts for it, the brushing and bolts that belong on top of the shock. Can You Help!

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Chinese ATV Oil Change How to
Chinese ATV Oil Change How to
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Chinese ATV Oil Change How to