How Does Google Consider Site-wide Backlinks?

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Richard Andersson: Thanks for doing this "compressing" of sitewide links and still counting them (but more like a package). I own a big site with alot of indexed pages. The site is about economy, jobs and salaries. At the same time I own a smaller site which is about "promocodes", and since they still touch the same subject (economy and personal finance) I have choosen to just simply link it in the main menu in the top, but last ofc. It sends good traffic that converts well and it also seem to pass some link "power" through it. I was very scared that it would be conciderd spammy but it seems like to counts just about like you describe.

Shakir Hassan: What exactly does Sitewide anchor text and backlinks are?

OldeFarquer: "Neither confirm nor deny."

Kris Abramovic: See my vids & learn herb as maca,shepherd's purse, dill etc ;)

Justin Foreigns: These are actual facts though, if you look from the manual standpoint, keywords count but if you're just throwing them out there without strategy, you're at risk. So if you see a site-wide link that is related, it makes a lot more sense. FansLinks is a good website for fans, links and also organic, on-topic links. This guy knows what he's saying when he uses the polish links as an example. You need relavent keywords that go with your site just as fanslinks website provided. Thanks Chris

Mridu Bhattacharya: I think it clearly suggests that it MAY BE considered ok to have multiple links from a single domain from algorithmic point of view but on manual side it is not ok and Google do make manual investigations too. Further with the new manual spam launched by Google, it would be recommended to avoid/delete multiple links from a single domain especially if they are not in context or if not relevant to the industry. An comments?

Mursedul Islam Sumon: I commented on the videos

srikanth j: nice knoweldge

Spook SEO: I hope Matt gives us actual figures next time. The answers clear but it's also gray at the same time. I'm sure a lot of us would like to get a clearer answer as far as when the site wide backlinks will start to become spammy on their end. I mean, this can be quite subjective.

Dave Zegers: Here you can see that Matt is just putting out bullcrap lie after bullcrap lie, there is almost no manual checking of side-wide links, it just can't be done... this video is used to scare people... i'll take irrelevant side-wide high PR links pointing to my sites all day every day... no matter what the Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf of Goole says.

Erwin Pratama: ngomong opo sih?

Dennis X: Ehh I still do not understand. I mean if I own two blogs and both in differend niches... why shouldn´t I place links in the sidebar? Maybe I want to tell my readers that I also have another blog they could visit? I mean they are my blogs and I can show my readers in the blogroll what ever I want or? Or are a small percentage of inbound blogroll links from own sites ok and Matt is talking again about extrems like blogroll links from thousands of domains?

Dylan Young: He said doodoo :-)

Masoko Publicidad - Agencias de Publicidad: Good Tip

joolyen: I don't think that would be considered spammy because that's a logical link for a website to have.

Erik Wahlen: I have created a lot of wordpress websites for me and for my clients and I know that Wordpress configuration can be a huge hassle and most marketers get it wrong. So I decided to record every detail of my work in a video course. please go to my channel to watch the latest video I uploaded.

Gururaj mahale: If no site-wide link, Can I still depend on the web directories to help crawlers understand my category? or should I engage my website only on social media websites?

Andreas Ostheimer: Good one.

Web Hosting: LOL not my homepage,. the homepage of the sites that have site-wide links to me.. the inner pages of the sites show up when i search if you see they are all inner pages and no home pages.. its really not that big a deal to me i just though it was really interesting..

MrTVTL905: Not necessarily. The way SEO wannabes operate these days, that comment could get taken as "okay, so put links to my site on one out of every 15 blog posts so that it looks organic." The logic behind the marginal weight of an inbound link makes all kinds of sense as it is explained.

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How does Google consider site-wide backlinks?