Body Wrap With Albolene

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Lashonda Moore: I'm going to try this miss lady thank u for sharing

De'Neisha Williams: How do you know it's sweat & not just the albolene melting due to your body temperature I mean albolene IS like a petroleum substance....

D Paster: NOPE!

marlie stpaulin: my wrapping paper moves up how we do I fix it?

Quinn Abar: Does it work

TheJazzie6: I am thinking to do this LOL!! the waist training is just to much so I said Tina get you some saran wrap and albolene and go for it LOL!!

Tasha Jones: Would working in a where house be considered exercise??

George Kurupt: So stupid. First, fat needs to oxidize to burn off. Cutting off oxygen thru skin in a nonpourous wrap is only slowing any potential fat burning. Ur just dehydrating urself and will be back up after a few glasses of water Anything to avoid a running routine and diet... :s

Dalton K: Riff Raff?

bluegrassgirl: I do albolene every day while I walk..... all I know is... it looks like someone hosed me down with water when I take off the plastic wrap.

Christopher Johnson: Sweet Sweat is more expensive but is wayyyy better

SimplyyChina: Next time suck in your stomach as far as you can and wrap as tight as you can and try it again

Kay Durrant: Where is your updated video??

H.D. Armstrong: This is very dangerous!!!

Society's preoccupation with weight loss has led to the rise of many quick-fix products and methods to lose weight. One of these is the body wrap, which is touted by some spas as a means of permanently losing weight. The body wrap is supposed to aid weight loss through the application of plastic wrap dipped in an herbal substance. This causes sweating, which is supposed to detoxify your body and help you lose weight.
Sweating too much can lead to dehydration which is dangerous as the sweat does not dry, but stays on the body, raising body temperature possibly to unsafe levels. Profuse sweating also leads to changes in blood chemistry, reducing blood volume and sending less oxygen to the cells. Weakness, dizziness, confusion, coma and even death can result because of excessive fluid loss. If you are having a body wrap at a spa, your attendant may not be qualified to deal with any of these reactions.
The dangers of wrapping your stomach in plastic are not limited to sweating alone. Cling wrap used for wrapping the stomach is made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which has been described as one of the most dangerous consumer products. It leaches harmful substances which have been linked to negative effects on the liver, spleen, kidneys, bone formation and body weight. PVC is also linked to cancer.Some wraps are dipped in mineral products, some of which may contain aluminum, which is linked to Alzheimer's. In addition, you may be allergic to some of the ingredients used in the wrap.

Linda Luquin: Tiger strips? Girl I don't see any your skin looks great!

Mayra Rodriguez: Omg you know what is so ironic i bought a sport waist trainer a size too small for me i am normally a waist size 36 and a 38 from my bra size girl it did not want to close from the top at all my husband tried helping me we got the bottom to close but the top not at all now i a ant to loose about two inches from my back area and my underboob to fit in it

miduisa: London just love you...nice video. Ive been hearing alot about this product and thought id look it up and bumped into ur video. Love you sincerity ...I have not done exercise ina while and you are inspiring me to wanna wanna work it. Thanks liz

BERRIEDELITEABLE: Yes and when I take it off I pour water from my mid section... Works Great

Bryanna Mayo: I put it on every day while taken care of my daughter

Body Wrap with Albolene 5 out of 5

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Body Wrap with Albolene
Body Wrap with Albolene
Cheap Body Wrap w/Albolene
Cheap Body Wrap w/Albolene
ME.  albolene & CLEAR WRAP
ME. albolene & CLEAR WRAP
Body wrap using Albolene!!
Body wrap using Albolene!!
Buffie the Body: Get ARMS + ABS + ALBOLENE but you have to OWN IT!
Buffie the Body: Get ARMS + ABS + ALBOLENE but you have to OWN IT!

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Body Wrap with Albolene