Body Wrap With Albolene

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Zee P: I do the same thing. TIP: Get someone to help you wrap. Hold your stomach in. and pull the wrap a little tight. the Saran will act as a waist trimmer. and yes u will see results.Keep up the good work

Christina Armstrong: Did you change your diet. I just start today. What else do I need to do. 

1211Brittany: Can you use it on your thighs ? or only on your stomach/waist area?

amdre anthony: Im using it and i do see a diff along with working out:)

Madison Curie: whats Albolene?? and were do you get it?

M Jlock: thanks for the vid

Romeo Yourmum: D: Noo, this is not true. You must diet and workout to lose fat. There is no such thing as spot reduction.. Please don't use up human resources over something that will just give you pain and discomfort.

MzBack2thick: Use a waist belt or stomach cincher over the saran wrap to help tighten your stomach too

Missyplaymate3: You have to wear it for 12 hours?

LaMirica London: I don't have one..

Tillery Bullock: Try it with a Sauna belt.

lilmzcookie5508: I was paying attention but your nails and the color is pretty!!!! And I will be trying this!!!!!! Thank you for the info and gud luck with it!!

LaMirica London: No not skinny but so want to slim down for me. I'm back to wrapping, using a corset during work hours and working out. Diet has changed also.

LaMirica London: They have a website. Order from there :)

sketchboi1: you look good nice video

toyjoya: Thanks again!

Margaret Brown: that's a good Idea I need to try that when I workout I got a lot of loose skin and fat from my c section and working on the area is so hard to do.

KomplexxBlends: I didn't know you were on here!

Shatarra Hines: Has the wrapping been helping you to lose the weight?

Kimber Tarver: I just discovered Albolene as well and It really worked up my sweat factor while doing taebo. If you go on they have a challenge on the moisturizer site. In my research this is what professional boxer use when they need to lose weight before a weigh so technically men have been using this for years and did not let us in on why our Albolene Mascara was always missing...

LaMirica London: *diet

Missyplaymate3: Great video I can't wait to try this. Have a nice week

LaMirica London: This was done in conjunction with dirt and exercise. Kudos to you

Emma Hitchings: I'm wearing one right now, while I sleep. Just to experiment. Is Abolene gel a moisturizer?

MsCupcake39: i do this 4-5x weekly prior to my cardio wkout...and HUNTY YESSS it works! plus I use a waist belt too...I've gotten great results. Try Glad works the best...thanks for the video...Good luck!

LaMirica London: You must not pay attention to FB!! Lol. I been subbed to you

Kenneth Cobbs: Yeah, girdle would be good.

Shaunte Rivera: i wrap with albolene before work n wear it all day. promotes sweat! always good if u want to loose excess water. sweat rids the body of toxins as well.

goldmouth100: HOW IS THIS WORKING FOR YOU ??

Brianna Brown: I love this video because you are not a skinty girl trying to make herself smaller an it looks the exact same as it did before they wrapped so thanxx a million you've really helped me... #biggirlsrock

LaMirica London: No i only wear it while working out

LaMirica London: I'm wrapped up now! Preparing for workout

Aaron Sandoval: are you still using the wrap FINALLY FINALLY !!!!!!! SOMEONE WITH MY BODY TYPE !!!!!! THIS makes me feel so much better because I see skinny girl doing the wrap and Im like hunny what you trying to shrink your Bones ?!?!?!? I would love to know how this is working for you my stomach is my biggest part of my body the contains all my fat .....

Kimber Tarver: Mascara Remover^^

BLOM VAN DIE SIEL: lol at wrap for your life hunty. I'm going to try this. Plus I am working out as well. I'm going to start the 6 types of crunches 10 sets per crunch every other day.

LaMirica London: I've only done it a couple times but a friend say she lost 2 inches in 2 weeks

LaMirica London: Daisy let me know how it works for you

Brittany Mosley: Have you tried the It Works! applicators? The solution already comes on the applicator so you don't have to guess how much to use and its less messy. Try it out bodybybam.myitworks

Mingonat264: Hey YouTubers, have you discovered Fat Blast Factor? (look for it on google) You will find out about the serious crimes we commit against our bodies. With Fat Blast Factor, you will discover how to lose weight fast.

geojimeu: That is one sexy belly.

Tisa Closet: Hey love I just subbed you channel. Can you tell me how many days that you can wrap a week. I am considering using Albolene and need more information. Thanks for the video. Check me out on youtube and sub me back if you like.

LaMirica London: Yes I'm a distributor

LoB912: Yes!!!

Artem Siloch: Good day! I'm James.I did -10 lbs in one week.More here

LaMirica London: I wrap with it when I workout. So if you workout 5x a wk then you can use it all 5 days there is no limit

Missyplaymate3: I am going to buy some tomorrow. Thank you hon

drama8544: Why do you have to greese up?

LaMirica London: I haven't used it since I've been doing the it works wraps and the corset daily

LaMirica London: Lilmzcookie5508 thank you. My nail tech keeps me fly..

LaMirica London: It makes you sweat more

Body Wrap with Albolene 4.5 out of 5

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Body Wrap with Albolene