VAMO V5 Vs MVP V2: Best Cheap APV For 2014! -IndoorSmokers

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ma tres: Hey, i love your videos and was hoping you could recomend me an atomizer for the i taste MVP vv 2 ? Thanks or at least some options to get big clouds 

shmahat ma: Kenny freaking powers compares e-cigs!

jwchicano: MVP is a fkin life saver!!! I love mine with the Nautilus mini tank it puts out NICE vapor

INF LIXI: e cig nerd

Electrical Universal: it was never about the money, i choose both as well ! getting my vamov5 tomorrow already got the itaste

Vincent Plouffe: You can also charge devices with the vamo v5. You just gotta put an adaptor on the top of it.

Frankie Diaz: I'm new in Vapor world, 2 week Vaporing without Tabaco cig. I like your review you make for newbies like me. I'm from Puerto Rico and I start with a IJOY ETOP C Model but I don't see to much reviewing this mods in the US. I Like to see if you can Review this model and see what you think about it. Thanks 

Neil Spector: Dude what is with the editing? Why are the videos so disjointed?

amacm69: MVP 2 battery life quality parts, durability . I've dropped my MVP like 5 times already lol fine 

JamieD262: when you talk about innokin and Vamo you can not say you get what you pay for because both are very high quality and will last you a long time, my buddy has had his MVP V1 for over a year and its working like a champ, the battery has not shown signs of dying (not holding charge for example). he payed £40 for his, thats £3.30 a month over 12 months, a 10 pack costs that.

Tanner Postin: You should do a review on some kayfuns!

drifter848: the passthru feature is sooo awesome when the units or batts die and wont hold a charge anymore having a passthru feature will still let you vape were on the loose batt models once the batts wont charge youre screwed and good mpassthrus are hard to find unless you make one

Callerz: Do they work on a ego t battery anyone know?

Michael Byars: I just LOVED the MVP 2.0 when I got it. Found it for 37 bucks free shipping. I thought I made the best choice in the world. Then in less than a month its broken. The tanks says 0.0 resistance and don't fire. If I keep unscrewing it and testing it, it will eventually catch and let me vape, but I have to loosen the tank so much that it wobbles. Now I am very unhappy. My girl has the Innokin iTaste vv3 (the smaller one), and I hope hers doesn't break because I sold her so much on it, like 2 days after she got it mine broke and its been less than a month. If you good it, its a common problem. I want a higher watt box now anyway, it was cool while it lasted, now its an extra charge battery (which I haven't used since it broke because I have no reason to carry it anymore).

sandi brill: thank U! I now have bot & your right...both have their good qualities!

YoshSkate: Okay I want the Vamo but I want big clouds, and I'm torrid about the variable voltage and wattage. I nothing about the settings and I'm afraid I will mess somethig up and waste money. Any tips. 

hotheadedjoelhaha: Picking up a MVP2 tomorrow at a Grand Opening of a brick and mortar near me for $51. Best price I've seen! Good video. Joel.

I Seraphum I: Love your vids and reviews, they helped me get off the smokes. I've got a Vamo V5 with a Hypertank pyrex bcc on the way to my house as you read this.

xxxjj88xxx: I love your review vids, thanks man Trying to decide between these 2 and spending a ton of $ on a provari (I really shouldnt be spending that much though) Im just rocking a kanger evod right now though, and only have one of them, so its def way overdue time to upgrade. I just want something thats gonna last too though!!!

Richard Vert: Question- I'm trying to eliminate the nicotine. I've bought a couple bottles at 13 a whack like a chilly mango and a peanut butter cup. Not really much throat hit. Do the nic-free flavors generally struggle it that area ?

shmahat ma: Try again. Kenny freaking powers, yada yada etc etc Thanks for the heads up, +W. James Hamel 

xxxjj88xxx: I love your review vids, thanks man Trying to decide between these 2 and spending a ton of $ on a provari (I really shouldnt be spending that much though) Im just rocking a kanger evod right now though, and only have one of them, so its def way overdue time to upgrade. I just want something thats gonna last too though!!!

The Vape Escape: had the vamo v5 good and reliable... but my vamo has become faulty so I've ordered the MVP V2 miles better in my pocket, bigger battery life and charges my phone couldn't ask for more haha 

Ruby Roo: The threading on the Vamo tends to degrade over time. The MVP is a MUCH better manufactured device. It will last a hell of a lot longer than the Vamo. I'd NEVER get a Vamo because of the cheap manufacturing. The MVP is a far superior device in my opinion. Best cheap mod: MVP all day long. My battery lasts for 3 days no problem and you don't have to buy a charger and batteries. If you take that into consideration, the Vamo is much more expensive. MVP 2.0 for the WIN!!!

Kenny Diaz: where are the clouds

RnchyMngse: I recently bought an mvp2 and have been vaping max vg hawk sauce from mt baker. My issue is that even on the lowest wattage I only get a few hits before my protank 2 mini starts tasting burnt. I have been vaping at about 3.5 volts to prolong a decent flavor/vape. My question is what tank might work better or is there something I can do to make it vape better. I love the battery (energy edition hunter) but cant help but feel like its too powerful for my tank(like a v8 in a civic)

avp3player1: I can't find the innokin mvp v2 on viper vapes... I guess they don't sell them anymore? I just want to make sure I"m getting a real one...

HBMAN1995: How could you vape comfortably with a 2ohm coil on 14 watts, and anything above 8.5 watts on my 2 ohm tastes burnt? 

Callerz: Whats a herbal bulb?

594marco: could you fit a triton tank on the mvp v2 ????

Robert Lessnick: Word of advice, if you get a Vamo V5 do NOT get the "Black Chrome" edition. Ive had mine for bout 2 weeks, love the V5 but the finish is coming off all over it from the oil in my skin...wish i would of gotten the SS version.

Robert Nunna: As WE ALL know, internal batteries will lose about half their power after a years time, depending on charge cycles. Being able to replace batteries as often you like, is priceless. Also, the V5 can be converted to a much smaller device by removing on of the middle tubes and inserting a 18350 battery. I have 2 18350's at 1000mah each, they should last me all day n them some. I like the MVP v2, my buddy has one...funny how when we get together though, he always uses my Evic???? I love my Evic and SID, but I bought the Vamo v5 for the 18350 size with the 3 button layout. I really really love how my Evic's screen tells the atomizer at all times as well cause I rebuild my protank coils and will know immediately if something goes wrong with it. As far as the price?...I got mine from SLOWtech for $28...sure I got to wait 3 weeks to get it, but worth saving $40-60 over local retail. AND THE FREAKING BUTTON ON THE MVP IS A B@TCH 

Zach Johnson: which one is more concealable and could fit in your pocket better?

rekozma: I have them both and I have to say mvp v2 is what I would tell any new vaper to buy for a few key reasons it comes ready to go just buy juice is the most important reason and you can pick them up for under $60 with nothing esle but juice to buy. Where is you need to buy batts. Tanks charger and juice for the vamo. Dont get me wrong like I siad got them both and I use them both for different reasons. But now with the new mvps out and the new skins on them the mvp is the clear winner for New vapers. With that said I would tell any smoker that wants to try to quit and ask that even an ego twist is worth the money.

thezionsoho: I got my first vape mail from virgin vapor today and the bottle I was most excited to try, the black cherry marshmallow, its cap was half off and 2/3 of the liquid was caked up all inside the packaging :( At least the packaging smelled amazing inside!

Vaping Tiger: Love my MVP but would love to have a Vamo as well :)

Jessica Szempruch: Both those are great. My favorite has to be the eVic. Second would be the iTaste VV version 3.

Skylar L: I love my MVP 2. I've never used a VAMO, I'm not really into tube style devices. Box mods are my thing.

RavBunneh: I love my MVP 2 and it was only $39. Plus the battery just keeps going forever. =:3

1ronae1: You are soooooooooooo HOT!! Love watching your vids!

Ryan Thompson: Tom Hanks? Haha Great review, I think you've sold me on the MVP 2 :-)

0420mrsmoke: crap freak getting just one I'm getting both hahaha

mokewoka123: I have both lol

Blair White: why would the one that you can't change the battery on be the on u would travel with...... lol the one u can just swap the battery is obviously a better option carry a second battery or a third.... just sayin. that made no sense. 

hotheadedjoelhaha: Ha, got Both! Got the Vamo V5 from Fast Tech (Stainless) for 30 bucks. It took 30 days for it to arrive but hey, can't beat That price Anywhere.

Christian Crowley: This could not be a more perfect video

xavier torres: I have a itaste vv 

Jetlimaster007: LOVE mine mvp using most att home :=) days whiout recharge .vorking like a dream !!

drew52475: mvp 2

Paul Quinlan: has the Vamo V5 for $28. Shipped for free. 

VAMO V5 vs MVP V2: Best Cheap APV for 2014! -IndoorSmokers 4.9 out of 5

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VAMO V5 vs MVP V2: Best Cheap APV for 2014! -IndoorSmokers
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