VAMO V5 Vs MVP V2: Best Cheap APV For 2014! -IndoorSmokers

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Erlk├Ânig: Nice vid. But you should've mentioned the adjustable 510 pin on the V5 and the poor feedback on the hard-to-push firing button on the AVP.

Dr PennsylvaPia: I always thought the MVP was under powered. They should have upped the power to 15 watts and 6 volts. If that had been the case the MVP would have been a real contender FOR ME. If it was enough for you (everyone but me) than I say awesome and vape on.

Dr PennsylvaPia: and now you can get 20, 30, 40 and now 55 watt Vamos. The new Vamos are not even close to the durability and build quality of the v1, v2 and v3. I never used the V5. I like to use the Vamos for M to L vaping. I must have 15 different vamos and only 1/4 of them work anymore but I was kind of rough on them.

Bradley James: this classic days of vaping......^.^

Michael Keating: Thanks for the good review. Bought the Itaste MVP2 on your recommendation and am very happy with it. Keep up the good work.

George Brennan: innokin way better

forlornmind: awesome vid, thats a tough choice between the two

Roosh: Hi Mr Vapsta !

Dustin Hill: I really appreciate how you make videos that cater to new vapers

Joe Young: mvp 2

angela wilkinson: Your a funny man,love your vids

Gaming: a month hell one week for me at 84 dollars for two cartons of cigs.

UK-Bronco: I have the mvp2 but cant seem to get any vape from it no smoke what so ever???

D Jackson: @indoorsmokers what would you say is the absolute best tank with the most flavor for the itaste mvp v2???

adam clark: Amy suggestions on what tank to use with kbox to pump clouds? Got a protank 2 right now and it's pretty good but it lacks flavour on high watts. Big clouds+big flavour =big like

Cesar Corrales: VAMO V5 is better

Joe Cherfan: Keep doing you.

Landon Bell: Nice review

Paul Lynch: question for you how can you tell if one of these are fake i just bought one and the main button rattles plus the overall quality seems poor please help

jameshone1000: What one is beter for every day like takeing to collage and work

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VAMO V5 vs MVP V2: Best Cheap APV for 2014! -IndoorSmokers 5 out of 5

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MVP wobble fix.
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Vamo 510 striped thread fix
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J Wraps by - tutorial

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VAMO V5 vs MVP V2: Best Cheap APV for 2014! -IndoorSmokers