Sawdust Stove Rocket Stove Build QUICK AND EASY

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Jerry Sineath: you have some good videos, i enjoy them. but are you ever going to work on your ford? id like to see it. have you been to keep the vids coming.

dan d: clever

Chris Vickery: Word of warning, never use sawdust from treated timber. Highly poisonous fumes.

What sort of timber is that sawdust from? Looks like it might be pine.

Orlando Rogér Santos: Excelente ideia, porém feito de tubo de aço de 12" diametro e 80cm de altura, ficará para filhos e netos podendo fazer Maniçoba, Barreada, Mocotó e outros com fogo no minimo 07 dias de duração. Excellent idea, though made of steel tube of 12 "diameter and 80 cm high, will be for children and grandchildren can make Maniçoba, Barreada, Mocotó and others with fire at least 07 days long.

bocfat: Appreciate you sharing I did subscribe 

madeline aldred: this is brilliant, am going to try a smaller one to heat the air around a composting toilet in winter, but I will need to vent the flames somehow, any ideas?? Toilet vault enclosed.

rockethead555: thats a crazy weird  design, cool as a novelty but impractical, what will you do with all that smoke ? . . no no 

Peter Bakis: How much heat did it give off?
Is there a way you could use it inside, venting it somehow?

Richard Sandwell: Such a great idea, burning fuel that nobody else wants.

John Melville: Fascinating! Would it help to have a steel disc with a two or three inch hole in the middle to cover the top of the sawdust? Also how about compressing the sawdust with a hydraulic jack before the burn?

Eric “Walkingstickmaker” stickmaker: That was pretty slick. Great idea. Thanks for sharing it.

CuteChannel: My grandparents using the same method for over 15 years to warm up their house in Turkey. Just put that bucket in an old scool wood stove and you got yourself a house heater...

wildcat19671: if you put a layer of sand on top it wont char and smoke on top like that

Ed Duffy: pretty neat....easier to do than sitting and watching the

Oakheart: This is sweet easier than the first video I checked out. I want to try a super sized soup can and hardware cloth tubes. Tonight ... 

Pantharen: If you can get a can with a metal lid, and put a vent hole in the metal lid, then you can use a grill over the hole, instead of wood, and it creates a hotter flame. 

FULLR3TARD: Excuse me dude, do you think you could make tiny ones out of soda/beer cans that you could take camping?  If so you could take a dozen pretty conveniently and not have to worry about firewood.  Be light too.  What do you think?

caitlin rodriguez husband Caitlinrodriguezhusband: I didn't get D 

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sixtyfiveford: Great tip. I've noticed if I only do small amounts at a time it displaces less and compacts better.

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Sawdust Stove Rocket Stove Build QUICK AND EASY