Mud Mower Snow Romp

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Gamer haris: why yours tractor run like that u are doctor

flathead customs: you need to adjust the governor to stop the surging

gary mathews: put small skys o the front wheels .

Cristian Lugo: why does it run like crap??

EVERYDAY-XJ.COM: I was hoping for more of a dramatic start like crashing through the garage

James Creel: Furry! or Fuzzy!... 

MOTOMANSTAN: it looks like the front wheels are going to slap of when u turn really sharp

TheLadsOutdoors: just so you know if you change the plugs it should run smooth

Cycnoches2012: Poor ducks.....looks like Dad has all the fun!

Richar Marsh: I'd be nice to have an e-brake hooked up to the deck-height lever so you can do some drifting.

Andrew Holland: Redneckcomputergeak I love your vids I think the main mud mower gos amazing wish I could com ride with you keep it up

redneckcomputergeak: Read description on video before you troll for subscribers and talk smach. For anyone else reading this This was the first run of this machine ever I now run with Fearless front and Mudking and my locker block is unbeatable

Joey Dodson: need to weld that rearend up it would go a lot beter all in all tho not a bad looking ride need to check out my videos and let me know what you think there under mudd mower

ethan carter: Dude that engine is running way too lean

redneckcomputergeak: No that's snow. your channel on the other hand well that's crap. And now blocked.

kostman23: with jokes like that you ante trying hard enough

kostman23: crap.

Devin Harling: How did you hook the winch on to the front of the tractor?

redneckcomputergeak: Turtle is talking about spring stretch it is a very common problem in single cylinder briggs.

redneckcomputergeak: Yup needle valve seat was gummed up runs great now.

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Mud Mower Snow Romp 5 out of 5

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Mud Mower Snow Romp