Review Of Cheap Walmart Arrows

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jay thompson: Cheap Walmart arrows are great for survival and prepping but your not great if your doing any kind of precision shooting .

Danthegingerbreadman: So quality = Consistency

ojibwa E: Decent arrows made by carbon express , have shot them for years during practice instead of beating my expensive Xweaves up.. they fly close enough to the same.

The Midget Raider: Anybody know good arrows with feather flechings

RICK: I soaked some of these Walmart arrows in water overnight.and the next morning they had come apart and revealed they where actually made from old recycled Chinese newspapers.

Jacy Bell: man send me a bow I'll buy it

Nero Cloud: Do walmart arrows work with a parcord pvc bow

Isaac Cervantes III: how did you dip and refletch?

Steven Madewell: The refletched arrows look much better. How do you feel about aluminum arrows?

Chris Larison: It seems to me that most of the higher priced $7 to $11 arrows at
Walmart are left over stock of previous years premium arrows sold at the
major outdoor stores. Not much of a discount on price, but you don't
have to buy a dozen at a time. That is huge for me. I can manage to afford two or three $11 arrows, but $132 is tough.

Joe Baker: I bought a bunch last year at $3.25 ea. The jerks didn't carry them this year

Homemadedisaster 12: How you ever thought about being an archery teacher. I'm sure kids would love you. Also is YouTube you're job?

Hawgslayer3: I hunt with the higher priced cheap walmart arrows and I don't see a difference in accuracy or performance and the deer damn sure can't tell which ones they've been shot with.

Tony Davila: What are your thoughts on the Easton Carbon Arrows?

KazooLordHD: I did it, gave you 421 likes

Omar Rios: Dame arrows

McKane Blackwell Edits: 400th to like this

Nelson Vega: nice presentation nick, thanks for your good work.

Chris Balsamico: i got same one 2 weeks ago i got 31 in did not last with me

Munky332: can't remember the arrows i had, but they were fairly cheap and came in a cardboard box package of 6, probably less than 5$ a peice (im fairly frugal). i shot them out of my bowtech assassin (I had to sell it unfortunately, loved that bow. looking for a cheap bow now to replace it), and they were great for cheap arrows. I think they were carbon express? they were the higher quality ones. my only complaint is, like you said, the vanes. mine were good for awhile, good enough accuracy, BUT they got damaged real easily. i have only 2 that survived with vanes. once i get a new bow, if i do, i'll have to re-vane them, or buy another pack if they still have them.

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Review of Cheap Walmart Arrows
Review of Cheap Walmart Arrows
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Review of Cheap Walmart Arrows