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Sophie Marie: I tried this same color, and it wouldn’t dye my hair. I did it twice, first time I let it sit for 45 mins, I then washed it out with cold water. It didn’t even dye a strand of my hair. Then I did it again leaving for roughly 1 hour and 30 mins, again it did nothing.

Rosemarie Alexander: Hello. Looks great. If u use nail polish remover on a cotton ball and rub it on the area u got dye on ur skin. It gets the hair dye off. Just wash with soap and water on face cloth afterwards. Then use a moisturizer. Works.

Ofelia Maddox: You wasted so much bleach and dye ahhhh

Unicorn Magic: Omg I hate the splat company I swear to god that I have that same hair dye in my hair now and we are actuilly removing it today.i regret doing splat hair dye.Use something els ,no effence but you using "splat" makes me cringe!!! It fades sooo much and just looks like a pile of poop on your head when it's all done fading !!!

Jproductions forever l: if your reading this comment you gained a sub and I have a question if you want to get rid of the color and it's outgrown can't you just

Nick Tanasa: My hair was suposed to be blue but i turned out blonde

Jasel Ortiz: Purchase Splat Hair Dye here
Click this link--- http://amzn.to/2xiasYv

Teaf: I wonder if you are allergic to the bleach in splat? I bleach my hair with splat bleach monthly (I just don't wear clothes when I do it, so I don't ruin it) and all my hair rests on body..it doesn't bother it at all.
Maybe as a precaution (so it doesn't get worse) you can take a benadryl tablet beforehand? <3 <3

Alyssa thompson: I did this color and it mad my hair an ugly pink color

Curtis Franchise: 2:17 💦😏😏

sebastian x ciel: So it will completely wash out to my natural color as long as i don't use the bleach??

Angelica: how long does it stay in for ?

Kels Saw: Guyssss I need some advice. I dyed the ends of my hair with splat hair dye about 2-3 weeks ago. It came out in 2 weeks and I still have a lot of it. (I used 2 different shades so it was ombré and I still have about 3/4 of a bottle of each shade) I really wanna go really far up to about 5 inches from my roots (which is really far for me) idk if I should tho. What do u think?

CupcakeScorpion 2011: Thanks for this video. Great job.

Ryleigh: when i used splat, to get it off of my skin i used toothpaste. Surprisingly it works very well.

Stephanie Walsh: you didn't need to bleach your hair first. the purple us a dominant enough color to over power the pink. also the bleach will the pink dye molecules into your hairshaft further making it more difficult to remove completly. that's why it was lighter but not all the way out. you're also making your hair unnessarly more porous which will cause the purple to wash out faster

Liu Selina: Should I wash it off with cold water??

LinkTwT: soy a la unica que le molesta que hablen como fresa la mayor parte de chicas v:?

Totz George: Very helpful

バラと血: I have thick hair, should I divide my hair into more sections? And should I bleach my entire head if I'm gonna dye my hair, or just the top or bottom?

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SPLAT hair dye tutorial | Lusty lavender