Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Assembly

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Blaze -: But that's not the whole gun. That's just the trigger

Javier Hiraldo: I did everything correctly but when I shoot and pump it doesn't even shoot
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Jamie Nelson: I took my pink bb gun 760 pump master apart. it was jammed. I can't put it back together. the safety knob and the little metal 3 part component ( flat, push pin, spring thing)...... :0(

Lowell Payne: thanks a lot=== simple when you put the triger inn the correct side lol kinda of a problem when peaces go every where the video was amazing ===thanks works great now

Gizzy Moto: Thank you! Haha

stonie stonemaker:

Sr. Dylan Quality-Grey: Whats that black thing with a hole in it just behind the spring? I lost mine. Where can a buy a new one?

HnRe42: I tell ya...these parts seem to be quite a bit better than the new ones. the "hammer and hammer spring" are the only metal parts in the entire trigger pack of the new models. EVERY other part is plastic. The bolt doesn't have a channel for the "buffer pin" and it escapes the bolt. That's why so many folks are saying they can't get their bolt closed because there is a metal pin in the way.

Avion Morrison: u live in Charlotte

Sandra Garcia: it's a pink Americas airgun 760 pumpmaster air rifle

Sandra Garcia: so can someone tell me why mine won't fire. I just bought it and the bolt won't go all the way forward. I see and little metal thing blocking it from going forward. can anyone tell me what's wrong

zach foster: you earned a sub

zach foster: thank you man I took mine apart and I couldn't get it back together and I seen you video and I was able to get it back together

Review Canada: you use the small spring first and then the bigger metal piece with one hole in it. the little snug fitting peice actually gets trapped behing the little spring peice thats pointing upwards then you put the trigger on and make sure that the little snug piece goes behind the trigger (there will be tension putting it on).the rest is pie.

wcsinx: Thanks for uploading this. That trigger group was baffling.

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Crosman 760 Pumpmaster assembly 5 out of 5

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How To Take Apart And Put Back Together: Crosman Phantom 1000x
How To Take Apart And Put Back Together: Crosman Phantom 1000x
760 pump master review
760 pump master review
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Pump master 760
Pump master 760

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Crosman 760 Pumpmaster assembly