Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Assembly

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HnRe42: I tell ya...these parts seem to be quite a bit better than the new ones. the "hammer and hammer spring" are the only metal parts in the entire trigger pack of the new models. EVERY other part is plastic. The bolt doesn't have a channel for the "buffer pin" and it escapes the bolt. That's why so many folks are saying they can't get their bolt closed because there is a metal pin in the way.

Avion Morrison: u live in Charlotte

max t: Would be more helpful without the music and you talking

Sandra Garcia: it's a pink Americas airgun 760 pumpmaster air rifle

Sandra Garcia: so can someone tell me why mine won't fire. I just bought it and the bolt won't go all the way forward. I see and little metal thing blocking it from going forward. can anyone tell me what's wrong

zach foster: you earned a sub

zach foster: thank you man I took mine apart and I couldn't get it back together and I seen you video and I was able to get it back together

Review Canada: you use the small spring first and then the bigger metal piece with one hole in it. the little snug fitting peice actually gets trapped behing the little spring peice thats pointing upwards then you put the trigger on and make sure that the little snug piece goes behind the trigger (there will be tension putting it on).the rest is pie.

wcsinx: Thanks for uploading this. That trigger group was baffling.

Oric: Awesome music.
Any advice on re-assembling the trigger for the new pumpmaster model ? bought it but had to dismantle to travel. couldn't figure out how to put it back together. and the videos showing the old models don't help much because the parts are different.

Naomi Nunez: I can't close the bolt there's a little metal part that's not letting the bolt enter please help got the gun in less than 13 hours

Mujeeb ghafoori: I couldn't close my bolt because of a little metal thing in the internal bb ,agazine. Any explanations?

Perfect Dorrito: your video realy helped me out with the trigger pieces

ColAuctioneer: Thanks Have taken apart lots of times. But this time left it in a pile till Parts arrived. Boy did I FORGET!!! LOL Thanks

Anette Dorado: good video brother help me fix my gun

lucckino: Thanks for this vid. It really helped me remember how these guns work and how they go together. It would have taken way longer to figure it out again without it.

Minh Nguyen: i lost the smallest piece and now it wont work

faxdaddy: Thank you so much!
I just put all new plastics on my childhood 760 from 1985. It looks and operates like new again. Without your video, it would have taken a WHOLE lot longer.

hunter thompson: thanks bro, a lot of help, got my lil bros crap working again

GENT FOLKKZ: i cant get to put the second step putting that little iron thingy after you put the barrel

Crosman 760 Pumpmaster assembly 5 out of 5

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Crosman 760 Pumpmaster assembly