How To Enter DFU Mode On IPod Classic

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Ke$h@: Thank you !!!

hoddelkind: Haha, Rockbox FTW

hichem kapato: thx thxx men 100% worked

Tzvi Filler: Thanks lot, it worked

LOVxxE: Thanks! :)

Roberto Calderon: How Did You Get Rockbox On Your Ipod Classic Its Been Long Since I Seen That Exploit

Maikel Hebert: Obrigadoooo

Mr. Troll: What's that!?

Dinesh maharjan: (y) (y) (y)

Patrick Katrick: thanks

user890104: freemyipod . org/wiki/Contact

user890104: freemyipod . org/wiki/EmCORE_Installation/iPodClassic

sandertrieu1995: my ipod is all black right now. what did you do?

ck991004: My ipc 3 gen's screen has turned black and it was connected to my pc. But why didn't my pc find a new device called DFU Mode? I can still turn it into a 64M storage using bootstrap_ipodclassic_itunes.exe though. PLZ help me!

ck991004: It's the way I was using. But never mind, I've figured out another to let my pc detect the DFU Mode device! Thanks though!

lardjane213: merci thanks gracias
How to enter DFU mode on iPod Classic 4.5 out of 5

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How to enter DFU mode on iPod Classic