The Woodland Survival Flipper

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Feathered Serpent: Cool tool, fun toy, opposite of survival.

****??? 10: will it bring down a deer

Flint Barnes: Looks like a good tool for a trip wire trap.

negrito nirne: Hi. I wanted to know if it is possible to stop a manual of how to do this weapon please .
from the country chile

Steve Obee: how does it preform with razor back 5 brodheads

Darin Gainey: Dank ass video bro, real quality, and I'm into survival.

Michael Vinci: I want one

Michael Vinci: very cool guys

T Binz: Where can I get one of these?Google has no answers for me...Any help would be greatly appreciated.I can no longer shoot a normal bow due to an accident and I like this idea and the compact size!

orlos The Druid: why not just use a bow?

Steven Sawyer: Now that's just cool! :-)

njm vermont: Cool mechanism but one flaw i see is that rubber wont be good in extreme cold. It freezes gets all wavy and potentially brittle. Some coil springs would easily replace it.

Michael Michney: Can I still buy it

Nick Butler: this looks like roulf makers bow

Aser: Interesting little device, but saying you'd pack it in a survival kit or as protection against bear and boar is flat stupid. Take a .22LR for survival. If you're worried about large animals, bring something bigger.

Fun toy. Not a tool.

Tuffy Baxton: when will this be available?
How much will it cost in general?
Where can i purchase one?

Channel+: Neat toy. Choose this thing over the thousands of of other, better options for survival/hunting? Nope. Nope all day long. Go look at an Oneida bow, pull the string the wrong way, taadaa, a flipper.

Red Salamander: AR 7! Everything stores in the butt stock, it floats, and is vey light. It also uses .22caliber rimfire bullets which I believe are slightly more effective. This would make a great NERF toy!

Aeshma Deva: You need to do another and improve

outdoor'sboy 101: Nice flipper... but how is this a survival weapons

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
The Woodland Survival Flipper 5 out of 5

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The Woodland Survival Flipper