Review : KARBONN A9+ (Cherry Mobile Flare) Mobile - Review, Issues And Workarounds

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Tanmay Mukim: 3rd class network speed.can't use 3G data on it (talking abt A9+)

Aman Gupta: I've upgraded it to android 4.1.2 jelly bean

LifeThoughtsCamera: thats just a sticker on the screen!

LifeThoughtsCamera: Nope. That was the plastic screen cover that came with the phone.

LifeThoughtsCamera: Yes it can. It is a feature of Android and not phone specific (unless manufacture disabled it). It was introduced in android 2.2 (Froyo). Also it depends on the app if it can be moved to sd card (but most apps can be moved)

Rajib Kalita: front camera VGA...beware

soubhik mitra: apps can be moves to sd card?

omfgsqueak: are those dead pixels on upper right of ur phone's screen?

Tristan Tabernilla: if you will ask me about the cherry mobile flare sold here in the philippines, cherry ROM placed in the Karbonn a9+ has a lot of issues, maybe on their developer or technical support. , I'm a Flare/Karbonn a9+ user and I'm already using my own modded ROM to fixed all the issues CM gave to us. , Now I'm perfectly experiencing the true performance of this phone, thru gaming, texting, watching movies, I play 1980p on my Flare and no issues found with my ROM, CM must change their developer

Ritesh Pawar: I have this phone and its awesome. However two major problems 1. Bluetooth Connection to a Car Audio Bluetooth (Ford Figo and Maruti WagonR) Bluetooth service crashes. Also shuts down GSM connecttivity. Audio will continue to play however Audio Telephony will not work. Karbonn service have no clue why this will happen. 2. Battery SUCKS with a 1450 mAh its really BAAAD !! 5 hours in a day maximum. I have ROOTed and installed may paid/free battery savers but NO GO. 3G is ON Bluetooth & Wifi OFF

Kevin Jacob: What happened to your mob screen?? I think it has a hole in it

LifeThoughtsCamera: smarty 4.0 does not have 3g, camera is not as good as Karbonn. You can compare the pics from the description. Karbonn A11 should be a better buy.

LifeThoughtsCamera: Karbonn A11 is better because of 512MB RAM and it is a newer overall product.

LifeThoughtsCamera: Haven't tried installing RF 13, but it looks like a really large game of size 974M !! RAM available is 396MB Internal Storage available is 581MB. Probaby the internal memory is not enough to save/install this game.

LifeThoughtsCamera: It is a great phone and Karbonn is coming up with new VFM phones as well. You have not faced the audio port issue too? Thats strange! but good for you!

LifeThoughtsCamera: Thanks. 1080p worked fine for me, what issues are you facing? As of now I have not seen any OTA updates from Karbonn, and I am not expecting any either!

LifeThoughtsCamera: Thank you for the appreciation! Not reviewed any other phones yet, as of now.

Lalith Kumar Kasa: karbonn a9+, karbonn a15,karbonn a11 which was better my budget is 7500.

goku uzumaki: hi there! i just wanted to ask you why some games doesn't work. for example large games like rf13? hope you answer it. thanks! ^_^

abbie arcilla: yes when you use the temple run cheat it pauses and the character stays at one side only

review : KARBONN A9+ (Cherry Mobile Flare) mobile - review, issues and workarounds 5 out of 5

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review : KARBONN  A9+ (Cherry Mobile Flare) mobile - review, issues and workarounds