Krs Hair Group - Virgin Asian Wavy/Curly - Hair Review

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Jaine's Obsession: You might want to be careful with this hair if you've actually bought it from you. I just received my 2 bundles of Asian wavy/curly, a 14 "bundle of Brazilian Natural Coarse and a 16 "bundle of Brazilian Natural Coarse from KRS Hair Group. I spent at least $430. Like most companies their prices are based upon hair type and length of hair. When I took a good look at my Brazilian Natural Coarse, and I not only wondered whether or not it had been cleaned but I also notice that it looked kind of short so I measured it and found that my 16"was a really only 15 1/4 inches and the bundle that was supposed to be 14"was barely 12"! I contacted the company and sent a picture of the hair next to a tape measure to show them that it was short and she responded back saying that I measured wrong because I needed to measure from the weft to the end with the hair straightened out (which if she had looked closer at the picture she'd see that I did that!). I sent her another picture that clearly showed that my tape measure started from the top of the weft to the end of the hair but I haven't heard anything from them! It's a shame because I was about to buy a closure from them to match the hair but with them shorting my bundles without responding, I'm just going to take a loss and get my closure from bestlacewigs where I'm sure I'm not going to get shorted. This may not seem like a big deal to most people but if companies are going to charge by the length then they need to give us the link that we pay for. Oh well. Lesson learned.

YNOBE22280: What is the code and how do you apply it?

NeEkNinJa: OMG I love your background. Is that a green screen?? The hair is beautiful as well :)

Chanel Boateng: Your background!!!!!

aiko castro: i love your background settings!! :)where did you bought the curtain? thanks!

IAdoreMyWefts: what camera do you use to record ?

Trina Biscoe: I am in love with your backgtound. Question where did you get your background from???

JamaicaCaramel: Beautiful

jolietamichal: I thought the same thing. I'm sitting through the video trying to determine how she did it.

virtuousathena: You are so stunning! Love everything about your channel and how you always pay attention to detail, I can't say enough good things about you :)

latricem2005: You are such your videos

jhanelle mckay: please do a makeup tutorial

Bella Una: I just love you !!!!

Rachell Cartwright: How long was the shipping

mdj2742: Can you do a video on your background lol?? Anyway, great never disappoint.

Kimberly Duncan: Nice hair! You SERIOUSLY have the most beautiful backgrounds too! You've definitely given me some ideas when I start my own channel.

MAYLONNI99: loving the hair on you sis

MakeupbyNesha: Your background is so pretty

DeniceandLauren: your make-up is flawless in this video please do a tutorial.

dyerisgod: Can you do a makeup tutorial? Lol. She has tons. I love her!

MegaPookie456: So....gorgeous! Can you do an updated Foundation tutorial please

AllDolldUp69: I love your background is it always that way or u just set it up for the video?

MsDandi1981: What lipstick are you wearing? You look fab!

jazzyog08: Beautiful as always

laughsaremeds: Still waiting for the video, showing us your fantastic interior design!!!

Vanitycougar: Why are you living in Japan? How is it there? Thanks!

Lita2908: can you do draw my life video please???

Cynthia Machar: What product did you use to seal

AwkwardGlam: can u do a vid on how u layerd and curld the hair

2011bionca: You're beautiful. LOVE this hair! You really sold it well.

THATTALLCHICK25: Love the the background and I see Barkley!! You have to put him in a video!!

TheNickyDiva: Your background tho ❤❤❤

charmaine roye: BEAUTIFUL!!

Mz.LiteBrite: Your background is enchanting!!

Jazzy Jeff: BE-AU-TI-FUL!! And I love your innovative, and one of my fav flowers..Stargazers!*,~

ClassiqBeauty: What do you use to seal your wefts

Krys Ingram: I miss you!! Come back!

sgyapong: i love your background

paradisethebeauty: Gurrrrrrl your face is beat to the gods!!! The makeup is flawless!!!!

Shina Lovett: Can you do an eyebrow tutorial please

Ducky Dubz: I still can't find the promo code?? I get as far to "Complete Purchase" after inputting credit card/shipping. still no spot to place promo code! :/ getting annoyed

Dianne Davis: I've finally found your channel again, been searching for a year and half!!!

MarciaEC100: Love! Love! Love that make-up too :))

BeJewel MePlease: Where Are U From? If U Dont Mind Us Asking :-)

M. Spinelli: I love the background!

myturntoloveme: Girl, your background is the bomb, I love it. You look beautiful as always.

glamazini: I need to understand your background. It's like a party in my eye gates.

Ashley Hughlett: I love your backgrounds they are so beautiful and so are you !!!

purpleguddess: ..your such a vision of perfection that as im watching this my mind is telling me of course she's real but my eyes are saying other wise.

MarciaEC100: Love your hair!! Sooooo beautiful!! Are you Jamaican?

krs Hair Group - Virgin Asian Wavy/Curly - Hair Review 4.9 out of 5

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krs Hair Group - Virgin Asian Wavy/Curly - Hair Review
krs Hair Group - Virgin Asian Wavy/Curly - Hair Review
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krs Hair Group - Virgin Asian Wavy/Curly - Hair Review