Glock 17 Vs M&P9 - Range Time With Cory & Erika

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Robert Chambers: this only checks your accuracy not the guns

Korey Speight: Roommate has a G19 and I recently picked up a M&P9. You cant go wrong either way, I personally chose the M&P9 due to the comfort which translates into better performance.

lucas lachney: Glocks are garbage I wouldn't carry one if I got paid too..!

Hugh Jorgan: I really like the ergos of the M&P9, but (with FR discount) I can get a Glock 17 for $389, whereas an M&P is gonna run me almost $600. So price was ultimately the deciding factor for me.

Nice vid, thanks for posting this for us.

Grumsy: Both are awesome guns. Glocks do not fit my hand as well as the M&P. I own the M&P Pro series gen two. The trigger in that is better than a Glock (to me) but not as good as the Apex trigger.

The pro series you get the trigger and Trijicon night sights for $580.

Thanks for the vids guys! My wife and I will be out for a class with you guys Q1 next year hopefully.

Mick Wrath: Erika why do you pull so far off target to the right during a malfunction clear? My preference is to tip the barrel at a 45 so I can see what type of malfunction it is and then clear as per what is needed almost fully extended still so my sight reacquisition is very fast. It looks like you are resetting your entire body to clear. Just curious as to why? Mick-

Chuck Savage: Hey Cory did you stipple your M&P or can you recommend someone to do it for me ?

ShooterReady: 3:30 Typical Glock fan.  " I love this gun!  It shoots great! It feels great in my hand!  It's better than my Glock!  I like my Glock better...."

Nicolas Jendretzki: leo wants to freak u in the assh

ravenstylea2: She likes full size pistols :) 

Talon683: I don't get people hating on the trigger. Yeah the weight might be higher than you like but nothing a fairly inexpensive trigger job can't fix. Trust me I know I live in MA (10 pound trigger). Aside from that I don't mind the lack of audible reset which since going to an Apex kit minus the Apex trigger seams better. All in all a great gun. Also yes I know you mentioned the Apex kit also Cory.

5.56 Or 5.45?: I own both of these firearms and I'll tell you what is better than both ... Taurus PT24/7 pro ds first generation. Taurus's trigger is better than both, it's more accurate, holds 17 plus 1, and the Taurus 24/7 gen 1 is far more reliable than the glock 17 and the m&p9. I've experienced stove pipes and other random malfunctions with both of these firearms with less rounds through them and my 24/7 has never malfunctioned once in approximately 4000 rounds of every type of ammunition you can imagine. It was the 2005 NRA handgun of the year and 10 years later still out performs both of these weapons. I also paid just $250 for the Taurus lightly used from a buddy of mine.....highly recommend 24/7 pro ds first gen.

jabroni6199: So the M&P gets the check mark on nearly every metric, yet Erika prefers the Glock because she has more "experience" with it? When you shoot a new gun WAY better than one you have experience with, that's a pretty good hint to reevaluate your preference. It's a gun. You aren't going to hurt it's feelings by picking one that you actually perform better with.

Munky332: I've used a few M&P9's, i dunno if its just me, i've had nothing but problems with em. the ergo's are pretty good, but i just can't ignore the failures, Failures to feed, eject, stove pipes, double feeds. that and the horrible horrible stock trigger. i've tried to like that gun so hard, but out of box, Glock 19 wins every time. i might try the M&P again some day, but i will probably never pay for one.

Ohsaint p: I can't stand!!!!!! When they look left and right after they shoot. They look like major tool bags when they do that.... don't know the reason of why they do that, but frankly don't care. It looks so stupid.

n300zx931: After modifying my Glock I find it to feel and shoot better than the M&P it's also a Much safer design. Sold the M&P.

Jason Barta: Hey Cory, have you ever had a problem with what S&W calls the "tactical reload" on the M&P? if you load a full mag into a locked back slide the slide will release itself forward. Any advice if you have encountered the problem?

ITF1973: What sights did you use for the M&P??? I only ask because I  just bought the .40cal and the .45acp yes all the APEX too. The 45acp has night sights out of factory or custom shop. But the .40cal does not. So until I get the 45acp what did you use on your M&P for Night Sights?

Houdinii1212: what finish is on that glock slide?

Kasakee2: Glock

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Glock 17 vs M&P9 - Range Time with Cory & Erika 5 out of 5

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