Comcast X1 Box - An In Depth Look

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firechaser4: Do you need multiple boxes for multiple rooms? Can you watch tv in more than one room at the same time using the same box?

Danielle Lawrence: My setup doesn't look like that and I have the x1 system...

Henry Mccullough: Have this system and it's awful! I hate it if I could switch back I could. 

Llewellyn Anthony: Comcast sucks. 

Joe Schmoe: why they say it has to be installed by them is because they have to install a filter on your incoming cable line so the boxes cant communicate with your neighbor's boxes

Peter Fanelli: Just went back to Comcast, installation completed on Saturday. I'm supposed to have the X1 platform but I don't see anthing like this video. I see a guide no different to what I had with Comcast 7 years ago. Have I been ripped off?

Ron C: very nice, over priced and launched way to early, techs. have no written information to give to cust. sysytem not ready for the product, but that's the comcast way, get it out there no matter what!

torgymanful: Got Comcast yesterday, the tech left our home without showing us how to use the remote control or on demand. The manuals he left do not cover the XR2 remote and Comcast website has little info on it too. Warning I had Comcast 3 years ago and they are still as bad today as they were bad then. I was hoping that they had changed due to my ip provider now is poor to ( Century link). Warning due not use Comcast.

Nightraven: It keeps recording the same programs on different channels

Eric Gonzalez: My display says dL34 what does that mean ???

Cooljulian Channels 1: Can any Comcast customer get this or only if they have DVR

kammeedian: The box is so far advanced it has to be installed by an expert? But it's not so advanced that it won't stream our Netflix which has been around for years. My phone has done this for years!

Richard Thomas: REALLY ! ? WOW You want to charge another $ 2.00 extra month on top of the DVR fee ? What really blows my mind is you want to charge $ 9.95 a month for a free service from Skype ! just to use your camera ! People really need to wake up your are getting ripped off for fee's when its free ! If you do it your self ! My Vizio Smart TV has a camera add on for FREE Skype !

Frank Lopez: yes pace boxes

Richard Thomas: And using a Xbox360 for a cable box to view your DVR movies or Netflix , hulu plus etc.

Samuel Biller: Thanks for a great video. How do you select between the tuners on the X1? How long is the live TV buffer and is it on every tuner? How many tuners does it have - 4 or 6?

Lauren: Person asking about when's its in California I'm getting it on Tuesday and I live in northern Cali

PumpUPdaBase: where do you live?

Z3CHB4DB0Y: :-)

ProphetKirsch: thats a good deal! I was told right now we only do professional installs with it

Townie5lax: I just ordered my service with the many DVRs does it have?

techfan42: How can I get the new x1

RJ12473: I live in Philadelphia which is Comcast Country. When will the X1 box be available in my area???

igeekone: Looks like a much needed facelift. You can tell they want a locked down experience. No Netflix, no HULU, and controlled Skype.

Emil Sayad: i got this box today and i love it! I'm in the SF Bay Area and am a triple play customer

Neel Suthar: I wonder if there's a way to watch Netflix over Skype haha.

jonjon P-jet: Bye bye iguide

Ix GRUB xI M: X1 is available to triple play customers only. It will record 4 shows at once while watching a 5th. Right now it's 500g storage. Soon to be 1 TB of storage. I have it and there is no other box I've seen that even comes close. This box has Facebook, pandora and twitter built into it plus weather, sports and traffic apps as well.

ProphetKirsch: it's comcast country in washington too, and we wont have it for like 6 months. surprised it's not in philly though.

ant5681: ROFL

Donald Headley: i live in south jersey and i cant get it? crap sucks

LMV5953: 20 bucks a month more for a fancy TV guide? NO THANKS

ant5681: I think it has to do with the wrong account number or phone number assigned to the box

Jonathan Neal: $9.95 for Skype freak you comcast lmao I'll buy Xbox One and won't need X1 crap

Matthew Gould: X1 contains 5 tuners..but at release only 3 are active. Eventually the other 2 will be unlocked. 3 tuners means you can either DVR 3 shows with the option to watch one of your recordings, or DVR 2 shows and watch whatever you want. I am a Comcast technician and I took the course on how to install and maintain these today. I have to say, I'm pretty excited.

V lora: Are you aware of a way to skip ahead through the guide by day like with the old remote that had the day +/ day - button?

Richard Thomas: And for a DVR just use a Windows 7 PC and add a 4 tuner PCI card to it that works on Comcast ! You get all the channels you pay for with NO $ 20 fee's amonth ! h++p://

maezarr: The UI designers need to focus more on information density. The old motorola box actually has more information per screen!

captainvideojw: 500GB hard drive, not 1TB.

schizowallflower: I have the X1 box and I'm really digging it. It was only $2 more a month than the DVr I was getting, which is a good deal. The menus look nicer, this On Demand is easier to find stuff, and the screensaver with news and weather is pretty nice. One thing I don't like is that the remote is missing a couple key buttons I used frequently on my other one; number one is Source. I have to use my TV's remote to switch Inputs, and Advance Day is missing as well. But overall I'm impressed with the device.

Rondell Wright: Do it got to be a flat screen and I order mines yesterday with new internet box

johnjarosz1: 6 tuners, not all areas have them all unlocked yet. But they will be. And yes everything will be backed up on the cloud

davva360: Getting my X1 box on Monday. Hoping it does not replace the cable modem and router set up I already have. Anyone know?

Rinnegan Sasuke: Wow comcast so late directv been had this. But as I'm looking at directv interface to this one. Looks like it might be close. Cause they both do the same thing

kammeedian: Also. Will we need a pricey DVR for every room or will sub boxes feed and command from a main or head DVR?

Derek: $19.00 monthly

ProphetKirsch: not sure when it is comming to that market, I work for the company in washington and we are going to launch it in our market mid 2013 I was told

adad2757: i believe the manufacturer is Pace

Frank Lopez: Ann Arbor Area it will Launch in July... that is what we are told in our meeting today... means new equipment too

BWOne: No it's a custom UI. We will have a review and walkthrough videos up soon.

Comcast X1 Box - An In Depth Look 4.3 out of 5

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