Chinese Scooter Valve Adjustment

What do you think about this video?

realcygnus: the dooshy music really helped allot !

BugsDX: thanks

Trey Peters: not watching this to listen to music. maintenance videos for any motor does not need any sort of soundtrack. annoying. this could have been a good video otherwise

Kenneth O'Malley: Good info & music THANKS!!

Victor Lopez: excellent video... bad choice of music ..and volume

crpth1: I although an adjustable wrench can be used, for God sake get a decent wrench they are so cheap it's not worth the trouble.
Tip before ANY valve clearance adjustment always check head bolts torque. ;-)
Other than that thanks for sharing.

Francesco Sisto: Guys,He is using a spacer in millimeters, which is a measuring system much more accurate and a lot easier to use, than the primitive "imperial" system, still used in the USA.The all world uses the metric system nowadays, I wonder when this country will switch over.

Sinisa Milisavljevic: It was very helpful. I thought I should set valves, but caliper was entering snuggly before I loosen the nuts.So, my problem were not the valves. (It was spark plug gap, and friend bought wrong ignition coil so I've put old one back.)

Jon Palmer: Thanks, very helpful. ***

Beto R.: Good Video . Thanks mate. Some say 0.04 is the right measure. What you think ?

bob sergio: hey, I appreciate the upload! scoot on bro!

Edward Atwell: Not only was this informative but the music was amazing I'd watch this the music alone

Audio Inception: What is that spacer called used to measure valve? It says caliper but all I see are digital ones but would like to have the fan blade version like in your video. A link to buy would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Great job on video and is very helpful for DIYers

RooZ: Hey this video helped me alot! Thanks for making it!
Also, im a noob with engines and scooters, but with this video even I could do this :P
Now my scooter starts on ½ second :P

W. K. De Vaney: To the point and well thought out from a layman's point of view. Not a bunch of unnecessary detail, but what was needed to get the job done, and done right. Especially helpful that it's from an owner's and rider's viewpoint, rather than from some pro mechanic with a shop and tools we owners cannot duplicate. Like the scooter itself - simple, reliable and to the point. I own and ride the big machines as well as my little 50cc Bash scooter, so I can appreciate the advantages of both. For the highway, I ride the bigger machines, but it has always amazed me what we can do with the scooters. They're practical and easier to maintain, if you have even a modest inclination towards mechanics - and this gentleman with his willingness to share is the very reason we have them. Economical to ride and to run, with knowledge such as this video has given us - and has so many others. Thanks - WKD

tem tem gaming: Thanks:) useful video.

Chamblizi The All Mighty!: Thanks getting a Tao Tao pronounced (Tou Tou), soon for a deal 150 miles 350 needs a une up, yay taxes.

Ray Titselaar: freaking music

CrimsonDragon468: What kind of calipers are those, and where can you buy them?

Tyler Warren: Definitely a "5 STAR" video. Just bought a Chinese 150 scooter with no manuals or maintenance intervals. Thx so much

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Chinese scooter valve adjustment 5 out of 5

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Chinese scooter valve adjustment
Chinese scooter valve adjustment
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Chinese scooter valve adjustment