Mission MPK Ti Titanium Knife Demo

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leandro nelson: quero eu façer o teste ok

Future: I bought a Ka-Bar awhile back and tried cutting some thin pieces of wood and the entire blade snapped in half! I'm never buying a Ka-Bar ever again. Mission knives are far superior. 

Hannan Adam: Sold

johnnyasus86: do they hold an edge well

dragonxhero478: first of all it was the handle that broke, not the knife. Second, When would you need to hammer a knife. Third, while you are limited to that handle for the MPK10, Mission knives carries different knives that come with different handles like skeletonized, cordwraped, and like the one in the video G10. Also he is showcasing the knife not the handle if you have a problem get a different knife that has a different handle

Streylight1: I still have a mission MPT #95/100 it was a pre production or prototype. i bought the knife back in '95 along with a benchmade pinnacle witch was a pre production marked 350/1000 sadly the benchmade has been MIA for the lsat few years. sometimes I still turn the house upside down looking for that knife. it was the BEST folder i ever owned.

goodshepardknives: Hey green beetle, I like your stuff. This and the fallniven looked very dull to me, but I've been whittling hairs for a few years so that's just my opinion. Just a reminder to ignore the stupid people and enjoy your hobby

Kray Z. Bitts: Great, another 'rubber' knife, meaning no good for anything except on the wall. what was its intended use, design?

MrTomrichard: Didn't really cut rope very good before or after the cinder blocks... and cant show batoning on 2by4's, they split almost by first touch of any knife... and I find serrations mostly useless and annoying, but that is ofcourse a matter of opinion.

Fabrizio Gaucci: Great test, I think this is the first over youtube thanx. I think it's a real badass knife.

MAX KAWS: Great work man!!

JuliusPepperwood: Great knife ,.,,,,.....,.................

adoby83: crapty knife. The handle broke simply when hammered into the tree. Fail!

Daft Slice: i think we've got another noss

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Mission MPK Ti Titanium Knife Demo 4.3 out of 5

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Mission MPK Ti Titanium Knife Demo
Mission MPK Ti Titanium Knife Demo
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Coltello MISSION MPK-S 10 Military Knife
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United Cutlery S.O.A. Titanium Assault Knife - $39.99

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Mission MPK Ti Titanium Knife Demo