Cobra Dragster Pipes Sound Clip

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CrudeDude: Cobra Fagster pipes

sentinell: I just got a Honda Shadow 750 ACE with the same pipes... THEY ROCK!!! :)

michalmzetz250: Kawa na cobrach wspaniale brzmi!!! OK!!!

airmanbrak: CrudeDude must ride a crotch rocket ;) the poor sound quality of cam kinda kills this. But cobras sound good on any size bike. Mother has 600 shadow, her bf has 1600 road star. Both have cobras and have a great roar. 1300vtx here and it kicks ass. Love starting it in my garage and driving through a tunnel.

mortalchap1: sounds kick ass man
Cobra Dragster pipes sound clip 5 out of 5

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Cobra Dragster pipes sound clip