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TAMARA JACKSON: What is the name of the oil in the bottle and where can it be purchased?

darian stewart: Beautifulllllllllll :)

Kaligohard: Pretty but too shiny for natural hair texture of most black women... looks like it will work better for mixed or relaxed hair from what it looks like in this vid.

Kocolate Avante: Very natural - blends in with the braids perfectly!!

Mehitabel Owusu: LOVE IT, im due to get my half wig very soon

Brittney Friday: Thats really CUTE!!

Dee Belcher: CUTE!!!!

Ashley Jordan: Thank you!!!! I just got a wig yesterday I'm natural and I had no idea what I was going to do with the front of my head this helped a lot.

Minnpam: Very cute...I need this unit in my life....Thanks for sharing...

LivLafLuv88: Did you cut this wig at all? I just got it in the mail and MAAAAN! I feel like mufasa with this hair! O_O

Deneisha Williams: So Country I LOVE It Lol

80Browneyes33: I wasn't exactly sure how to install a wig but this is so cute on u.

Mesha Goddess: I love your accent!

catina claytor: i have one sensationnel milani curly wig and i might start rocking my curly black wig

Yas Seky: Do they do world wide shipping?

Sophia Tenner: i like that a lot..... i havent even thought of doing the half wig like like it!!!!!

samanthaohmy: Cute!

OBEN BLUE: thanks! And the wig is still looking pretty good to be synthetic

BabyDoLL21: Are you from the south?

nyla4u1: Nice

Caramel Cutie: You and ur accent are wonderful :)

mzenticed: Looks good on you! I love how you braided your hair on the side.

hourglas39: Cool, thanks for the heads up, I'll be putting her in my cart for the sales price with apex (well maybe, they don't have good customer service, good prices, but customer service sucks). LOL

OBEN BLUE: Thanks!

luhvieluhv23: im rockin the same hair style right now but with the milan wig. i think im getting the rio soon

xoShanniexo: omg, where did you get your blouse? its cute!

Kennisha Swinney: You got a sweet little accent lol and I just love this wig it looks beautiful on you just plain gorgeous !! :)

OBEN BLUE: Thank you!

OBEN BLUE: I got it at T.J. Max.

OBEN BLUE: Your welcome!:) It's still has lot's of curls and I use my argan oil by organix to tame any frizz but it still look and feel the same from the first day I got it. I wear the half wig a lot and I have been thinking about buying another one real soon

OBEN BLUE: Thank you!!

OBEN BLUE: It's holding up really good! I love, love, love this half wig. And thank you

OBEN BLUE: sorry I have not done it without any hair showing

youruniquestyle: You're so pretty what a nice wig how long does it last?

Shanizzle23: I'm from NC too, I've been looking for a curly wig! Have you ever styled it without leaving any of your hair showing?

OBEN BLUE: Hello!! And thanks:) I am from NC, and yes the half wig was easy to blend with your own hair. love, love love this wig and I hope you like it also!!

Hair Sisters: Love the look on you! Thx for posting ur pics on our comments section. Keep it up gurl!

DeeDee's World Loves: I love this wig and your accent! Very very pretty love!!!!!!!! Check my channel out sometime! Thanks love!!!!!!

RemixxGlamGal: OMG I want this hair I'm ordering now u sold me this hair


PjSparkle08: cute accent :) this hair looks nice on u, luv it

hourglas39: Very pretty. I might have to get this one, she is on sale right now on Apex hair for 18.99. She looks totally natural on you too. Hey is the wig "Light in weight" ? Would you say she would make a good summer wig ? I just Subbed! :)

herUNIQUE: Accent is so cute! Lol

OBEN BLUE: This wig is very light weight and of course it will makes a good summer wig! And thanks for subscribing!

OBEN BLUE: Im not sure. You may have to check with there website or call them

OBEN BLUE: LOL. No I did not cut my wig and I do like my hair big.

Diane R Conley: It looks good...gonna get one for myself....

aja hurst: Hi love your accent where are you from?....I just purchased this wig cant wait to get it is it an easy wig to blend your natural hair with if you do a twist out

Neke W: super cute! about to order...thanks!

Mizdc202: I just went into a local beauty supply store and got it for 19.99...hopefully mine comes out as cute as this!!


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