Glock SF Versus Standard Frame

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ZFlyingVLover: So long story short the SF stand for a grip that has a smaller circumference than the non SF. It too 4 goddamn minutes to get to that information. Why?

Mike johnson: You could have just said the grip is slightly smaller front to back in the first 10 seconds of the video. That's all anyone needs to know. 

txmarshal152: Tape measure??? No micrometer?

Melvin Spencer: Is the trigger reach the same on the both or did the shorten that with the SF version too?

The Beast Within: 10000capo is a gun hateing hippie.I first came across him leaving a hate message on a hunting video.He needs to be pistol whipped.

lilbz187: any you guys live in canada with strict ass gun laws ?

humans4targets2: @biguy525 No they are Tru Dot

The Beast Within: It's cause he's a piece of crap gun hateing hippie that needs to be pistol whipped.

The Beast Within: I love my Glock 21sf,i picked mine up for 600 bucks at a local gun shop a year ago.Glocks are the AK's of the pistol world,they will function in any condition and can take a beating and still work.That's because,just like the logo's Glock Perfection.BTW,i'm glad i'm not the only person that knows that SF is Short Frame..there are soooooo many retards out there.

Forgoten214: Nice, I heard some problems with the G21SF magazines not wanting to drop or the magazine release sticking. The Ambi model of course. I prefer the regular frame not the SF. I have XXXL hands. Very nice designs. G21 is a rigged G20 Glock made to accommodate .45. Do you know when the G20/21 4th Generations will be out and what changes will be made with that particular model? Same as the G17/G22 combo?

snakeii0: Good thought on sticking with what you know by using the mag release on the left. The other advantage is if you have to pick up a righties pistol, you wont have any issues dropping a empty/malfunctioning mag in the heat of a fight.

1911rocsoe: Did they discontinue the SF after they releast the gen 4 because of the adjustable back strap?

humans4targets2: @redrumxSwDgX Yes exactly the same.

willwood487: @snakeii0 you are totally correct.I was just showing what I believed sparked the whole controversy. People see Slimline atop the Glock website and think "well SF must stand for Slim frame."It as we all know stands for Short Frame. just my theory but hey what ever gets people talking about Glocks works for me.Have a good one man.

alexcapone: Can you a G24 or G35 upper with a G20SF frame?

XxLeggZxX: Been wondering wtf is different about the SF from the standard, 5*s

J Hughes: P.S. The 21 SF I bought was obviously a Gen 3, and it had the standard Glock accessory rail(non-picatinny). My 21 SF is my EDC handgun. For night use, I attach a Streamlight TR3 to it.

Killa Kalash: what about the slide & barrel are thay the same

George Bush: woah i got that same watch your wearing

tswilborn: Very informative, thanks for sharing!!

10000capo: SF stands for stupid freak like you thats why you know this so funny and your a fat freaking loser that jerks off daily in trailer park hood

SauerTongues2: @humans4targets2 Never forget love ya bro !!!!!! The weather here is fine just a little chilly but nothin warm Canadian girls can't take care of !!!! Oh and some Canadian beverages lol !!!

The Beast Within: Do the world a favor and disappear hippie loser.

gwarr556: 10000capo is a loud mouth LOSER !!!

Lovekicks07: I own both the regular G21 and use a G36 for CC. Both are AWESOME guns.

humans4targets2: @12GaugeLosAngeles lololol small frame, funny.

AllfatherGuideUs: Is your Short Frame a left-handed gun? The mag release appears to be on the opposite side. Is it interchangeable/switchable?

Sebastian Silvestre: i taugh it ment slim frame thanks for clarifying the difference between short frame vs standard my next purchase glock 20 10mm sf and nice rolex submariner i have one to nice video

The Beast Within: STFU you dirty hippie POS!

betatalk357: I wouldn't take ANY Glock into battle; it seems like either Glock or their owner has to put a lot of effort into the gun so it will work right/ fit right/ shoot right/ perform better. If you have to go through all that, it's time to throw it in the garbage and get a gun that works perfectly out of the box. Why did Glock have to go through all these stupid versions before creating an SF, when the first gun should've been better designed? It's only for .45; there's no .40 or 9mm versions.

mintkendishin: the sf is way can actually wrap ur hands all the way around the grip

lmglocks: good vid i allso have a 21sf....

humans4targets2: @realplatinum No problem.

humans4targets2: @MadBadVoodo Thanks glad to hear that from you!

letsgunplay713: glock sucks its like a wasr 10

humans4targets2: @thehammerglock17 The grip is shorter front to back

gwarr556: 10000capo - all u do is trash everybody's vids - why is it u have no vids ! Do everybody a favor & shut the f*ck up !!!

humans4targets2: @Forgoten214 My mags fly out that g21 sf

humans4targets2: @heymynameisaj Thanks, and yes it is a great firearm.

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pasky2112: Tru-dots rock. Installed on all my CCW Glocks.

thehammerglock17: I agree that it is short frame but doesnt the word "short" refer to height. yet the height of both guns is the same, and "slim" refers to width and the overall width of the two guns are different...

daveonking: lol at 3:10 u called it slim fram smh ....but no im just here to ask do all sf glock say sf on the side. and do g27 have a sf or is it to dam short to start wit

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PinoyYounGster9deuce: finally i've been looking for a side by side comparison of the two thanks humans4targets!

BigLensBullies: another good one..

krazy45cat: G21 for me . That was always confuseing.

Blk05titan26: man the sf really is noticeable...........

10000capo: you white trash stupid freak.all you talk about is one ak47 and old glock 21.ill shove both of them up your lady you fat freak..BLAAAAAAAAAA .Loaser

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Glock SF Versus Standard Frame 4.7 out of 5

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Glock SF Versus Standard Frame