Glock SF Versus Standard Frame

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FunkyFresh48: People that refer to the SF as a "slim frame" are fat shamers.

Ras Ro: If this is not a slim frame then why do you keep calling it that?

i dont see a difference

Pete Armenta: Thanks for the clarification. I had an early generation 21 that just did not fit my hand so I sold it. I miss that Glock and the magazine capacity. I may check out the SF.

klockarsm: Have a nice day!

klockarsm: 3:09 classic "slim frame " reference.........

Bruce Wayne: Thank you for the video. This dude from Gander Mtn told me SF stand for slimmer  frame. I don't think he know what SFmean, he shouldn't be working at a gun counter.
I always tell people if you don't know ask, or find out don't lie to customer or make crap up. When I in the market for buying something I usually do a little research before I buy stuff. Sometime these fool at the store makes a fool outta themself they have no idea that I know or at lease enough not to get fool.

bestsnowboarderuknow: Dude, if you're going to do a grip comparison the take your rubber grip off that gun. Lol. You can't tell how big it is with that rubber thing on it.

Besides that this is a great video, thanks!

ZFlyingVLover: So long story short the SF stand for a grip that has a smaller circumference than the non SF. It too 4 goddamn minutes to get to that information. Why?

Melvin Spencer: Is the trigger reach the same on the both or did the shorten that with the SF version too?

txmarshal152: Tape measure??? No micrometer?

Mike johnson: You could have just said the grip is slightly smaller front to back in the first 10 seconds of the video.  That's all anyone needs to know. 

Bob johnson: I have a G27 Gen 3 and hate the fat grip cuz I have small hands and short fingers, what should I do?

betatalk357: I wouldn't take ANY Glock into battle; it seems like either Glock or their owner has to put a lot of effort into the gun so it will work right/ fit right/ shoot right/ perform better. If you have to go through all that, it's time to throw it in the garbage and get a gun that works perfectly out of the box. Why did Glock have to go through all these stupid versions before creating an SF, when the first gun should've been better designed? It's only for .45; there's no .40 or 9mm versions.

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Glock SF Versus Standard Frame 5 out of 5

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Glock SF Versus Standard Frame