3800 Series 2 Modding Basics

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sam johnson: Roll that thing down the biggest hill in Canada in reverse flat out and select 'D' for maximum respect

Brittany Saylor: zex nos kit for about 90.00 will get u where u wanna be at

MrScottiedub: Thanks man. Awesome video. I am just learning about these things. Can you blow off mustangs or what?

Dylan Oulton: If you were looking for a "filler gauge" you should've grabbed a trans temp gauge.

evan mcdaniels: So u have intake in fender so let's just go through a puddle and suck a gallon of water up in .2 seconds

Jimmy S: Disconnect the boost bypass solenoid. Those go bad and will limit supercharge usage if left connected. You also remove the computer's ability to limit supercharger input doing that too.

RANDO Aragon: freak yea

Malcolm Wright: Hey I don't really know where to get 3800 performance parts where could I get the solid Engine Mounts and the upgraded computer?

RipleyxReactive: Hey John, Do you still have the regal? I learned so much from your vids years ago. My on my 5th 3800 powered car. And I cant get enough. My 03' Park Ave Ultra(a boat) tied a 2016 turbo civic at a 45 roll with a couple bolt ons. I'm not tring to brag. Just saying they still have a soild place in my mind. Easy to modd and still daily drivable.

Joshua Rollins: I currently have a 2000 Regal GSE and I am starting my mod process i pulled the heads and just finnished a full intake and exhaust valve cutting at the machine shop so the vales are the largest they could fit in the head ported and pollished the the head and intake! upgraded injectors and fuel pump fuel pressure regulator! my buddy John Rader at Jr Performace engine shop just custom cut a cam for me to open the giant valves just put that all back together with 118lb valve Springs and performance roller rocker arm kit from summit racing and starting the supporting mods like just orders the zzp intercooler 180┬░thermostat a modular pulley kit from ebay and a set of headers 1'7/8 with a 3' outlet and ubend delete from zzp along with a computer upgrade with timing advance and others! solid motor mounts and EGR delete platinum spark plugs 18mil plug wires and super coils from Excell from summit racing with the new advanced air flow from the heads and the 2.8 pulley I'm gonna use on supper charger this will be a race gas only engine 110 octane replaced the oil pan with a aliminum fluted pan for better cooling and a bunch more to do but I am expecting to put around 600 hp at the wheels and for that reason the transmission is being beefed up its at the trans shop getting a lot of work including input and output shafts 2300 stall converter performance clutches and others this trans build cost almost $2000.00 it better be bullet proof!! so yeah I have almost $5000.00 into the process and hope to have a car that will run low 11s high 10s in the quarter mile still waiting for my race rims and slicks to come order from summit racing 8 days ago that was not include in what I spent in the engine and trans build I have hd racing drive shafts and upgraded brakes front and rear! struts from summit with adjustable variances to tune them in to hook up at the line with everything done I feel like I'm gonna need a roll cage but I really wanna keep this thing looking like a stock car on the outside true sleeper stile! my buddy John from the engine shop thinks I should get 15 psi of boost but I thinks only 11psi because of how ported the heads and the size of the valves the engine is gonna breath well so I don't think it will build that much boost!! hope to get some videos up eventually of the finished project in a few weeks but still have a long way to go

Jerry Sorensen: I've got the exact same motor in my car, but mine isn't mounted sideways like yours, in Aus they mount them straight so the supercharger snout is strait not sideways

HECTIKVIDZ: just got a 1999 GTP yesterday. their is a sensor on the stock intake that would need to be removed to do an intake. will it give me a CEL?

SUPERNOVA: First MOD you need to do is STOP freakING WHISPERING WHEN YOU MAKE A VIDEO. Are you trying to whisper sweet nothings to us?

Jason M: What year is your car? I added the performance shift to my 01. now you need the Northstar and a LQ4 maf!

exogator: What In the freak... Your motor is sideways... (may sound strange but I'm used to seeing this motor in a commodore where its mounted normal) What trans does this run and how does it even connect. Really hope its not a transaxle and front wheel drive xD

djpickle68: Did it ever see a dyno?

marcus tworeal: it's a complete supercharger also.pulley and all

marcus tworeal: I got a Q?
I have a stock 3800 & I want to supercharge it.i have the supercharger also.would u be able to tell me more or less what else I need to get to install the supercharger

Danny Wean: show the exhaust and the u bend delete

Joshua P: Ok I'll look into it

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3800 Series 2 Modding Basics 5 out of 5

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3800 Series 2 Modding Basics
3800 Series 2 Modding Basics
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3800 Series 2 Modding Basics