Beginner's Guide: How To Paint A Car At Home In 4 Easy Steps - Eastwood

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Ashish0602: Amazing session. Love it

H. Alan Kantrud The Coyote Lawyer: You are awesome. That was SOOOO helpful to a person like me who has done basic work but wants to take the work to a truly professional level. Clear, simple and effective instruction is the take-away I have. I tried your technique on a small panel and got the same results as you. That's the test. Can I do it? I did. Thanks. Thanks a bunch. I don't mind paying for this sort of stuff but I really like doing it myself too. Skol!

Limitless Pharma: My god this video never ends! The guy end up with 20 inches arm just by wet sanding😂💪💪

Keith Rowe: I see you used a $100 dollar bill. You think you’re better than me? Huh, well ,do ya?

Devlicious The Tech: Great video very helpful.. I'm restoring my 66 charger... Ive never painted before and I'm wanting to do it all.. So have one question... If I'm using same product do I have to do full car in 1 go or will I run into blending issues if I do panel by panel?

Dinosaur Owens: People, this is the best process "At home, not in a paint booth". You have to do all this work for a great looking paint job.

mybluebelly: What is the shelf life of an unopened can of Eastwood 2K ?

Fraaa Wit: So this is why a shop can charge you 1500$ for a paint job they take 3 months to do it i can spray paint it in 2 days tops and itll look just as good tf😂😂

Juggernaut Pro: I wanna do that but to a two tone retierd Crown Victoria and make it solid black with a shine.

Raymond Sheppard: This was low-key more than 4 steps though. 😐🤐

Tyler Leonard: I cant find a kiddie pool large enough for my car please help

Michael Hensley: Guess it would take a couple of years to do a whole car. Thorough video.

Roni Väärälä: Its hardly a beginners guide but nice work

Khalid Tahir: dont understand why sanded that final coat before applying clear? ?

robert sabala: What if you have dings , dents and little bit of rust

Bill Thompson: Awesome tutorial.   You guys are the best.  Thanks for all the information. PS  your products are excellent and good value

MtnTow: Just did my truck meticulously and already have paint chipping off. Used rattle cans.

Soooo.... looks like im in the market for a compressor and gun.

Cleavis Butkus: And this is for beginners ???

Mike Winn: He made this WAY harder than it needed to be. Yes, prep is important. But overkill doesn't make it any better.
Block your body work to 90-95% perfection with 80. Bring it as close to 100% perfect with 180, which also removes most of your 80 grit scratches. 2-3 good wet coats of a good epoxy primer. Let it dry and shrink. Guide coat. Block wet sand with 400 grit. Clean and tack. Spray color. That whole 90 degree thing was overkill. If it's a solid color, tack before clear, if it's metallic, you run the risk of streaking your metallic. If you're spraying outside, use the fastest activator you can while still allowing for flow. Keep the panel in the shade (a tarp rigged as an umbrella or a big umbrella in the summer, allow direct sunlight in winter.
Spray 2-3 wet coats of clear. Spot color (wet) sand your trash nibs with 1000-1500. If your want mirror finish, wet sand the whole panel lightly with 1500, then more dedicated with 2000. Rotary polisher (not DA) with 3m or Maguiars compound, on a 3m wool pad, then 3m "Finesse it" on the rotary with foam finishing pad. Finish with a light hand glaze of "Finesse it" or Maguiars glaze, NO WAX!!!
If you don't want to color sand and buff, then it's "wash & wear."

Industrial Coating: Great Video. Thanks for the video.

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Beginner's Guide: How To Paint A Car At Home In 4 Easy Steps - Eastwood 5 out of 5

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Beginner's Guide: How To Paint A Car At Home In 4 Easy Steps - Eastwood