Schmeisser Vs. Thompson Vs. Grease Gun -- WW2 Submachine Gun Shootoff

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R J Macready: The thompson is an early model judging by the compensator ans location of the bolt. Its rate of fire was like 800 rpm if i remember right. Later in the war the thompsons were turned down to like 400 or 500 rpm that matched the grease gun. They were phased out and the m3 grease gun took their place because they were more expensive to make. Thompson is a much finer smg. 

Daniel SCHNEIDER: Well of course in a WW2 training/propaganda film your'e going to dog the enemy's gramps was a rifleman in the ETO and remembers a training film shown stateside that said to the effect that the German MG42's "bark was worse than its bite". His exact words on that were "what a bunch of crap!!"

Serge Gaggiano: schmeisser est l'usine de fabrique de ce pm 38 .40. mais son vrai nom est erma du concepteur ... pas pareil !!! 

unwindout: Someone, I don't remember who, told me that, if a GI with a grease gun could get ahold of a Schmeisser with a good cache of ammo, he'd throw is grease gun away and use the German gun.

Jeremy VetTech: Lots of childish anti-American anger in these comments. LOL. Insecure much? Nobody needs to point out the clip was propaganda - everybody already knew that. I'm no expert, so my opinion on which is best is worthless (like 90% of yours are), so just put on your big boy pants and get over the fact that not all SMGs are created equal.

Otto Fick: Sounds legit to me...hee-haw

VN Dustoff: The thompson was faster then the MP40 IMO

Jon Applegate: WWII propaganda to sooth the troops and their families. These were very close range weapons. You would be very hard pressed to pick out one from the other if you were on the wrong side of it within 50 feet.

Karen Jamal Omidi: good nice but I like the thopson gun more 

kenneth mcgriff: 45. acp has more stopping power than the 9mm ill take the m3 over the mp40

Firearms: Hugo Schmeisser had nothing to do with the MP-40.

Herceg Bosna 90: What is ''obviously''

batterman mccormick: M3 for the win!!

ABOlsen69666: Very true. Of course one should show this kind of vid back then, goes without saying. Due to the way things are today between the US and western europe, stuff like this is just not really that important. That is what I tend to find a bit funny and annoying at the same time. When someone wants to do a good docu on modern weapon systems, guns, forces ect. some of the productions get a wee bit "US patriotic" and on an ultra rare occasion, put down or disrespect what other countries are doing.

Matthew Arenson: ya the mp40 was slower then the tommy gun and the grease gun was slower then the mp40

WW2GM: for me mp40 was and is a futuristic weapon. i have one, not a replica but an original and i tinck that the mp40 and the mp43 or stg43 are futuristic

Ghastly Grinner: i hate WW2 propaganda just makes things seam silly

Eddie Hayes: You need to check the PPSH record.It was so poorly made that the mag-Drum it came with was hand fitted to work in that gun only.If you tried a different mag jams,the mag just falling off,double feeds etc.We covered the beach landing,the push to take back Italy,all of France then to Germany.Nearly three times the amount Russia took back.Stalin just went to Germany because he wanted Hitler alive which he didn't get.

Eddie Hayes: Not true at all.You could not use the enemy's gun but in a emergency situation.

Nick Graham: depends on the theatre of war. if we are just talking about the europian theatre then no russia is far larger also counting the eastern bloc countries and the good chunk they took of germany. the allies only took north africa, half of italy, france , and a third of Germany.

rivjoy: My dad served in Europe 44-45, according to him the troops preferred the standard issue rifle over the Thompson. He said, "you couldn't hit crap with the Thompson".

big daddy: 75 yards did he say? WOW!!! Notice all those guys where E-5 or E-6, those sergeants where experts and their technique for that time was perfect. It sounded like the German SMG fired at a faster rate actually. The M3 which is something I carried when I served has a very slow rate of fire. It is very easy to use but the sights really suck. I give all 3 guys credit to have such accuracy at that distance with those weapons.

logerbad19: agreed the ending was like telling us that american submachine gun was really accurate but all of them are really great

Caleb Hu: The Tommy Gun had a 700-800 rpm rate of fire. The MP40 had 400-600 RPM rate of fire. The M3 had a 200-400 rpm rate of fire. The Tommy Gun was expensive but had an high quality. The M3 and MP40 were designed to be cheap. The Tommy Gun was by far the best.

1945Ace1: I dont know about you guys, but ill stick to the mp 40

Lucas Trakinat: actually the soldiers prefered the m3 over the thompson because of its reliability

Matthew Arenson: ya I'm right. u sure you don't mean the M50 Reising?

Eddie Hayes: Damn Graham,get over it.LMAO!!

Kroenen117: mp40 wins everytime. the person sucked

Caleb Hu: The M3 was, very unimpressive in its rate of fire.

djgoziggaga: just a bad shooter :D

1edgyguy: ummmm as an AIRBORNE RANGER / RECON SCOUT I need to know what you meant when you said the Tiger (1 or 2) Tank was fagile ,what the hell does fagile means pal ! Is it like saying FUBAR , SNAFU , BOHICA or something similar ? Tennnnnnnnnhut Carry-on !

Nick Graham: the mp40 jammed because it was adverse conditions like russia where mud, ice and thick dirt is common. the Tommy gun was actually more problematic compaired to the mp40 because it was a work of art much like the lugar all its parts where complex and had tight tolerances where as the mp40 had looser tolerances so it could take a bit more abuse. it also was very expensive to produce hence the reason why we chose to produce the m3 over it.

1945Ace1: what does choosing the ideal submachine gun have anything to do with my patriotism? this film is obviously propaganda and I called out on it and made a decision. "we need people to make things better"? are you referring to quality of products"? or overall economy and moral? I guess your just being a little overly sensitive about the topic because of how close we are to independence day or more so just an troll looking to start a little argument for the fun of it.

RagnarOdinsson: MP40 didn't design it either........ come on just playin about.

RagnarOdinsson: Well if the productions are made in the US, of course they will showcase the US as the best. There are a lot of shows related to this stuff in the States, most of what I watch is pretty fair. Discovery did a show called top 10's. They take what they believe is the top 10 of any military used weapon from tanks to battle rifles and breakdown which is best based on many factors. I see you are Danish, my great grand parents were from Denmark.

Videobros Schlacters: The noise is a moral killer.....

Matt K: The M3 grease gun WAS A PIECE OF some primary source accounts from WWII GI's who were issued them, and discarded them in favor of a Thompson or other weapon. I don't give a crap how long it was in service for...........that doesn't mean it was a good gun, it means the Gov. had surplus amounts on hand and issued them. I got 5 votes for my comment, you got that tells me who's right!

ABOlsen69666: It was a misspelling,,, pal. Fragile was what I meant. The German tanks were in many ways very good, but they were not reliable and had major issues with cold and muddy terrain. Also, as with the Panther, the production costs and time was way too high. That was what the hell I meant. I've been in the Danish Huntsmen Corps (Jaeger Corps) myself btw.

brandoneiger: TROLL ALERT!! TROLL ALERT!!!

ABOlsen69666: Not really sure about what you mean. What I'm saying is that many of the docs about US millitary just put the US stuff up as the best no matter what. As an example, saying that the SEALs or USMC are the best when they are not. Now Rangers and the Danish FKP are interesting. The Sherman was in critical ways better than the Tiger. It didn't bog down or break, yes the Tiger was fast and had better armor, but it was too fagile. The best of them all in WWII, was the T34, just because of sheer numbers

triggerhappybullets: If in USD, how much was the MP40?

1edgyguy: Deutcheslande Uber Alles "/

Paul Zuk: Beautiful war propaganda.

RushBuzzing: Schmeisser had nothing to do with the MP-38 or the MP-40. He did, however, design the Karl Gustav machine pistol.

Safelycrazy: Mhm Best RoF for the accuracy. Everyone that says the MP40 was best forgets that Germans got rid of them the second they could for a PPSh

drake9634: the tommy gun has the great rate of fire but is too much expensive and the grease gun its the best its cheap affordable and has a good rate of fire

fukingmagnets: "the german gunner pays for his impressive rate of fire"? The tommy gun had a faster rate of fire than the mp40..

Matthew Arenson: who ever told you that is a lier the m3 was a great gun it was so good it served from 1943 to 1992 so check your facts.

Matt K: That M3 grease gun was considered a piece of crap by a lot of GI's who threw em out and got thompsons. To say the least, this is a typical WWII US propaganda training film. As far as accuracy is concerned, it all depends on who's using it.

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
Schmeisser vs. Thompson vs. Grease Gun -- WW2 Submachine Gun Shootoff 4.7 out of 5

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Schmeisser vs. Thompson vs. Grease Gun -- WW2 Submachine Gun Shootoff