Schmeisser Vs. Thompson Vs. Grease Gun -- WW2 Submachine Gun Shootoff

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David Eisenstein: I call bullcrap.  The MP-40 was an amazingly accurate weapon.

D: The M3 is a piece of crap.

Robert H. Goddard: The Father of Rocketry: yes this a propaganda film and they should have used the same shooter but.....the results in real life wouldn't be much different

both the Thompson and the Grease gun are more controllable than the MP40.

Thompson due to the sheer bulk and weight of the weapon with a fixed wooden stock.
the Grease gun due to a better adjustable stock and by having a slower rate of fire.

the problem with the Mp40 is that it's adjustable stock sucked, it would constantly move down as it pushed into your shoulder

RR PLANB: It is not a Schmeisser. It's an MP40. Schmeisser only made the magazines.

forest chicken: My grandfather didn't really like any of the weapons except the m1 garand. Thompson he said muzzle rise was bad. Bar would freeze and not function. Regarded the grease gun as a piece of junk. He loved the m1 though.

Aiden Banana: When the guy with German was firing they didn't show what he was shooting at, but for the Americans gun it showed.

Josh Smith: The Thompson had nowhere near the accuracy of the MP40

African Warlord: yea i call bullcrap and biased...they botched the freak outta that mp40 or 39 shooting

TheHigherVoltage: I wonder how many new recruits familiar with firearms and basic physics actually bought into this propaganda.

The lightest .45 with the shortest barrel gets the most hits? Really?
And the heavier .45 with the longer barrel somehow gets less hits? Really??
And the easiest to control caliber... a 9mm...with a recoil buffer to boot...somehow gets the least hits out of all of them? Really???

Starlesslemon: Lmao, the mp40 has almost double the effective range of a Thompson

Noah got lego: Wonder if this is true or just propaganda

AssasaMan X: It's all just like cars. V4, V6, V8. They all serve different purpose, and will all get the job done. Thompson is the V8, power,speed, and you must control the accuracy.

grungefreak10: Naturally, videos like this must be taken with a grain of salt, as biased as they are. Still, experts have agreed that the "grease gun" (so named because it looked like the industrial oil dispensers) were an improvement because they were more accurate and didn't waste rounds. Still, if you were going toe to toe with the Nazi forces, you shouldn't let videos like this lull you into a false sense of security.

lino klein meuleman: shooting at 75 yards,the thompson and the grease gun,lucky to hit anything,at 50 yards .

Segvvolf .308: haha this is how bad myths with firearms begin.

Segvvolf .308: propaganda...

Wes Anderson: Marines liked the Grease Gun.....It was light, yet serious....nice mix🇺🇸✝🇺🇸

Avery Faucheux: out of all of these i would probably take the m3 .45 caliber stopping power in a compact package. the mp40 is the worst out of all of them, the 9mm round has longer range than the 45 but an smg isn't very affective past 50 yards. the m1a1 is the most well made but that's it's biggest downfall you can make 3 m3's for price of 1 m1a1 it is also the most accurate but is a little to heavy an bulky to use in close quarters. three amazing weapons but I'd take an m2 carbine over all of them

Gj23jk2: The low rate of fire is what made the M3 more "accurate" (really just more controllable) at full auto. There's nothing that makes any of those three SMGs more "accurate" than the other; they are all straight blowback, and all have roughly the same barrel length. But you don't get nearly as much muzzle rise at 300 rpm instead of 500 rpm.

I'd take the Grease Gun if I expected to be shooting at 50 yards; the extra control would be very useful. I'd take the Thompson if I needed to clear a house or a bunker; the extra rate of fire might save my life if I ran into multiple bad guys at close range.

Dayum girl: Grease gun all the way.

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Schmeisser vs. Thompson vs. Grease Gun -- WW2 Submachine Gun Shootoff 5 out of 5

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Schmeisser vs. Thompson vs. Grease Gun -- WW2 Submachine Gun Shootoff