Homemade Marijuana Trimmer, Check It Out!!!!

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Cosmic Mastermind: Watch your fingers!

JD Ewing: Approved and Dailey used by the reapers!!!!!!!!!

Ivan Quin: Good job Jeff/Jackie don't pay attention to them negative Muggs comments, They need to get knocked the f*^#^k out ! I knew that they was gonna say something about the Children, fools,swine!

matt123070: You should use that on your wifes hairy bush!

steven galloway: Now that's some redneck crap right there lol poor buds/kids lol

Toujours Pret: I have seen a few people bitching about the kids. What's wrong with kids seeing plants get cut? The only reason I can think of to keep it from kids is to keep them from smoking it. I have never heard anyone who enjoys cannabis argue that kids should be allowed to smoke it. That's just dumb and is one of the reasons most who are against legalization say it should be taken from adults who are supposed to be free to choose and run their own lifestyles. Most importantly, what you do in your time is nobody's business but yours. Do you see or hear anything other than kids laughing and being loud and being kids? In some states, and countries its no different than watching their parents in the garden. Its so disgusting to me that a plant that has never in recorded history been directly responsible for a single death is so vilified. What is even more disgusting to me is that the people who have the least experience with the plant claim to know the most about this subject. Does anyone see anything wrong with a peanut farmer? Of course not. The fact is peanuts are responsible for more deaths in the last year than cannabis throughout the entirety of recorded history. For all the ignorant out there who would now presume that I am saying peanut farmers are evil... my point is this... there is nothing that we consume that doesn't expose us to some amount of danger. Even The food we eat will eventually kill us. Do some research. If you are still convinced that this video represents bad parenting, then your twisted view of what it means to be a human being is what you need to focus on. I see exactly the opposite. I see parents that are trying to make a living to take care of those kids that you think are being neglected. And as far as the homemade trimmer, it is a practical solution to a usually super expensive and time consuming process. Innovation should be celebrated, not frowned upon.

John Cayman: hahaha thats awsome very clever and smart ..beautifull tooooo keep it up

ntfny: Cool But Lose the kids

Jonny Blaze: spin pro works great with small buds

Nixak Kaxim: brilliant!

weed Judas: some mite complain about other stuff going on but hey it works

TheDeathCrawler: @joe n you think it matters? Do you see how much needs trimming? Are you a Jew? freak the outside of them buds. They get more freaked up dried in a bag or jar. Your a whiny Jew

jagon352: @domokid I have been smokeing weed for over 20 years now kinda funny how your name is domo kid "dum mother freaking kid. true weed is nothing like herion or even alcohol but Its just common sense to not have kids around either it just makes it easier to start at a young age and im pretty sure with how dumb kids are to day they dont need to be any dumber sooner than later

christina williams: thats so much weed

veminvested: im shocked that noone has tried to remake this

RBKL777: It might be fast but damn you know you trashing them bud uo

NeekoDizzy: @Phunkedub You are an abomination to stoners and mankind and I hope god has mercy on your sad soul. You need mental help and I seriously hope your posts on here are viewed by someone proactive enough to report you to the police before you do go shoot up a school because people treated you badly in High School. Life goes on buddy, you need to get prescribed something for your depression so these things of the past don't make you ruin your future. that was over a decade ago, let it go.

sh0memy0pponent: its works! i give it 2 ya no doubts bout it.i trim BY hand 35lb harvest ea mo between 3 of my CoWorkers. their allergic 2 it so they cant touch it,quick N efficient YES, BUT no bad talk its jus this is some rego outdoe. if tht was some good indo from the right farmer wit good strains, of 4-900 dollar oz's youd be crazy 2 try N use this,it would rape the buds N suck the Trichomes right off em, 4 some regos or jus a quick outdoor cash crops YES very effective but a HQ dro...BAD IDEA, THUMBS UP THO

jeffjackie19: Well crap bro..kick..harvest is just around the corner from me, what comes around goes around ...right. lol...just sayin....just kiddin kind of :)

NeekoDizzy: @Phunkedub You are a sorry person. You have obvious depression issues that probly stem from the fact that you are a total loser who has to threaten people online to make yourself feel like a man because girls give no aid in doing so. I feel sorry for you. Threatening to come shoot up my school is totally out of line and I would report it to the Police but I have had the police pick me up from my moms house (only I was 16 your 30 ish) and I would never want any mother to have to go thru that

elitemikey: lmao rednecks

Eric Hudson: Kids + drugs= child endangerment>local law enforcement>DEA>lose your kids motherfreakers

lasaun1995: i need that

sillydog70: 40 year fans? Just buy a new one? just Google barn vent fans!

GoColts8263: You should dip your balls in it!

Chris Ball: and you have your kids running around while your trimming buds.... no your not white trash ... no you dont give stoners a bad name. freaking losers

SuperTimbro: @deimoscraz if they are medical users then is all good to post on you tube

sillydog70: As for plastic fans has anyone tried sharpening the edge of the fan blades Like a knife that should work?

veminvested: reverse wiring on motor = makes spins backwards insert washers = brings blades closer screen

x4aperfecttool: @WeeGogs1 You the biggest dumbass i ever seen...go look up how many people die a year from alcohol u dumbass moron....God that was retarded i want to slap you

Maikeru: thatz badass

Rudy Selman: unfortunately you are right about the jail part. but yes, they are both farmers. dont buy into the 2 generations of brain washing. if it was just you and planet earth, no one deciding for u what was wrong, what could POSSIBLY be bad about that beautiful plant

jogi836: nice tattos has the pickle jim . this will make happy the poice :D

Kidberry Baboon: @MrWolfcub240 but they see beer in the fridge.... that's ok?

MassSteelLovers: Why?

sillydog70: secret?? I just switched the wires under a panel on the motor to make it run backwards! Not to hard at all

Joshuaauck: Id pay $100.00 for one... and pay shipping and handling. ; D great job man!

magemeatloaf: thats a lot of freaking weed

Cody Baker: if you pause it, that's actually crapty trimming, I wouldn't buy or sell that.

nevadasparky79: @green6400 Also this type of trimmer just cuts most of the bigger fan leaves off. to trim your Medicine right You will still need to trim it with sisors to get a good manacure !!!! Also these trimmers do not work on small buds!!!! it will suck them right through and int the trim bag!!!! good luck. And No I am not posting a video or pic of my trimmer!!!!! Its nobodys bussiness mine is Identical to this one except I sand blasted my blade and grill to remove the lead paint they used on these

Duckyistrippin: probably. its a plant. grows wild all over this country. dont let the man fool ya, if it wasnt for human intervention this crap would be EVERYWHERE. They call it weed for a reason.

LaBuenaHierbaSeeds: nice

Neil Carpenter: freaking brilliant.

MrSilent937: @deimoscraz some[places weed is medicine and legal in a state level

frrrran: @Growing4medical Just take the big leaves off before doing it and it will be OK. automatic trimmers don't treat the buds anybetter.

Fah Q Mafaka: RED NECK!!!!!

Growing4medical: To be honest, only a dealer would treat there buds like this!

rims4less1: till you slip and lose a pinky. because you skimped 20 more bucks to use a more protective grate. the cackling kids you have around shows your ignorance..

Deadnsd: there goes the trichs

thegarcia13: hey can you send me the instructions on how to modify one of these? my e mail is thegarcia_13 at yahoo c o m. I would really appreciate, my harvest is coming up and i need my medication fast.

homemade marijuana trimmer, check it out!!!! 4.6 out of 5

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homemade marijuana trimmer. check it out!!!!
homemade marijuana trimmer. check it out!!!!
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homemade marijuana trimmer, check it out!!!!