GTA 5 - Stock Market Exploits And Tips

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MadeInScotland: Who has Trevor got tied up here at the beginning ? I can't remember this bit.

Steve Lad: the stock market is all about luck

Jacob Whitwood: Where is the clukin bells area

NeonGrip1134: I still don't understand how the stock market works

Syntrax Aguilar: I learned that investing low on a stock thats doing well, then invest high on a stalk thats doing bad, give it a day or so in game time and the stalks switch, clean up the profit you made on one, then re invest and keep doing the same process 

steven brooks: it dus work i kept hitting the chicken factory top of map after few days saves! was in the news home page that the chicken prices had falling due to no stock. cos i kept blowing the clucking bell trucks up

Dante Padilla: I have $9999999990 dollars in Single Player and $9999999999 dollars in Online, don't believe me check me out on XBOX my Gamertag is Dante Padilla 

John Dragon: Thanks for the LCN tip, I've read multiple articles saying you can actually modify the value of stock market. So it seems is just a code, so it's random.

Matthew Brodbeck: people have been buying then shooting at the ammu nation killing the dude for money

Brian Campuzano: Yeah at the beggining guys a dumbass best way is buy the plane companies destroy enemie companies

xMechonx: I got bored of GTA V, I don't know why. :/

adedsfsdedasewdaww: Kill off competitor CEOS, wreck havoc to the companies

chris young: Also listen to the radio after you chase poppy Mitchell as she runs from the cops; the Chinese will buy logger beer for 4.6 billion. The most I got was about a .86 return which was abt 2.4 million. That's if you have well over 300 mil

Kian Williams: Buy a bunch of augury insurance When it is low, the blow up (RPG) lots of cars. The stock should go up. 

thomas erber: why is it that on my game it always says that bawsaq is down for maintenance? and btw i cant find betta pharmaceuticals anywhere on the market 

andr00123: Funny how I thought I screwed up because I completed the Lester missions. 8 months later I'm just investing in BAWSAQ, and no it's not necessarily random, In three days I've made 100 mil per character. Just buy stocks (mostly HAL) when they fall below 1.00 and sell when 1.75-2 maybe 3 if you're feeling lucky. That atleast doubles your cash. Always make a back up save even if stocks are sure to bounce back up over 1.00.

XvMeatball97: I made 217m from the assassination missions

hesham mostafa: Buy low, sell high.

REALTALK134: well actually cluckin bells rival is BURGER SHOT not taco bomb thats probably why

gabe pan: when i typed in stock i typed sock

Carl Martin: invest in los santos radio and then when ever you get into a vehicle listen to that channel.

Mistress johnson: I didn't realise bawsaq was where all the high paying companies were.

chris young: If u can read I put all my money into logger and made 2.4 million dumbass

jack Plauche: is it ok if i did the hotel assasination and one other assasination 

AaronPr19: all i try to do is buy lots of stocks at the lowest points and sell at a good profit.

iphiend: I also have a possible method of making the market work in your favor if and when the Bawsaq goes online but that I am going to hold off on until that day because Rockstar loves to make things difficult and they will probably patch it.

HaZe Prodigy: i have relizied tht to but its reverse

Daniel Payne: round about the time you have the mission called monkey business or a little bit before. go on the stock market menu. AUG will be very low believe me. buy as much as you can what i done was put every penny on AUG i mean every and put a decent amount down. IT will say youv lost money but wait till the end of the game. by the end of the game AUG will be and i mean will be very high. sell the lot and boom !!! then the big large some profit you got do the Lester missions and BOOM you will have enough for everything put it that way. DO NOT ! waist time trying to blow up business trucks/plans and beat up there people. that doesn't really work well it does BUT! the money is appalling better off making a new game and spending a few hours doing the missions till that mission monkey business and doing what iv said because you all spend bloody time blowing up there trucks/planes and all you hear is complaints lol so better off doing a new game. other company names to put money down on at THAT time too. AirEmu (there down 46%) at the time really cheap. buy them then at the end of the game there high by like 20% sell. taco bombs one and life invader! life invader will be 86.34% low REALLY CHEAP buy and at the end of the game they will be high by 5% still a profit. sweet hope it helps a tad :) 

iphiend: Watch my YouTube if you like my method please mention me in your next video but basically I save at one point and then invest. Then save that in a different spot. If the market goes down I simply reload the save where I still have my money. And since the market went down on the bawsaq I can reinvest. This way you never lose money. Saving your game is saving your money.

kevin nunez: How can i buy a market??? 

Nicholas Royals: Iv'e invested in a few different stocks and made about $12.

MrDrdaveturbo: All lester missions 

jase0n: one time i got $100,000 from the stock market without doing anything.

Hamza Rashid: Invest in the auto insurance and health insurance then buy the scrap yard. After that just destroy and kill as many people as you can these will go up.

mohammed alabdooli: its like saying this video is boring heres a man falling from the sky 

Hy Bomer: I also invested money into the plane company emu n haven't seen any results even after I've blown up everything possible except emu 

Salman Alharthi: The multi assassination mission ... Invest in deb by mission then sell when it hits around 80% ... Then invest in rwc and sleep on it for a couple of days and you'll see about 300% profit when it rebound .. guaranteed

REDRUMK1LLA: the stock market is not tethered together by al other gamers on XBL or PSN cause it works offline & online & besides you would need a SUper Computer for all the data storage ......

The atomic mushroom: Why does he mention Nebraska in this video. He says something about a guy in Nebraska buying body armor. What the heck?

Harvey Mushmann: After completing all the Lester missions and following one of the many stock guides (close to 2.4 billion per character), I've still been able to make plenty of money in the stock market. The trick is there is no real trick. None of the in game charts seem to work properly nor do the %change seem to be helpful at all. The best method is to increase the odds of making a profit by investing all your money in the maximum of 10 stock companies per person. Since none of the companies will go out of business, there wont be a 100% loss. The idea is, if you wait long enough the stock will eventually rebound. As long as it was bought below its peak value. Side: There are some stocks that I"ve never got a return from long term. Thought I've not tried them all. Richard Majestic, Bullhead, Bob Mullet. The ones I've got the most return on. Life Invader, Maryweather, Max Renda, PostOp, Redwood, Blinkton, there are more but can't remember.

JkiltyRS: I got 1.4b with michael trying to get 2b i make 800k a week on business' then an additional 2-3 million on the market

Ryan Davis: made a 100 grand with burger shot it was random tho

Pvap: Cool video. But you sound very similar to Dr Steve from Weird Medicine. I was at one point expecting you to mention some medical terms and ailments.

Nick Stevanovski: burger shot isnt up n atoms rival cluckin bell and burger shot are

BlazinReptiles786: Damn!! Ive already done all of lecsters missions! And gave that guy a lift but didnt invest in what he said, Im on about 70% of the story and havnt invested a penny in the stock market!! :-(

jasonmsmith2: The GTA stock market is actually incredibly simple. Buy when stocks are down and sell when they are high, with minor fluxuations they always fluxuate approximately the same every few in-game days. I have learned though that you do want to try and stay away from LifeInvader for quiet a while. But outside of that, just sort by % change and buy the ones down the farthest.

ciprodriguez: Here's a tip for single player. Turn off auto save write down what you want to invest in and where it is at in the market. Watch it for an hour. Load save file and invest in what made a profit. Not as random as we thought is it? Spend wisely. If it didn't work reload save file to get your money back. Duh

jose faunillian: i have 500 million on franklin, this video is crap haha you can only get this throught lester assasination

stephan jackson: DIVERSIFY!!!

BaDuck: i saw a guy called chris smove who got 2 billions dolars by only doing lester missions... is that possible?! 

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GTA 5 - Stock Market Exploits and Tips 4.8 out of 5

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