GTA 5 - Stock Market Exploits And Tips

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Marc Hadaway: when i buy shares it says that my portfolio is empty plz help

Nathan Drake: You should invest in lifeinvader after the Big Score. But only if Lifeinvader is on its lowest price. Couse then the price will always go up. But be sure to save your game before doing this. If something goes wrong just load your saved game. But back to the point. I invested with 5 million dollars. and in 4x sleeping with michael i recieved a profit of 300.000 !!! I immediately sold it. Easy 300K right?

Chris Harvey: ROFLMFAO @ Michael jumping off the maze bank !!

SchlezTV: U probably won't respond but how do I make thousands not millions

Brian J: That help a lil bit

Pearson7951: Em-"YOU"
Americans. God.

Albert Coughlan: after meltdown mission FlyUS stocks go up around 100%

Smyk smykáč: No Ban ?¨

Jose Delcid: how can I find the dude that you have to take to the airport?

Junior Campbell: I can't invest in bawsaq because it said the servers are down for maintenence. how do I fix this plz help?!?!

Michael W: One thing that's worked for me off and on is invest in stocks when the value is a little bit higher than the low. I won't make a full guarantee that this will work every time but for me it's worked at times.

OneShotKiller YT: Tinkle will get tom4mil then dont go up no matter what I do.can u help me

b6don: I been playing for a few days now and I picked up a few ways to get money without the stock market. I know you think it's robbing stores/people or giving an item to someone that got robbed it's actually shooting the most people you can. And there is infinite amount of people in gta v so keep shooting and picking up the cash and watch how much you can get in hours. I'm still on the missions but straight after it's robbing people baby! :p but yeah it is a good way though because even if you earn $25 from one person you can earn $200 too so keep doing that and you're going to be swimming in those greens soon or if you want a better way just find a truck that has green around it and blow it up get the money for an easy 1k-10k but other than that good luck

kevin franzen: So im not gonna do the assasination missions?

keyjuan webb: Can any on help me with PS3 moding??

nikos grekos: Does it work on ps3?

fortunate son: i dont know why the bawsaq is always closed

Angel Gonzalez: -"Become an investot...find out what's about to go out of business and capitalize on it. Be the SHARK bank...that invest a little and gets a lot...lmao."
Sounds good right? But I think the trick is listening to riders and knowing what's about to go out of biz', either by you or by someone else. 

Loc'd Out: The way I got 500m was by deleting the patch and doing the lester missions after beating the game again. You can only do the ones from lcn since bawsaq
doesn't work once you delete patch. It sucks though because you need to be able to do all of them to get around 2.1b
I beleive. But there's another way! Save your game. Invest in the company with the lowest price meaning you can invest the most in. It should be Life Invader or ecola i think. Wait till it refreshes and if it was successful in getting money Save the game and do it again (wait till it refreshes and see if you gained more money) if not reload that save and get your money. Its really simple. 


Vet: When I graduated High School, all I wanted to do was kick back and relax without having to do any homework. But I realized I have no money to do anything fun. So I went to a San Francisco Vet School to get trained to make money. But seeing your videos, I am gonna be an internet marketer on the side. Let me know if you have any tips. Thanks.
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