Operating An Airless Sprayer. How To Use A Titan Paint Sprayer.

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Anthony A. Tiano: Chris Thank you for your video's. I have a Small Painting and Decorating company, we really don't do that much Spraying, but your video's come in Very handy.

The Idaho Painter: My new line of clothing is here.  http://www.cafepress.com/idahopainter   Help support my channel by purchasing a shirt.

Jim Maryanski: Thanks

Stasys Vaskys: Hi where I can see the site to get titan 1650e. Vaskys.s@gmail.com 

Emerson Alves: nice video. in brazil no exist this machine. I was paitner for 15 years. I started with 10 years until 25 years old. Now I'm a pharmacist, but a had miss this job. I will see all the your videos. In the USA , the tecniques are different to the brazil . congratulations  for the videos .  ( sorry for my bad english

Steven Thaw: Thanks for all the videos!

dest101101: Thanks!

Paul Rhodes: Great video Chris! Is this size sprayer used for ext only or is it a good starter for interior I am still in the new stage of my business and need a good first sprayer  we are doing a ton of rental unit interior complete paints and currently rolling and brushing but really need to take i to the net level can you recommend a good commercial first sprayer that will last thank you for all your hep have a great Friday. 

polanskiman: I have to paint a small appartment this weekend. Nothing serious, but I want it be done fast. No one in there just me and a buddy. Most furniture will be gone. Painting walls and thinking of painting ceiling too. Question: I have a small all purpose compressor. Would that work for spraying? Obviously I would need a spray gun and pressure regulator. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Seen most of your video. Inspiring!

The Idaho Painter: Try cleaning your filters and increasing the pressure.

tandaman538: Thanks for all your videos, I just bought a titan sprayer, I have used a sprayer before but by no means am I a professional so I have a couple questions, I am going to be doing trim and doors first, what would the best tip be for doing trim and doors, a 311? Also when I got the other tip for the walls I got the 515 and it came with the metal seat and rubber seal, what are these used for? I have an xt05 gun that came with the sprayer. Thanks buddy.

Ken Richardson: I have a question. when I spray I get thick a line at the end of the spray fan and next to that line no paint sprays, no mater what tip I use

Uriel Cano: Thank you 

Uriel Cano: Man your tips and advise had helped me so much bro! But I have this problem with my airless I bought a cheapy one since I'm barely starting my business it's the Graco Magnum Lts 17 when I spray paint comes out but no pressure. I've already cleaned it real good and stuff. When I run it with water pressure comes out like if it was normal. But once I put pain in the pressure is gone. You know anything about that. I would appreciate it.

colstreak: Thank you.

The Idaho Painter: Take it to Sherwin Williams and have them pressure test it.

colstreak: Thanks for you video. I have a question. A contractor gave me a Graco X7 magnum paint sprayer that's been sitting in my garage and I want to sell it. I have never used it and I don't know a thing about it. He said it worked fine when he had it. Is there a way to test it? Can I just prime it with water and then spray it out? Do I need to run anything in there to protect it or do any kind of maintenance on it? Thanks.

The Idaho Painter: Graco 695 and Titan 440i. Used them for 10 years. Thank you for watching our videos. If you have found our videos helpful, you can donate to the making of new videos. Send any donations to Paypal at my email listed on my channel. We thank you very much for any donations.

bryancmcguire: ok question we want to know is can you tell us what model of equipment your using besides the graco contractor 2 guns? What model of airless sprayer are you using? How long have you used it for?

The Idaho Painter: Yes

Operating an airless sprayer. How To Use A Titan Paint Sprayer. 5 out of 5

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Operating an airless sprayer.  How To Use A Titan Paint Sprayer.