Toyota Po441, P0446 EVAP Vacuum Switching Valve VSV Testing And Canister Replacement

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Andrew Guerrero: Nice video. I have a quick question. I have an 08 toyota yaris with just a PO441 code. The code reads leak or purge valve. Is the VSV the same as purge valve. What about the solenoid? Are they all the same? My canister costs 800. Im hoping its just the vsv? Thanks.

Stan Huggard: Nice video, can you tell me if the 2002 corollas have charcoal pellets in canister and if so can they be replaced? Thanks, Stan

laith kadom: Thank you very much mr.

Glenn K: Hello Mark.. My 2000 Tundra, (4.7 liter) has a faint smell of gas, both from under the hood, under the vehicle.. No leaks at all. Checked under the truck thoroughly..Checked the hoses on, and around the vapor canister. No sight of gas leaking from the gas tank either... Like I mentioned, it is a faint odor of fumes... Frustrating.. Thank you.

Carlos Estrada: Hey mark, i just replaced the evap canister on my 99 tacoma v6 because the old one had a piece of the plastic broken off and you could see the inside of the canister. I had the check engine light turned off but it keeps coming back on every 20 miles or so. the error code it keeps giving me is p0446. I didnt test the new canister. thanks

John Laurente: Is it possible to Do it your self Kuzz in the video you said I need a hoist. Do you know an estimate of how much it would cost if I take it to a shop

Mzajia87: My car is Corolla 2009. Suddenly, The Eng. Liter comes up! The Toyota dealer told me I should replace the Canister. The price is 400 dollars!! Do I have any cheaper choice? 

Gan Tsai: Hi, Before I remove and replace the vapor canister, do I need to disconnect the cable from the car battery? Thanks,

laith kadom: Can I clean or replace air filter on vsv system please

crazycanadian05: Hey guys.. Interesting video.. I know it was posted almost a couple years ago now, but I am curious why at the time you didn't smoke test the system to check for leaks? As you mentioned in your video the code could be set by a leak.. I recently had a 98 come threw my bay at work setting a P0446 code and failing emissions cause of it.. It had been back and forth to the dealer for the same code 8 times over 2 years trying to solve the problem.

Undeadhuntr: with the 9 volt battery do you connect the pos to pos and neg to neg?

ShadowOfEnigma: My 2001 Camry (LXE) just recently had its check engine light come on. Now I have a bad history with Toyota dealership, and I wanted to check before I pay them 600$ just to replace this crap. What bothers me is , my car drives great, very smooth, the only thing I've EVER noticed is that the shift between 1st and 2nd gear is pretty rough, also makes a grinding sound coming out of park. Anyways,Toyota wants to replace the Cannister and Fuel Cap (thats all) for 500$+ 99$+ for install. Is this right

markjhicks: @chapshow1 The EGR and EVAP are two separate systems. If you have problems with the EGR valve there is no reason to think you will have problems with the VSV. If you have any other concerns please let me know, Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

markjhicks: At the Natural Vacuum Leak Detection (NVLD) assembly, which is mounted near the fuel tank, backprobe the Violet/White wire with a voltmeter. Locate the vacuum line going to the canister and remove the line so a hand vacuum pump can be used to put vacuum on the line going towards the NVLD. The other line at the NVLD goes to the vent. Block the vent line. Using a hand vacuum pump, apply vacuum to the line while watching the voltage on the Violet/White wire.

markjhicks: 3. If both solenoids operate correctly and are not sticking, inspect for a restriction in the Evaporative Emission (EVAP) lines that could affect how the canister vents after a leak test is performed. 4. Verify that the fuel cap is a factory part. If the fuel cap leaks or does not hold the correct amount of vacuum when the system checks for a leak, all the codes will set. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Ching-Yun Wang: Thanks. Given that the car (2001 Toyota Sienna) is due for an emission test, I wonder if you have its drive cycle information? I appreciate if I could possibly have this information so that the monitor may test its evap function more quickly. Many thanks.

markjhicks: I apologize and completely agree. If the VSV checked out to be functioning, the nest step is to smoke the system. You are also right the majority of techs just want to replace a part without testing. I feel this is the case for a couple reasons. 1. shops that only want to pay the techs for time spent for R&R and are just interested in getting the next vehicle in the shop. 2. The shop owners and service writers that have not educated their customers that the best way to repair is to diagnose

markjhicks: Me too. But it might be time to have it smoked to pinpoint the issue. Let me know what happens. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

xx217xx: My 2001 Toyota Camry LE gave out codes P0440, P0441, P0446. I took out my canister and did the battery voltage test, and I heard the noise from the solenoid, so does that mean that the canister is still good? If it's still good, what may be causing the problem?

markjhicks: Very good! Thanks for sharing your findings to everyone! Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Ching-Yun Wang: Hi, many thanks for your advice. Unfortunately, after driving 1000 miles since mid-August when I replaced the VSV of the evap canister, the check engine light is now on, with code P0446 (P0440 and P0441 pending). The replacement of VSV did improve significantly (used to have light on with codes P0446 series after about 150 miles), but there is still a problem. So, I plan to buy a new evap charcoal canister within the next few days, and replace it. Would you have any suggestions? Thanks!

markjhicks: Sure it could be the cap leaking. If not let me know. But give me the year, make, model and engine size. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

TOMMY SABALLA: Mark i got a 1997 toyota avalon nd my motor been shaking a lil sometimes when i drive .its been doin it before i got the code u think it gots something to do with it. My gas cap seems to b fine 2

Terry A: Thanks for responding Mark... as it turns out my problem was the gas cap. A trusted mechanic cleared the error codes and the problem has been resolved.

markjhicks: You replaced the right part. If the check engine light comes back on let me know. Getting the monitor to reset can be a real challenge sometimes. I suggest just driving it, it will eventually test and reset. Unless you are going in for an emissions test. In that case I will send you the drive cycle information. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

CHIBA280CRV: Thanks for the information , i will give it a shot on the a 2006 toyota sienna.

markjhicks: @mcleod2 The purge solenoid, I would think is the same as the purge valve. However, some manufacturers call out different names. I would check with whoever you are buying the part from to be sure. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

markjhicks: What year, Make, Model and engine size? Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

markjhicks: The drive belt has a tensioner it is not adjustable. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Ching-Yun Wang: Hi, thanks for your advice. As mentioned I replaced the VSV in mid-August, and cleared P0446. After driving for 800 miles in the last 2 months, my 2001 Toyota Sienna had pending P0440, P0441 and P0446 a few days ago. These codes are still pending as of today (extra 50 miles, total 850 miles since the codes cleared in August). I assume I should wait to see the check light on, but be prepared to change the evap canister. Please let me know if you have any advice at this time point. Thank you!


markjhicks: Mike I just checked and Dorman does have a replacement for the vehicle in the video. Way to go Dorman! To the best of my knowledge this was not available 3 years ago. Thanks again for bringing it to my and all the viewers attention! Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

yaryar1976: Found the problem.cost me 5 minutes & 2. Paper son was fueling up with cheap gas sooo,it gunked up the throttle plate,closing up the micro gap that allows idle.

markjhicks: Check fuel pressure while the problem is occurring. I would also look at spark at the same time. If the spark cuts out and then the engine dies you know you have a spark issue. The next step is to determine what system the problem is in. If the FP is good and spark never cuts out but the engine died, then you need to look at injectors, to make sure they are firing at the point of dieing. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

markjhicks: At the time we did the video no one did not sell them separate. But i am glad you brought it up, now we and others do offer the VSV both ways. In fact we brought it up to our engineering when we finished the video. Seemed like a waste to us. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

selerim: My OBD reader scan P0455 but no engine light on? Why?

TheJaybro86: yes the v6 ill check my hoses agian when I get to the shop hopefully it nothing too big thanks for the tips

crazycanadian05: The canister had been replaced with along with the updated 3 way VSV and a new pressure sensor.. When I got the vehicle I wasn't sure where the vent was so I smoke tested the system to find the vet... When I did find it I blocked it off and found the plastic line between the canister and fuel tank had rubbed threw behind the clip that held it in place.. A new hose seems to have solved the problem..

markjhicks: @xx217xx It means the solenoid is activating, but you still must make sure it holds and passes vacuum like it shows in the video. By far the most common cause for these codes on your vehicle are either a bad gas cap or canister. Here are some more instructions I hope will help you determine the anser to the problem: 1. Verify that the Vacuum Switching Valve (VSV) for the pressure sensor (located on the canister) operates correctly.

Roger Arroyo: Is the toyota Celica gt 2001 drive belt adjustable? Or auto adjustment

mcleod2: thank u

ShadowOfEnigma: haha, left the most important part out huh, sorry about that , P0446

mbihamta: I am having the evap error code on a 2005 Toyota sequoia, the gas cap was replaced... Is it likely that the sequioa needs a new canister? How much will this cost me? Approximately?

jscanyon: I have a 2003 Toyota Tundra, 4.7 L., 4x4, 203,500 miles. P0446. I checked the lines and found a crack going to the VSV by the manifold and replaced it, the light went off, then came back on after ~100 miles. The VSV is easy to get to and cheaper to replace, do you think it's this or the CCV by the charcoal canister?? Thanks in advance!

markjhicks: Nice find! We focus on diagnosing to find the failure. On this particular vehicle, we started with the VSV and canister because they are so common. If they would have tested good, we would have went further and smoked it. Thanks for your input and keep up the great work. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Mike Brugler: I must disagree. I also have a 1999 Camry. I just replaced mine this morning, without removing the entire canister. The removal of 1 screw and the 3 vacuum hoses was all that was required. Replacement was easier than removal. It took me about a half hour. See Dorman part number 911-602

12vgs8606: Usually I personally do all the diagnosis myself and then I take the vehicle in for the shop to do exactly what I want him to do. Over the years, he has realized that I know more about my cars than he does. In this particular case, I was lazy and I knew up front that this was going to be a nightmare from doing all the research over the internet. So when the shop said, they have replaced bunch of VSV to fix this problem, I went for it. I do take some responsibility for this.

markjhicks: Clean the airflow meter and retest drive the vehicle. Add a supplemental fuel supply when the problem is happening. Check to see if the engine runs better. Check fuel pressure. Let me know, Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

markjhicks: 1. Test the gas cap, check for vacuum leaks, and verify that the N80 canister purge valve does not leak when closed. If doing smoke test, watch for smoke coming out of the bottom of the canister. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

markjhicks: Excellent, thank you for the feed back! Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
Toyota Po441, P0446 EVAP Vacuum Switching Valve VSV Testing and Canister Replacement 4.7 out of 5

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Toyota Po441, P0446 EVAP Vacuum Switching Valve VSV Testing and Canister Replacement