MCProHosting Review

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ProfessioGaming: Check out this FTB Unleashed server built using MCProHosting: And the Website for the server:

Dani Goose: Would anything happend if i bought the grass plan and had 50 plugins on it?. would that work fine?

PsychoticCow IRL: Probably my most favourite service! Very cheap for a small server. My friend had a server run by MCProhosting. Can be a pain in the ass when it goes down a lot but I might down the way get a server from them. I got to go on MCProhosting's website to change my friend's server files with his permission. A very awesome and unique feature is the unlimited players for only $2 extra! Most servers you would have to pay the maximum which is about $100. Because it's dollars, I pay less because I use € so it's worth more. :D

TGA Charlie: Just noticed your address is showing @ 3:12.

Dave Grantham: thanks for the review. helped me make up mind.

Ajarmetta A: just got a server from them just let me tell you awesome server hosting website very easy and the servers work great like he said little lag and especially how u can pay 15 bucks for plugins which is so nice

Ryan Garthwaite: What does the ram mean?

MegaJoshtree: I have a server running from them and i would say its like a 8 or a 9 out of 10 on how good it is

Nuclear The Gamer: My friend bought a server from here it the best server hosting program

Raven 689: How do you copy and paste in Minecraft?

Alec Grogan: I am currently using MCProHosting, and i have to say it is one of the best hosting services i have every used!

SnoOpDoGGfan100: what do they mean by plans? vanilla bukkit, air grass bedrock, stuff like that.


Jetsnipe: Guys, don't go with them. You can get much better plan options for cheaper on other hosting sites. I am not a promoter or anything like that, but I recommend something like Professionalxen hosting, which is SUPER cheap for the quality you get. Or go with HordeHosting, which is amazing for the price. Hope I helped you guys decide :)

Nero0: *sigh* Finding un-biased server provider reviews is impossible... :[

Hostile Wolf: thank you so much. I was thinking whether I should do it or not but now I know im going to buy one. keep making vids!

VortexRaidz: mcprohosting is a rip off go to very cheap

NEW CHANNEL GGServers = $4/mo

bwtuteam: Pytohost Zero lag unlimited players $12 for 2gb of ram!!! They r amazing

Guyfromhell's Channel: MCProhosting is the best hosting provider!

Weston Bishop: i dunno if anyone has posted this already, but it does not take 1000 MG to get 1 GB if i remember right, it takes 1254 MG?

dan wilson: Yep awesome top of the first page of google that

CreeepaSlayaa: Is it fine to leave the server running all the time?


Mad Bee: we cant find our ip

Arionna: I love the services they provide and i personally think its the best Server hosting out there

Patman84: i am the 6000th viewer :D

Jamberss: I bought a server, my account was deleted 1 hour after buying and when I went on my server 2 other people had bought lapis and were given the same ip and had the same problem as me.

xXBassxXxBoostXx: My opinion is there the best hosting company out there 10/10

Leumas D: ....right?

SyntheticCZ: there are cheaper hosts that i would only recommend for private use like minkrack but for public servers this is the way to go!

Not Sure: I may have a big problem with this site. Okay back in sep 4th 2013 my server was stopped. Well it stopped and they kept taking money from me and no services was rendered from them. Okay today I just so happen to be able to check my email. I find all this out. The problem is if they don't give this money back they shouldn't have even took will send me living in the streets. This can't happen. I need to speak to someone there now more than every. 

MorekTionTyPR TBM: bought a server...where can i find the ip?!

xXBassxXxBoostXx: They email you the ip

ItsFikey: If you get donations from your enjin website does it pay for the server?

bill staricha: i love mcprohosting 

ihateallutuberz: Horrible host. I would never recommend this host to anybody. Staff is horrible, they will blame just about everything to give you an answer. Ticket replies take about 2 days, some have taken longer. Worst experience ever. Filled up the Node I was on, then blamed my chunk errors on me, saying I had too many plugins, Even though I'm running a vanilla server (obviously no plugins). Uneducated staff, horrible lag spikes and even though the price is not too bad, I'd rather pay a little extra for better services!

Cody: i use astutium (used to be called elite hosting) to host my server and ive never had a problem

Benja Bro: nice. I have 2.50 and i just bought air plan so me and my friends can play together. No lag thx

TPJakeUK: Hello.... Im Thinking Of opening a server is MCPH easy for a first time server owner? :P

NinjaCookieXY: If you guys want to see an example of this, join (Sorry if spam, but just an example of this)

Luc Fox: You can pay with paypal and a credit card

new channel coming soon same name: I agree these guys are tje best and the worst are mchost who take 7 hours to reply and get ddos (hacked) every day nice video you have got a new suscriber

Quannix Rainbowaxe: According to their TOS, yes.

Owen Johnson: thanks so much

The Emeraldy Gaming: How To Make Ip For McProHosting

stevan798: Thumbs up if you like,and sub :D.

SpaceWalken: Thank you for this. Totally going with MCPro.

MegaTimeWolf: can i use this on mac

HellBreecher: if your talking about a domain such as : example.mcpro:25565 then it is an addon you must pay for.

MCProHosting Review 4.8 out of 5

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MCProHosting Review
MCProHosting Review
Mcprohosting minecraft server hosting
Mcprohosting minecraft server hosting
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