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Michelle Rios: Signed up for service 48 hours ago. Paid for them to set it up for extra money. Sent in a ticket and hear nothing. My server won't start. Its a rip off. They take your money and give no support. I cant even play :(Update: After 48 hours they got to my support ticket. Fixed the problem, but blamed it on me. Which they should have it running right in the 1st place. That's why I paid $15 extra for setup.Update: Talked to Tyler. He's nice and seems like he cares. Said sorry and will get onto my ticket as soon as they can. Because of that my stars will go up from a 1 to a 3 now. Will update you on it some more.Update: Still no go on support.  nothing is working.Update: Can not install plugins. Which I paid $15 extra. Even if they cant install they still take your $15. Conclusion: When signing up for just wait for a week before you can use your server. The interface is good. But the support is really bad. They give refunds for the first seven days.. If I was you take your hard earned money and go some where else. Back to one star.

BackwardCastOfficial: Hey I just found this new server hosting webpage. It's kinda weird, but
it works, and its completely free (I swear!). It looks like a scam but I
did it and it is AMAZING. Link to website is here:

Colin Bester: Command Blocks?

OveratedGamer: my jar name doesn't work and it crashed my server plz respond and tell me how to fix it thank you

Reece Taylor: @professioGaming  Do u get a server File and also can I chose my own server Ip

Dave Grantham: thanks for the review. helped me make up mind.

Slice O' Toast: Probably my most favourite service! Very cheap for a small server. My friend had a server run by MCProhosting. Can be a pain in the ass when it goes down a lot but I might down the way get a server from them. I got to go on MCProhosting's website to change my friend's server files with his permission. A very awesome and unique feature is the unlimited players for only $2 extra! Most servers you would have to pay the maximum which is about $100. Because it's dollars, I pay less because I use € so it's worth more. :D

TGA Charlie: Just noticed your address is showing @ 3:12.

Ystervarke: Check out this FTB Unleashed server built using MCProHosting:
And the Website for the server:

Ivan: How do you copy and paste in Minecraft?

Daniel: Would anything happend if i bought the grass plan and had 50 plugins on it?. would that work fine?


Ajarmetta: just got a server from them just let me tell you awesome server hosting website very easy and the servers work great like he said little lag and especially how u can pay 15 bucks for plugins which is so nice

Alec Grogan: I am currently using MCProHosting, and i have to say it is one of the best hosting services i have every used!

Forrest Gump: thank you so much. I was thinking whether I should do it or not  but now I know im going to buy one. keep making vids!

Bennett: Is it fine to leave the server running all the time?

VortexRaidz: mcprohosting is a rip off go to very cheap

Arcanum: Guys, don't go with them. You can get much better plan options for cheaper on other hosting sites. I am not a promoter or anything like that, but I recommend something like Professionalxen hosting, which is SUPER cheap for the quality you get. Or go with HordeHosting, which is amazing for the price. Hope I helped you guys decide :)

Ryan Garthwaite: What does the ram mean?

NEW CHANNEL GGServers = $4/mo

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MCProHosting Review 5 out of 5

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Should You Rent a Minecraft Server from MCProHosting?   The Official Review by
Should You Rent a Minecraft Server from MCProHosting? The Official Review by
How Good Is MCProHosting? - MCProhosting Review
How Good Is MCProHosting? - MCProhosting Review
Minecraft Hosting Review: McProHosting- Is it worth the price?
Minecraft Hosting Review: McProHosting- Is it worth the price?
MCProHosting Review
MCProHosting Review
*MCProHosting Review*
*MCProHosting Review*

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MCProHosting Review