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Ammar6695: Dumb crap.. You exposed your address and IP address to everyone..


Cody: i use astutium (used to be called elite hosting) to host my server and ive never had a problem

MorekTionTyPR TBM: bought a server...where can i find the ip?!

Arionna: I love the services they provide and i personally think its the best Server hosting out there

Fikey1234: If you get donations from your enjin website does it pay for the server?

Mad Bee: we cant find our ip

xXBassxXxBoostXx: They email you the ip

wigeon111: there are cheaper hosts that i would only recommend for private use like minkrack but for public servers this is the way to go!

Weston Bishop: i dunno if anyone has posted this already, but it does not take 1000 MG to get 1 GB if i remember right, it takes 1254 MG?

Sam D: ....right?

NeedHelpUseMe: BEFORE YOU BUY A SERVER FROM THEM READ THIS!!!!!!!! I DIDN'T GET WHAT I WAS TOLD!!!! Click read more \/ I bought a server from them and PAID FOR IT!!! then it says pending...and pending so I waited. Then I tried going to my control panel, they did not give me a password so I made ticket. THEN the STAFF TELL ME THAT THEY ARE SOLD OUT OF US SERVERS. Great...They said I could get a Europe server but it would lag. And when I bought the SERVER I SELECTED us server. So these assholes wouldn't tell me before I bought the server that it was going to take awhile and didn't give me the us server. Did I get my money back? NO! They said to get my money back I have to make another ticket and probably have to go threw a hassle to get my money back so I just decided to say whatever and go with somebody else....and to get a Europe server I would have to make another ticket. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I paid for this and and had to fill the information and know I HAVE TO wait for my ticket to be read? On my control panel ticket I waited 9 hours before they responded. I am posting this on some videos on MCprohosting not because I'm spamming, because I'm frustrated and don't want people to waste there money Who should I go with then? Honestly if you want some real honest and good server hosting go with BeastNode. Are they cheap? no. are they expensive? no. I've been with then before and they were really good. You get like SQL and you get Multicraft and all that included. Overall very good and professional hosting I recommend you go with them. - Gonzxor

Jamberss: I bought a server, my account was deleted 1 hour after buying and when I went on my server 2 other people had bought lapis and were given the same ip and had the same problem as me.

Patman84: i am the 6000th viewer :D

Not Sure: I may have a big problem with this site. Okay back in sep 4th 2013 my server was stopped. Well it stopped and they kept taking money from me and no services was rendered from them. Okay today I just so happen to be able to check my email. I find all this out. The problem is if they don't give this money back they shouldn't have even took will send me living in the streets. This can't happen. I need to speak to someone there now more than every. 

xXBassxXxBoostXx: My opinion is there the best hosting company out there 10/10

ihateallutuberz: Horrible host. I would never recommend this host to anybody. Staff is horrible, they will blame just about everything to give you an answer. Ticket replies take about 2 days, some have taken longer. Worst experience ever. Filled up the Node I was on, then blamed my chunk errors on me, saying I had too many plugins, Even though I'm running a vanilla server (obviously no plugins). Uneducated staff, horrible lag spikes and even though the price is not too bad, I'd rather pay a little extra for better services!

bill staricha: i love mcprohosting 

Jake Craft: Hello.... Im Thinking Of opening a server is MCPH easy for a first time server owner? :P

GnawerPvP Gnawer: Completely agree ** getting it soon.

NinjaCookieXY: If you guys want to see an example of this, join (Sorry if spam, but just an example of this)

Luc Fox: You can pay with paypal and a credit card

Modern_Ninja_Guy: I agree these guys are tje best and the worst are mchost who take 7 hours to reply and get ddos (hacked) every day nice video you have got a new suscriber

Quannix Rainbowaxe: According to their TOS, yes.

Owen Johnson: thanks so much

KOSTAS AKIS: How To Make Ip For McProHosting

Stevan Rađenović: Thumbs up if you like,and sub :D.

SpaceWalken: Thank you for this. Totally going with MCPro.

MegaTimeWolf: can i use this on mac

HellBreecher: if your talking about a domain such as : example.mcpro:25565 then it is an addon you must pay for.

Insomnia Craft: Worst host I have ever used. Server crashes, expensive, unstable, I switched after my first month.

Berchi333Player: if i pay a month for a server and don't wanna have the server anymore can i cancel it or something ?

Basketball King 1115: Cheapest is cloudfrost hosting but mcprohosting is all around a better server

D_CRAFT: Factions fun Fair Deluxe Craft Join Now! Dont ask for OP

Ethan Smith: how about you reply to one of his comments. and btw this isnt even about enjin its about Mcpro hosting so....yeah

Xx3minecraft3xX: After the first free 45 days of Enjin, how much will it cost? And after the first free 45 days does it take the money without notice? Like so he can see please! Or answer yourself if you know! Thank you!

HellBreecher: go to the control panel. When you are there you must log-in. After you've logged in go to servers. Click on the server you would like to start-up. At the top you should see a button called "Start", Click on it.

Maverick Hivley: how do i get my ip

CoMeDyDuDe619: I have mcpro, but lately they've been having issues with plugin installation. other than that, the 2 servers I pay for never have lag.

Collin: No lag? As the glass doesnt come back into position lol

spottycreeper: i got a server and mcpro always crashed but its good its down right now but its getting sorted join :P

CoMeDyDuDe619: open a support ticket they can help you

HeyItsMeSolo: i cant access the control panel i paid for it and its not there

111STORMHUNTER111: I read you can get a dedicated domain for $5 a month!

ProfessioGaming: Attention everyone. I am going to be opening up at least 10 slots on my personal Tekkit Server. If you're interested, contact me on Steam. My profile url is in the description I hope to see you there :)

DIMentiaMinecraft: Following each of 6 node failures just this week our file has been overwritten by MCPH with a cut-down version that does not include our worldseed or settings. Then they restart our server. After confronting them, they simply refuse not to damage our files. Run away... don't walk, run away from this host.

AnimationCreations: but they arent as good in my opinion...

Ethan Smith: why would someone thumbs up this...?

henry slan: I have an mcprohosting server its called TemproCraft™ It's a mini-game and survival server heres the ip:

JoeyJoeyJoe: Wow... 3:25 ... You owe alot of money!

MCProHosting Review 4.7 out of 5

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MCProHosting Review
MCProHosting Review
Mcprohosting minecraft server hosting
Mcprohosting minecraft server hosting
~5000 TNT blowing up on a McProHosting Server!!
~5000 TNT blowing up on a McProHosting Server!!
Best Minecraft server host ever!!!! Mc Pro hosting!
Best Minecraft server host ever!!!! Mc Pro hosting!
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