Black Ops Pc Using Xbox Controller

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Simply Agent Agrimar: |:O You have defied the laws of physics!!!

Vignesh Rao: No Aim Assist for PC for XBOX or Other GamePad Controllers. Then how we can play easily where you can't aim faster than other console players who has aim assist. Playing only with Keyboard and Mouse will make us feel bored. Any chances to play easily?

Smartsnack: I wish to play quake3 rocket arena against a console gamer with controller :D

XLukie7: Aim assist isn't that helpful,it's like if you shoot it centers your view again to your starting point and not stay in where the recoil takes the crosshair to

XLukie7: it makes it challenging and more fun to play online -.-

Retrospect Studios.: in the corner its got the xbox d-pad?

SinPunisher: Depends on the FPS, if it is something like Counter Strike or Quake hell yeah you'll get your ass owned

SinPunisher: Are you serious controllers have been made and officially supported for PC for years

SinPunisher: It makes you a better player then those that use it, trust me you don't have to be super dependent on aim assist

Bertram Hilhorst: the real pc players cant win XD

cskaismful: Thats great but 1 question how the hell do u have no freaking problems like: connection,lag,hit detection I mean damn Black Ops is awesome but Treyarch's(also known as Treyfreak) network service absolutely SUCKS BAWLZ!!! Anyways good gameplay dude :)

MISTER ANDO: Does the aim assist work on PC or only on the consoles? Been wondering. I don't play Treyarch cod so I don't know, but MW3 is coming, and I'm sure it will support it, and if aim assist works, I will prolly skip it.

shoegazer666: @delimfire you fixed this problem, bro? Been searching up and down the internets for a fix but to no avail.

secretagentclank123: It's not just that the players are better on PC, there also isn't any aim assist and a keyboard and mouse is a lot more accurate. If you want any success on PC, play through the black ops campaign without your controller to get used to a keyboard and then play multiplayer.

xdonnix: pc players are better is a massive understatment on xbox my kd is like 3.somthing on pc after 4 hrs of play its under 1 lol. havent really played fps on pc since RTCW besides a few battlefields here and there. im starting to get used to it and go positive now so thats good.

delimfire: Hey, i have an xbox controller too and black ops on my pc. But the problem is that my controller isnt vibrating by black ops and by other games vibrates it... Cn u help me? And nice game ;)

wilsonT5: a good black ops player on xbox is an avagrage player on pc using a pad. im not bothered too much as i play pc for the fun and better fps, if i dont come top using my pad so what fair play to m&k players as i cant use them for crap but its not stopping me playing it on pc at all........pc gaming FTW.

7lightsaber69: @roryos not if ur use to it like i do about the same with 360 controller vs mouse and keyboard

ChawlieTheFair: is there any aim assist?

TrolLordalot: I enabled autoaim and now I dominate on PC with xbox controller - subscribe to me for more info

black ops pc using xbox controller 5 out of 5

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black ops pc using xbox controller