ZTE Majesty Review - My Upgrading From The LG Optimus Q LG55C For Straight Talk

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Enjoying The Sun 577-Jersey Customs: $180 lmao I paid $29 and hope i get a year outta it :)

Joey Bates: this is a ok phone i have a few problems with it though people say they can't hear me on the phone sometimes and that they hear static and every few days i have to reset myy phone because i don't be receiving peoples text and they don't get mines and some apps run slow

wordlesslyrics001: Straight Talk has the ZTE Magisty reconditioned for $29.99 with purchase of a phone card and free shipping right now. I've gotten a lot of free reconditioned phones all shipped free from them and they all work great. These deals go fast so a person would need to jump on it. Thanks for your reviews. You sold me on both this and the Fuel! :D

Joshua Pullser: Can it run clash of clans?!?!?!?!??!

lostlotta: Been using mine for a year. Still happy with it

Operate Snipez: The Majesty is a dual core phone but with android 4.1 which is slower than most that are running kitkat and gingerbread.) That being said, this phone operates well enough that it is an easy contender against many high end devices. I have a Motorola Photon Q and this phone and they operate about the some with just a little lag on the Majesty.

jaimekid2: @Anna Mohawk yes, it has poor ISO.

Anna Struemke: Does your camera seem really dark when you face it to your self?

Young Church boy12: How to update zte

Laura McCann: I have had this phone for 1 month. I liked it till the screen started disappearing on me. I discovered that if I squeeze the phone it will reappear however it is getting worse and worse. I was unable to just get a new one from Walmart and now told I will have to send it back to the manufacturer. I am not happy with that as it means I will be without a phone for a week.

Alejandro Hernandez: we bought two cause we liked the price and mine is two months old but my girlfriends is two weeks newer and her screen is blacked out and when u call her it says the number is not active but it worked yesterday. so i tried restarting it and tried taking battery out but it will not boot back up. can hear but no screen do you know how to fix this or have u heard these phones doing this

renee kaminski: How do you find the flashlight app?

Arkansas Blacc: I am not able to send or receive picture messages how do I fix that problem

2idream: How do you delete a gmail account from your ZTE Majesty


tane gao: I just got this phone today and have 2 questions. 1. How do I get rid of that annoying vibration when I type. 2. Does this have Swype?

Lady_Assassian33: Me and my mom are gunna cancel Verizon, My sister inlaw has this phone
I don't like apple or droid phones, But I have to deal with one of them... 
I have an apple iphone 4s (White) So I was wondering how this phone really is, I had a few straight talk phones, Like the samsung proclaim it was ok, not the best cause I do text fast so the texting was bugging me while doing that, And had the hawani whatever you call it I had that same feeling as the samsung proclaim, Latest phone for Verizon was Motorola razr maxx now I love the gorilla glass on there never had to put a screen protector on it, Just the texting was bugging me as well, Sorry long comment here, But if you didn't mind giving me details on this phone I would much appriciate it

Dustin Pfarr: Does anybody else have the problem where the bubble forms under the screen? It's not a screen protector either.  I'm beginning to wonder if it's due to a lot of pressure being applied when it's in my pocket.

Clint Kubes: I want this phone, should have never got the ascend plus.

Jose Tellez: Is the keyboard sensitive when you text/type or does it take awhile for the phone to proccess the numbers or letters?

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ZTE Majesty Review - My Upgrading from the LG Optimus Q LG55C for Straight Talk 5 out of 5

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ZTE Majesty Review - My Upgrading from the LG Optimus Q LG55C for Straight Talk