New Dollar Store Makeup: Ioni Cosmetics Review

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Jenni Eisenhardt: Thank u so much for trying affordable makeup for us who can't afford high priced makeup. Awesome video! My favorite Ioni cosmetic is the eyeliners! They are awesome! 

Emily Eddington: new video!!

Patricia Goodwin: I have the Nars Orgasm blush and the Ioni Orgasmic looks very similar. I hope I can find Ioni at my dollar store, very nice! I have found some other brands, JK Cosmetics shadows, YD Beja Lipsticks and Kleancolor Lip ID lipgloss, all very nice and smelled good too.

EsteeDarla: Found them at heb and they are flying off the shelfs so fast I thought heb just wasnt saling them any more tile I contacted majors at heb to find out as fast as they are shelfted theybare sold outso I got lucky and got there one day while new restocking was going on and bought up one kf everything I could get they are amazing love the brand

Sadia Munawar: Is there any other stores that carry this product???

Tiffany Salter: Miss Bliss Is My Favorite..

Olivia Lewis: I so agree girl! I love these blushes! So pigmented that its crazy, especially for a cheaper brand! Oh! and their eyeshadow primer was the first I ever purchased! Thanks so much for your videos! Your awesome doll!

Denyce @MyLuxury1st: Yes, I have checked the Dollar Store before, nothing wrong with that, but we don't have Freds! Thanks for this review!


leslie hurst: My gloss did the same thing as soon as I bought it. 

Jessica Chi: haha in canada this brand is sold as brand name at our local winners, which is a discount store similar to marshall's

Markeia May: I think they realized that with the glosses, they changed the packaging and they don't do that anymore! (:

Brenda Fontes: I have and it's awesome!!

The Curvy Metalhead Show: I am going to say this once and say it again....I LOVE YOU! Your channel shows that you can have class and do amazing beauty reviews. You don't have to be a crazy personality in order to be successful on YT!

Aiyana Ncube: Ioni is my nickname but I spell it different

Maddi Songer: My gloss in the same color did that

xoallison12ox: Where can I find these in New England? My dollar tree doesn't carry this brand? (at least the store I went to)

Vanessa Young: I have the lip gloss shade sassy and the one thing I love about it is the staying power. It reminds me of a stain. I can go all day without having to reapply. I haven't really had that experience with other glosses which is why I'm a lipstick girl. I've only tried the sassy shade though. It really is worth the dollar.

Missy Thomas: I forgot the eye shadow has a great payoff even if you paid more.

Shallon B: very preety

Angie Melendrez: I love your teeth !! ^_^ You look like a vampire.

Kay Lopez: I would love to get my hands on these products, but I can't get them. Thanks for the review. I love to blushes and the eye shadows.

Linda M: wonder if they have Ioni at the family dollar or other dollar stores we have around here. I looked everywhere online for that Ioni blush you showed before and no where sells it. :(

Amanda L: Hi Frances, If you email Ioni from their customer service link on their website, you can order products through them over email or by phone and just pay about $5 for shipping. They're really nice and will email you a product catalog, etc. :) Amanda

LNP916: I would have never guessed

Emmawatso6: There cheap the others aren't

Michele Leonard: To the girl that said what's the point of the review..well..emily can do whatever she wants on her channel! There are people around the country that have this collection so shut up people will use this review. Also I dont have this by me but I just enjoy watching her videos even if it has nothing to do with me. So if you don't want to watch it then turn it off.

Lavanya Vijay: may i know where the store is

MariniSol: You look very pretty!

SimplyLenith: Hi ! I just started a beauty channel. check out my first video :) thanks

MissVersaStyles: havent heard of these products hopefully they hit stores here in boston!!

Lily Solís: Ohh thanks Emily! :)

Robin De Angelis: My paleness was affirmed when I was thinking "Wow, that's a dark bronzer!" after which you promptly said it was kinda light for a bronzer.

Sapphir122011: most of my make is dollar store make up because , Dollar tree in my area carries many popular brands. and i get unopened makeup from my local weekend flea market

Rhonda Bumbaugh: Thanks for all the info! I look at some of the less expensive things, but I hate to try them and be disappointed. I appreciate the time, energy, and money you use to review these things. I also love the summer look! Could you do a tutorial of that style?

aixint: hey Emily, could you do a giveaway?

neonkinpatsu: Thank you for this info :)

Candice Rowe: @Emily halk I do!!!

Louise De Vito: Great Tips ! Louise's Attic

xXisislovesacXx: Totally off topic but the color on your wall is freakin' gorg!!! Any idea what it's called??

Frances Chavarria: Emily could I purchase them from you? And I Paypal you the amount needed bc I don't have a Fred's Dollar store where I am at in NJ PLEASE LMK??

Emma Kim: Lol "Woo~~! Dollar store makeup"

Melody Mayberger: Hey Emily, you should download the 77looks app on iPad or iPhone. It's a great app if you don't have it already. And your on it as well. Just wanted to let you know xoxoxo

charlotte parker: Aww man! Our Fred's shut down a while ago and I never got to go. Poo!!

Sitara best: thanks a lot for suggesting that website. I visited that website. they have lovely products. I have some plans to purchase eyeshadows and lip glosses.

Taangela Bellamy: I came across this line a while back and liked it especially since its inexpensive and didnt break me out. I have allergic reactions to everything usually.

Alison Self: I live in TN and am dying to try these blushes. Does anyone know any other retailers that see it?

Екатерина Буянова: Ахаха, привет:) Я русская:)

angie: Love the lip glosses..I got one in the color dolly, very pretty. The stopper fails in almost everyone's gloss, well, most of the other reviews.

Ivi M: Can you please do a review on the NARS BB cream.

New Dollar Store Makeup: Ioni Cosmetics Review 4.9 out of 5

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New Dollar Store Makeup: Ioni Cosmetics Review
New Dollar Store Makeup: Ioni Cosmetics Review
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New Dollar Store Makeup: Ioni Cosmetics Review