New Dollar Store Makeup: Ioni Cosmetics Review

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Lois Simms: K

Emma D: in canada i have yet to have luck with any dollartree stores! but we got a giant tiger store and they carry elf blush palletes and brushes and lip products etc etc its wild! lol

Rachel Chua: Watching Emily's old videos makes me miss the old make up room

Jacqueline Duncan: They r sold at, my local BSS!!

Louise Hampton: the blush u have on looks great on ur skin from here  8D

Brandi Ruble: watching nov 2015....

Sarah Elkin: Does anybody know what those pink pearl like beads are in the jar in the background?

Alyssa Nicole: I burst out laughing when she said "the texture of this is like clear" lol

Lisa Feldmann: Love your makeup and how it goes with your blouse in this video!  You always look great but this look really stands out to me.

Angelisa66 (MissAngelisa): I love Freds and Dollar General. AND Dollar Tree for finding great name brand cosmetics! Always at unbelievable prices!

nich v: Emily, I adore you!! Videos like this show how humble you are and that you're a regular person like us, not some uppity snob!! Love your tips for finding a good deal.

Susie Murray: Most of the products you talk about are not offered in any of the Dollar Stores in my area. We have Dollar Tree, and General Dollar store.

Lia Goossen: Emily I bought two palettes from the dollar store the L.A. colours I got the Orchid and the Lotus looooooove the colours! Would like to see a tutorial on those colours and the best way to keep them in place. Thanks!

Wendi K.: I live in Georgia, and I haven't seen this brand in any dollar stores around me. =(

Deborah Stevens: Hello, I've often bought "cheaper" cosmetics from discount or multi-product stores and been very happy with the results, so I was pleasantly surprised to see your tutorial on the subject. I've subscribed because I really like the way you present your items and you are not "over the top" like some presenters I've seen. Love the way you show how it's done in a no nonsense way which is totally believable. Look forward to more... Regards Deborah - Australia.

NyaPoy: ELF Products are on sale at! and if you use iHerb Discount code you DBN070 you can get $5 off on your first purchase! check this out!

purdygrl7: In my dollar store (small town America I'm talking about here!) ....I found such wonderful gems!!! Milani eyeshadows, nail polishes, and some amazing (and super smooth) lipglosses!!  As well as essies nail peel and stick fashion nail art stickers!!  the Essie nail stick'ems usually run $8-$11!!! woohoo! GO DOLLAR STORE FINDS! MADE MY DAY!

Martina P: Excellent video. Thank you for adding the way you put on the make up when you were talking about them.

seka shahriar: In my past local dollar store (not sure of the name but I don't think it's a chain) there was the brand b.s.n. which is a new york thing I think. But me and my sister both love almost all the products. For a beginner makeup collector or someone with a small collection the products are great and most of the products are a dollar. They have okay lip gloss, amazing lipstick, okay eyeshadow duos, great eyeliners and lipliners, nail polish that could be a hit or miss and more. But we moved so we don't have access to the store and it's great products. But they were great!

Crystal Olander: do not use dollar store makeup their has been lead found in dollar store makeup 

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New Dollar Store Makeup: Ioni Cosmetics Review 5 out of 5

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New Dollar Store Makeup: Ioni Cosmetics Review
New Dollar Store Makeup: Ioni Cosmetics Review
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New Dollar Store Makeup: Ioni Cosmetics Review