ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia

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john D: i know you mentioned it wasn't ok for some tropical fish 

john D: would this be ok for cory fish /pakistani loach /tiger barb? 

Jason Stroman: Love the description. 

Sterling Peterson: Hey glad to hear it's living up to it's reputation!

Sterling Peterson: Tanks!

Sterling Peterson: Nope just went with the regular amazonia soil and it's workin great for me!

Sterling Peterson: That would be normal sachin rajput ;)

VERDUCHI MAN: Thanks man, that is not bad at all. Some people said it was dropping their ph to 6

Sterling Peterson: Just type in adana-usa. It is a website that you can order the soil and everything else for aquascaping. I hope this helps the prices and all the information is on the site. Thanks and Good Luck with the scape!!!

Jonathan .N: i went there and everthing is out of stock....the only thing available is the africana series non of the amizonia and its been like that for a while

ReBootEnzo: Looks like Fluval Stratum.

Sterling Peterson: I bought it from the adana site online.

wjeon5000: hey whats the difference between the powder and the normal kind will it help anything im setting up a 20gallon long can i just put ada aqua soil amazonian in the tank without any of those batchers and powder things will plants grow fast i have 62 watts of light i've heard reviews that people tried with powder underneath and just putting it in and they said no difference

Sterling Peterson: Tastes like ADA Amazonia Soil though ;)

Jonathan .N: where did you buy it? i cant find it online anywhere

qalashnikovs: I think yours as the latest and improvised batch. God damn it I just bought seven packs of 9L Amazonia 2 from a store nearby. Heard lots of bad reviews about it online today concerning the product. Yellowing of water and crumbles easily.

ReBootEnzo: It's probably the same stuff. Peat soil mixed with other organics. It works great providing you don't crush it.

Sterling Peterson: Dirt works, but it is messy and aquascaping with it can be kinda tricky. It can be done, but I like this stuff because it holds my roots nice and it doesn't dirty up the water easily. It will actually make my water slightly acidic which is nice because my tap water is very hard. One 9 liter bag covered my 20 gallon aquascape with about a 2 inch depth. Best of luck with your scapes!

Sterling Peterson: Great to hear this stuff does wonders for my 20 gallon aquascape. Best of luck!

Sterling Peterson: I emailed them a few days ago and they said they should have a shippment of it in about 2 to 3 weeks just keep checking:) Best of Luck!

wjeon5000: did u just put the ada aqua soil amazonia soil in the tank without any power or anything under it and how is it working for ur plants? and is powder good?

Vince H: I'm ordering this crap right now!

Sterling Peterson: Actually it is an informative video on what substrate in my use in 20 gallon aquascape haha

JOHN LEE: Hey, First of all, Awesome vids. I know that you are getting the soil from Adana site, but can you please tell me precisely how did you order them? Do you have to call/email/there is a form(?) that I can use? How much did you pay for a bag of soil? Do you know if we can get this soil locally? Please let me know as Im eager to start my own aquascape soon. THanks!!!!

TheAllHammer: Just my first bag of this yesterday, my fish dealer is phasing out ADA apparently..replaced by Fluval Substrate ..So it's buy it online from here on out..

Filo011: did you end up buying any powersand?

Sterling Peterson: Thanks!

Sterling Peterson: Plant roots need soil and good light and co2 to grow and survive. Alot of aquascapers use that extra stuff and I have not used any of it besides the ada soil. Also the powder will work nice for small rooted plants like carptet plants. Best of Luck!

glitsy mitsy: i found a good soil retailer but i not sure f i have to clean the dert or soak it? do i?

Sterling Peterson: That's the craps Bohoss. Hope the tank is coming along well now!

Neosin1: how da fk is this a review?

Sterling Peterson: I spose it depends on the ph of your tap water from the start you know.

sachin rajput: Hello Aqua Hound... I bought first time ADA Aqua Amazonia New, and i just wanted to make sure one thing... when i take this in my pinch and mash so its mash easily i mean its easy to crumble. IS it normal with with this soil or its just with mine?

Sterling Peterson: This soil is used in my 20 gallon aquascape. Look it up and see how well my plants are growing in this crap. This is one of the top soils on the market...enough said! My rambling suggests you buy this and then you can take notes on how well my plants grow in it ;)

Sterling Peterson: Born and raised American!

Sterling Peterson: I go over what it is and that my man makes it a review ;)

Sterling Peterson: pH is about a 7.8 and I have very hard water where I live, but I think the driftwood and maybe the soil and plants helped bring it down a bit.

VERDUCHI MAN: Can you tell me what the PH is with this in the tank?

glitsy mitsy: @technokidmillionaire its approximately 104.222dhs without shipping price i checked

Sterling Peterson: ADA is the way to go if you have money or really enjoy the hobby haha. They make great products none the less though.

Sterling Peterson: Very nice!

Galaxy1423: great review am subbing

EatYourRice: Ooo redices ph? Nice! Im going to have to try this in the future when i get another tank or just break down my current dirted. My tap ph is 8.5 :( so its a battle trying to keep it low esp after weekly wc

Phil Grady: I have been using ADA soil for a number of years and it has made a difference in the type of plants I can grow successfully and the stability nof my tanks. I don't use the power sand (too expensive) I use the ada soil over flourite in tanks where I need to bank or mound the soil, and I have had excellent results. I would advise that you read the directions carefully regarding the water change regime with this product and adhere to it closely.

Sterling Peterson: Well I suggest trying it out. My plants love it and I am sure your's will too :)

georgyorgy2: Are you Canadian?

Sterling Peterson: Yeah just took the stuff right of the bag and no fertilizers on the bottom and soil to cap it off and it seems to be working really well!

hoah: "its top stuff, ive never used it before" they have you in the palm of their hand

Sterling Peterson: I know exactly what you mean with the ph battle. This stuff helps quite a bit and try running peat through your filter to bring hardness and ph down as well.

MrJayblaks: Cheers mate.

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ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 3.6 out of 5

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ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia