How To Make Your Own Reptile Fogger!- Classy Herps

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Gregory Baltazar: You're on a good one buddy 😁😳

Tabossco: epoxy...

Danny Doty: If I let this go off for like 10 minutes every 6 hours will that eliminate me having to water my plants?

Rabbi Dirticow: awesome!
You have a great setup.
Thanks for sharing!

MotoMicah: You think this thing would run on a timer? You have one you would recommend?

Parker Jones: You can buy one from zoo med for the same or cheaper price😂😂

Hyonte Atkinson: Can you use an invisible cool mist humidifier

Amran Noordin: A brilliant share. Much appreciated. Even it costs almost like the ready-made vivarium foggers, I don't think the latter have the same capacity as the DIY version you have shown. And yes, most reviews say they suck. Thanks again. Good job.

Angela Morris: Okay, I'm completely inexperienced with reptiles, but I do have some DIY under my belt. The hose will be much easier to use if you straighten it. Lay it in the sun for a little while with something to hold each end. If it's sunny enough, it will also be more pliable when you configure it for the terrarium.

My gratitude for the excellent DIY fogger.

Michael Dewinter: I have a green iguana and I buoys this for him but I was just wondering if the fog is bad for him to breath in cuz his cage gets really foggy. I'm pretty sure it's ok but just to be safe I'm asking.

darkiee69: Just run some hot water through the hose and it will soften. 

Amanda Teeter: the humidifier cost just as mutch as the fogger! i might as well just buy a fogger

Dom Stephan: Good Stuff Kid!

maynar39: Thank you. Great video!

Agama Mike: Fantastic Video, good stuff, gonna make one for Panther Chameleon setup. Thanks pal.

DJ Geesus: Just wanted to point out. You have to be REALLY careful the type of sealants you use like that water sealant. The chemical compounds may cause issues to your reptiles/amphibians. While the smell or vapors that come off the sealant my not bother humans that much, little things like that can cause problems for your pets. Make sure if you DO use any they are environmentally friendly. Lots of the chemical compounds found in typical applications put off continuous vapors. So ask a sales person or Google online for proper applications before just running to Lowe's or Home Depot. ;)

notorious986: music is to loud bro

John Smith: Wow! Seriously what a great idea! Thanks for posting!

CM Dragons (Reptiles): indeed ! I agree with Dustin

How To Make Your Own Reptile Fogger!- Classy Herps 5 out of 5

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How To Make Your Own Reptile Fogger!- Classy Herps