How To Make Your Own Reptile Fogger!- Classy Herps

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CM Dragons: indeed ! I agree with Dustin

Agama Mike: Fantastic Video, good stuff, gonna make one for Panther Chameleon setup. Thanks pal.

John Smith: Wow! Seriously what a great idea! Thanks for posting!

Dustin Hinkle: you sir are brilliant

Bobby Jean: You're my hero for today ...this MacGyver-quality instructible is genius, and your design innovation saved me quite a bit of money. Thank you!

DJ Geesus: Just wanted to point out. You have to be REALLY careful the type of sealants you use like that water sealant. The chemical compounds may cause issues to your reptiles/amphibians. While the smell or vapors that come off the sealant my not bother humans that much, little things like that can cause problems for your pets. Make sure if you DO use any they are environmentally friendly. Lots of the chemical compounds found in typical applications put off continuous vapors. So ask a sales person or Google online for proper applications before just running to Lowe's or Home Depot. ;)

notorious986: music is to loud bro

dreadfulcreation: @yrtsg bcuz they break easily

killer12227: Any idea if the cord can be split into two? Like if there are any adapters for that or any tubing for it? Nice vid btw :p

Leyba51: wont the cool mist make the terrarium cold???

Zac Oneofakindsnakes: where can you buy that humidifier?

Rick Rader: I am goping to set a timer i have to go off for 15 minutes every two hours for my Burm Enclosure just to monitor the humidity helps them shed only going to use it durring the shed cycle.

Tasha Lawson: Always used distilled water ;)

Heybigdaddy111: Very nice! Another way to enter the top of the cage without ruining it, would be to hook the tube to a funnel and then poke two small holes opposite ends of the wide part of funnel. Then run thin wire threw the holes and attach in the top of the screen. Just a idea.

Tasha Lawson: Thanks man that's a Great idae. My Zoomed fogger just broke so this is great I'm gonna try it

ARC W.: lol. instead of making the sealing up so difficult with 3 steps, just buy $3 worth of two-part epoxy next time. much easier, and sets up in 5 minutes, air tight.

XxScaleyScaleySkinxX: Gonna do this. Lol my last comment got cut off here's the rest. :)

Marjorie Sweeney: nice .I think I will try that.

TroyL: Did you pick your ultrasonic humidifier up recently? the Walgreen's website don't have them online. Wonderred if it was only available in store.

Greekinese206: Thanks for the video Colin, you did a good job! =) Question - when you say put it on a timer, there's no built in timer right? You're talking about using a separate timer apparatus you plug the humidifier into. Since the humidifier only has on/off/nightlight.

Top Kek: What does it do? just pump moist air into the tank?

kj smith: I just built one of these for my ball python's tank. Works nicely, pumps a lot of the fog so I restricted some of the air flow to limit the output. Humidity in the tank is consistent and never have to mist the tank. Nice vid, thanks for the idea.

Riley Austin: You might want to make Sure it isn't to hot

AllAlaskan907: Im looking at doing the same thing for my Water dragons cage that im building. How ever I wont be using the foam :D As long as you dont RIP the house out when you go to fill it up there should be no worry about the seal breaking. Pretty good little DIY thread though, good job :D

Clear Vision Reptiles: r u high bro?

sbrnakiss: Awesome vid!!

Ricky Nguyen: Does is constantly mist or it on and off?

Insert Name Here: 3:40 to 3:50 sex ed lessons jk

The House of Hydro Ultrasonic Mist Maker Supply: I just used one of these.... thehouseofhydro com/ultrasonic-mist-makers.html

cortneyfletcher: how long to leave it on for

BriannaLafferty: thereptilian humidifiers and foggers break too much/sson/easily as well as running out of water to fast so this is a great way to improvise at about the same cost! thanks!

Bryan Fernandez: Nice video! Me and a buddy did this for his set up and it ran him around $43.72, (had some coupons and used them). You probably could have done it a little bit cheaper using Walmart.

langster59: this vid was a life saver

Taylor Kortman: It the mist going to accumulate into water droplets on leaves to provide drinking water for my Jackson's Chameleon?

Pinksparten1: slow down dude

Ravensarge1: Just finished making this and set it up, so far it works GREAT!!! The humidity in the tank is finally 70! I live in the desert so that is a huge accomplishment! Super easy to make! Thanks so much for this!!

Kung Fu Monkey: Lol. U sure that seals airtight ? :-) I know where your coming from bro. Better do it 1 time, properly, than have to go back and fix it in 2 days. Really helpful vid as I need to achieve 80%+ humidity for my Brazilian Rainbow Boa's tank (4ftx3ftx2ft) which is hell of a mission. A lot of space needing high humidity. Your tip looks like a solution. Thanx for sharing the idea :-)

yaballsack: 4:52 damn look at that booty hole jk

david2000821: ok i have had the zoo med reptile fogger for 2 years and it still works perfectly and you DO NOT HAVE TO REFILL EVERY DAY even on full or maximum output.

Tunerguy23 .: hey how much was that humidfyer how ever u spell it lol ????

Clear Vision Reptiles: fill it with warm water not cold water

NickandNature: does this leave water marks?

dajc1990: Great vid but wouldnt it be easier to use a screw in hose reducer?

Justin Reno: What is the model # of the humidifier.... great vid btw

Trainmasterryan: use a outlet timer, zoo med and zilla make them and just set the times how you want, and use a ball valve to adjust the fog flow.{ im making mine now}

Trainmasterryan: While this works good for humidity it literally drops my temps from 91 to 81 with in a mins. any tips on how to fix that. Ive already got half the tank top covered, two 100W infrared bulbs going and an undertank heater on a zilla thermostat.

xbigreddx: great video been looking for something like this for my big tank. for everyone looking for this same humidifier just search amazon for walgreens cool mist and you should find it no problem.

CroFabulous: Yes, is a humidifier after all lol

Trainmasterryan: How will this set up effect my temps. Last year hot wet rags on the screen mesh worked well but not this year as its a bit colder. and misting can have quite an impact on temps. So how much will my temps drop if I use this set up?

kaitlyn prince: Instead of using all that caulking and foam, faster and easier way it to use a plastic apoxy. :) you're welcome.

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How To Make Your Own Reptile Fogger!- Classy Herps
How To Make Your Own Reptile Fogger!- Classy Herps
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How To Make Your Own Reptile Fogger!- Classy Herps