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UimanoVasilisa: PLEASE HELP ME ! I got Furby from Furby Boom collection on New Year , and I must collect egs from free Furby Boom app on Google play . I live in Ukraine and I can 't download this app . Please , help me ! I want eggs from Furby !

BiaGamer ExtremeXD: I here furby boom waves and your name is Mikaella (May-kah)

Timmy Barton: I love them! they're like pets! maybe i will get one on chistmas! :D

Jessica Galgey: Are furby s good 

Mow Pow: lol awesome sauce! XD

Brandi Lavoo: What do you think for julie?

Isabella Molina: How do you change you furby's personality back to normal from the crazy personality

The Fite Show (ToonTown): How many personalities are there? I mean, are there any new ones?

Tessfer Perez: Got furby YAY

Ruby Marquez: I just saw the gold furbling in 0:24 it is the yellow one 

Saver Scene Australia: Lot of people asking for the best price for the late range of Furbies the Furby Boom, here's the best prices I've been able to find and been checking if they're in stock: http://www.saverscene.com.au/toys/11659-furby-boom-best-sale-prices-australia.html If you find better prices in Australia do either post on here or share on the Saver Scene Forums. Feel free to add any info or reviews about the new range and the Furby Boom App. #Furby #furbyboom #furbyboomapp #savemoney #christmas #christmas2013 #gifts #presents 

Aušrinė Sabaitė: i do not go register my furby boom to phone

Vitse Marie: I want a Furby boom in french version ! 

Ashleigh Dawes: I really want a furby for Christmas 

I LOVE FURBYS: check out this video

Khadijah Nasrin: I want one NOW

Aidan Ganesh: I have to get that! I heard they react to the 2012 Furbies.

Corey Cordeiro: Stop at :27 and you can see the golden furbling !!! :(

waffleartixfox: does it have a app like the normal furbies(like to take care of it)?

Neve Irvine: just get it for xmas

jonquaisa courtney: OMG. they are so cute..

Furby TOPVideos: Oawwww! Quando sai no Brasil?

Audrey Cat: why does everyone want one ?! their like 80 $ you could heaps of other stuff with that money

ShawnPlaysMc: im getting for my bday in4 days

ana ancic: I WANT ONE!!!

tember4165: hai! awesome sauce! XD

FurbaliciousFurbyGirl: AWESOME SAUCE!!!!! :D


Trans Cavewoman: The South Will Rise Again.

Rowan Cunningham: 0:25 they look like furby babies

Brett O'Brien: Hey,awesome sauce!

helenandthegap: cool

Lydia Moorman: what's the song playing in the background,because I like it!

Brickfamers120: I am getting the wave furby on September 6 yay!!!

Thechallengekids dawn: awesome sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supersonicglitchy4: They die

Rowan Cunningham: but my subs hate it

boltfanno1: HEY awsome sauce

Marisa Rose Schindler: hey awsome sauce

Lauren Kesterson: I'm geting the waves furby boom for X mas

sarah abdo: Adores :),these look much more fun then the others furby generation :)

Sarah Scull: nice

CalistaPancakes: This is why I don't wanna live on this earth anymore.

Rowan Cunningham: if you have no device just introduce furby 2012 & furby boom

Alex Pausa: Just pre-ordered 3! Getting the wave, zigzag, and pearooster! Oh the zigzag and pearooster is for my brother ans sister.

Wolf Pony: im getting waves and polka dots!

tiawise1: Hey AWESOME SAUCE

Rowan Cunningham: me 3

Sarah Griffiths: So cute.

serena harrold: how cute

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
Furby BOOM 4.6 out of 5

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Furby BOOM