Furby BOOM

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Miguel Luis Arroyo: Me gustan los furbys boom

Furby Lover: you have to watch it, awesome,i am getting it in 2 days!! 

Donizete Sanches: Mídia!!!

Vielka Natalia Hernandez Perez: Quien sabe cuanto cuesta uno

itsLean ★: Es alf! volvio! en forma de fichas

Timur Besenow: How to change ninja furby boom????

JOANA COSTA: Amei amo furbys

Yolanda Eugenia Pajuelo Carbajal: Bonito

Isabella Molina: How do you change you furby's personality back to normal from the crazy personality

Aušrinė Sabaitė: i do not go register my furby boom to phone

megafreshmilk: I GOT FURBY FROM ARGOS

furbylasa: gracioso / grapig

Vitse Marie: I want a Furby boom in french version ! 

Daniela Beniamino: ma a 0:26 c'è un furby yellow !!! :O

UimanoVasilisa: PLEASE HELP ME ! I got Furby from Furby Boom collection on New Year , and I must collect egs from free Furby Boom app on Google play . I live in Ukraine and I can 't download this app . Please , help me ! I want eggs from Furby !

Ruby Marquez: I just saw the gold furbling in 0:24 it is the yellow one 

Tessfer Perez: Got furby YAY

Ana Caroline fernandes pereira: eu quero um furby boom mas no brasil só tem o furby normal!!! :'((((((

Jessica Galgey: Are furby s good 

Vanessa Ramos: Mui Bueno

Brandi Lavoo: What do you think for julie?

Sente Stewart: they are so cute plus they have babies!

Anabell Aguilar: Que padre

Nina Kot: hi furby have got cute eyes

The Fite Show (ToonTown): How many personalities are there? I mean, are there any new ones?

Ashleigh Dawes: I really want a furby for Christmas 

Timmy Barton: I love them! they're like pets! maybe i will get one on chistmas! :D

Mow Pow: lol awesome sauce! XD

Khadijah Nasrin: I want one NOW

Aidan Ganesh: I have to get that! I heard they react to the 2012 Furbies.

Corey Cordeiro: Stop at :27 and you can see the golden furbling !!! :(

waffleartixfox: does it have a app like the normal furbies(like to take care of it)?

Neve Irvine: just get it for xmas

jonquaisa courtney: OMG. they are so cute..

Furby TOPVideos: Oawwww! Quando sai no Brasil?

Audrey Cat: why does everyone want one ?! their like 80 $ you could heaps of other stuff with that money

ShawnPlaysMc: im getting for my bday in4 days

xXGamer GirlXx: I WANT ONE!!!

tember4165: hai! awesome sauce! XD

FurbaliciousFurbyGirl: AWESOME SAUCE!!!!! :D

CREACIONES D ENE: It cost 300$

Trans Cavewoman: The South Will Rise Again.

Rowan Cunningham: 0:25 they look like furby babies

Brett O'Brien: Hey,awesome sauce!

helenandthegap: cool

Lydia Moorman: what's the song playing in the background,because I like it!

Brickfamers120: I am getting the wave furby on September 6 yay!!!

Furby BOOM 4.6 out of 5

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Furby BOOM