Scotch Whisky Review 14 - Johnnie Walker Black Label

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Mohammad Azir: Does it contain any pork extracts?

Mohammad Azir: What did you say? " single malt whiskies from ' pot' or ' pork'?

William Stewart: I think if someone made the noises with their mouth like these reviewers do while they were having a dram with me I'd have to politely ask them to not be so disgusting.

jamd1421: Godammit I need me 5 of those for today and tomorrow

Jordon Grubic: Was this one 43% or 40% abv?

Travis Pfeifer: Like number 1k. What's the best temperature?

Angelo Bomo: love it!!

Robert Langdon: The nose is quite full. There are notes of winter spice and treacle, hints of white pepper and a little citrus. The palate is quite rich and full. There are notes of wood smoke and dry spice, hints of barley and cereal with creamy toffee and a distinct herbal note. The finish is quite fruity and long with a note of sultanas and mixed peels. The price is a bit high but you can go to to compare Duty Free prices at different airports online and get the best deal.

Ralph70cL: Great channel. Enjoy watching your videos!

ARCSTREAMS: why do grains have to be made in column stills?

Alex Chavez: I really enjoy your videos. Great job Ralfy!

Henrique Guimaraes: Bom de mas

Faqyur Ma'ama: I'm amazed that nowhere in this review did you mention "the smoke" because, for me, that is the defining feature of JW Black. My understanding is that this is the result of charred oak barrels although I don't claim to be any kind of expert on the subject.

Mm: Comprehensive review!

damatrix1001: I like alcohol but I think it must just be a case of my tongue responding differently to a particular food here. I cannot taste a single flavour beyond bitter, almost chemical alcohol. I can taste flavours in beers,  vodkas etc. but whiskey just makes me feel terrible.

BecauseICan: Does anyone else get notes of sea salt on the nose of this Whisky?

Angel Tom: Real scotch whiskey ralfy

William McMillan: Hi Ralfy, love your channel. I have been on some what of a budget recently and I have started drinking ASDA's McKendrick's Blended Scotch Whisky. It is only £12, sometimes a tenner if on special, and it is really rather nice. Have you tried it?

GuitaristNovice: Hello there, I'll admit I'm a somewhat avid whiskey drinker and, being from America, I mostly drink bourbon and Tennessee whiskey, however I have had some limited experience with scotch, and I honestly hate this particular whiskey, it tastes like Lysol to me and I mean no disrespect by that, I just don't quite understand the appeal. I actually prefer my bottle of cheap Clan Macgregor scotch as well as my various Jim Beam bourbons and Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskeys, to this particular scotch but, to each his own, right?

Jonas Sajson: Hi Ralfy. I regularly watch you vlogs and respect your deep whisky knowledge. I wish you could re-review this whisky, Johnnie Walker Black Label 12yo. It's an exellent blend and readily available. Thank you

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scotch whisky review 14 - Johnnie Walker Black Label 5 out of 5

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scotch whisky review 14 - Johnnie Walker Black Label