Benefit Rockateur Review

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Rachel Harvey: This blush is absolutely amazing and my favorite box powder by benefit!!

Gracie Smith: Once you have used it a few times the really shimmery layer fades and then its a bronze blusher with a sheen and looks super natural! :) recommend 

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LaMidoriSaejima: It is not true. it is no possible to use it as an highlighter becacuse it is red/pink!!!! I use it as a blush for people with N15-N30 skin! maybe for very dark skin as highlighter

janychini: I love it as a blush it looks so natural.

Diana Hsu: For those looking for something similar, try Miliani Baked Blush in Rose D'Oro

meagan riding: I just want to say your reviews are so helpful! 

Brittany Johnson: id love to see a dupe for this

Jill Ann: Its nice as a highlighter. It reminds me of this limited edition highlighter in rose gold that Lancome came out with last Christmas that I would apply over blush, on my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose. There is only crumbs left because I used it everyday for a glowy look. With an eyeliner brush its a nice color for an inner corner highlight. I am happy that this Benefit color came out because I can not find that Lancome highlighter shade anywhere plus Benefit is a little more affordable than Lancome. Rose gold looks nice on all skin tones! <3 it!

NancyGooGoo .: Could you recommend a blush that's pretty much a DUPE for Benefit Rockateur that has payoff to it? I LOOOOVE rose gold but with my skintone (I'm NW43 in MAC) it's hard to find a blush that gives off a nice MATTE glow but with THIS shade. Does that make sense?

MarieClaire Monterey: Did you notice how little produkt actually is in the box. Benefit is fooling us. They started with 12 g, went down to 8 g and now it is only 5 !!! g for the exact same price. 

MrScout15: I really like this as a blush!! I'm sort of new to blushes because I have redness on my face sometimes and thought blushes would bring attention to it but now realizing it compliments my face so much. I think this blush is just really pretty. I think you can build it quite easily. I really like the fragrance to it to, though I like fragrances alot anyway. Previous poeple have commented, if you like a really stand out blush, maybe this isn't for you but if you want a sweet pretty blush that does show on the face, I would try this.

Krystal Sprouse: i LOVE applying this blush with an angled blush brush on my cheeks, and then applying NARS Deep Throat over top of it. It creates a really pretty corally pink look with that perfect gold sheen.

Katrina Hamilton: Happy Thanksgiving Emily and family, Cupcake to. lol I love rose gold on my olive/med skintone.I use alot of rose gold eyeshadows and they look incredible... I use Hoolah for light contouring.Hoolah can be dark with a heavy hand so I apply it with a stiple brush so it looks natural. Emily would u suggest this product for me or would Dallas be more suitable for my skintone? Can anybody recommend a rose gold blush for warm olive/med skintones??? I trust you. ;) 

Audrey Linebaugh: My ma bought this blush, and every morning I have been sneaking up with my blush brush and putting this on my cheeks. I love it, but I'm also very fair skinned and I like a subtle cheek look, so it works for me

burn8it9up: +Lisa Stafford Try Warm Soul, they're pretty similar on my.I love them both.

burn8it9up: I love this blush and find it rather pigmented on my light/medium warm complexion. If you're a MAC Warm Soul lover you sholud try this one!

Frances Sutton: Hey Emily can you pretty please find a drugstore dupe for this?? Thank you!

elleteo: It IS a blush. The glitter is an overspray, wipe it off to reveal the beautiful rose gold beneath. Can't believe you didn't get this right before concluding it's not a blush.. 

mounisha chamarthy: whats on your lips ?

beautyjunkie2012 Shelley: It irritated my skin. Made it feel like it was burning. I think it was the fragrance. :(

MichelleWally Hound: Thank you for the review!! I got this used it once and put it in a drawer as it was so light! Will try it again as a highlight!!

Rachel M: I actually just purchased this today. I swatched it in the store and it had a gorgeous finish. I'm am at my palest since I don't tan in the winter and I think I'll be able to use it as a blush. I can see it as a highlight though for when I'm more tan. Try it for yourself in the store and see if it works for you. Still great review!

happyfacefries: I'm really sad, I wanted this as a blush, it's so pretty... does anyone have a dupe blush-wise?

Denise G: Good review Emily...after hearing you here and seeing a few other reviews. I don't think I will rush out anytime soon to get this product. Too many others I'd rather get...:) thankx for this...:)

Adrianna: can you do a review on the lorac unzipped palette?

jennaploof: Love this channel Emily! Such a fab idea!

Maryam Luna: I really don't think pigmentation is an issue with this blush. If you're used to bright blushes, then this isn't for you. But if you like a more neutral look, it's gorgeous. I really don't think it's just a highlight. When I wear this blush, I still wear bronzer and highlight. And I'm not even fair. I love, love, love this blush and I really think you should try it out if you think you'd like it by what you saw in the store.

Linni Snupp: This blush is amazing i am using it daily to bad it does not have much product in it, but unique shade :-)

Flo Goodemote: Love this new channel!

Pamela Wen: i love this new channel so much!

Marsh Mellowss: Makes me want one now! Do u do reviews on hair products? If so, I'd like to see a review on the whole collection of percy & reed. So far I only have a few products.. Ur reviews are great, honest, in-depth & very helpful. Thanks! Xx

PJEffect: different people have different application methods and different ideas about how full on is "full on" :) just for curiosity, how does it stack up against "flushed" by sleek?

sontzi: Super useful review. I almost went and got it... but for 30 bucks I want something with more pigmentation. Thank you for your review! :-)

Chabels01: you should have worn it on its own so we could see how sheer it really then compare with what it would look like as a highlight. I have to say, I can wear this as a blush on my nc30 skin albeit I have to build it a bit.

Kate Ledzion: what's that lipstick? I love it!

Valéria Alves: Thank you very much for being so honest!!! You are the best!

20sreed: which color of Milani blush?

Summer Fabulous: I'm super pale, and it looks beautiful on the skin :) Hugs, Summer xo

Shawna Campbell: I feel the same, I am so fair skinned due to my irish background and I tried it the other day at the store and it worked so well for me.

ShRuTi ...............: Could you please review Benefit Cosmetics girl meets pearl and MUFE uplight face luminizer gel ? Thank you :)

unpopped: her opinion is valid your opinion is valid too

planetlexicon: Great idea! I love that I can learn more about a product from a trustworthy source like you before deciding to purchase it. Rock on, Emily!

eeyoreluva114: Can you please review the ponds bb cream

krusty604: Thank you for being honest!!

georgia donald: Love these vids! could you do some mascara reviews? maybe bareminerals lash domination or too face better than sex mascara

Michelle O: This blush is beautiful it's better then Mililani luminous.... Love it my favorite right now... I am medium skin tone with dark hair

Bubly Amir: Why didn't you put it on WITHOUT a blush on already?! *DuhRRr*

Erica Clark: Seems like a close dupe to WNW pearlescent pink

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Benefit Rockateur Review 4.9 out of 5

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Benefit Rockateur Review
Benefit Rockateur Review
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Benefit Rockateur Review