Citizen Drone Warfare - Dangerous Information

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Dayton Griffin: What do you think guys? Should I try my hand at one of these?

paul E: That has without a doubt got to be the scariest thing I've seen!!!!!!!. 

SleepEat3D: That is NOT a drone that IS a quad copter a radio controlled glorified TOY that has got the same range as a radio controlled model plane a DRONE is an autonomic craft that can think and make decisions for itself these are platforms for aerial photography nothing more that is not a hand gun neither it is a BB gun a hand gun would be useless on one of these as the recoil would upset the flight controller to much and you would need a much larger heavier version with collective pitch control.

Delta Dagger: that is entirely incorrect sleepeat. The term drone actually came about from early unmanned vehicles that were used for target training purposes. Their characteristic sound cause people to call them drones. Over time this has become a popular term. Part of it also has to do with the fact that these are a bit vehicles do we tedious jobs which is also akin to the drones in the insect hive. a unmanned vehicle does not have to be autonomous to be considered a drone. Some of the early pilotless vehicles used for reconnaissance, most notably those manufactured by Ryan, were entirely autonomous driven by a rather simple barometric altitude timer system. These were referred to as drones and they could also be remotely piloted. The method of control is independent of the term. You are also somewhat incorrect on the recoil affecting the drones flight adversely. It would be possible to program into the stabilization system a series of flight control commands that would be initiated prior to and after firing. There is a fundamental limit to the size of the firearm you could put on any particular vehicle but given the very advanced stabilization schemes available it would be more than possible for a drone capable of carrying the weight also handle the recoil. I should also note that multi-rotor systems to not have to have collective since they are able to very the engine thrust into batter that would be very similar to adjust to the collective of the rotor. Personally I've not seen any commercially available multi-rotor drones that even offer collective as a possibility for the rotors. That would be extremely expensive and be ridiculously complex. A single or dual rotor system is fine but if you get to 4 to 6 euros looking at a drone that would cost many tens of thousands of dollars. I should also note that when it comes to classification of a drone there is far more wiggle room that I even alluded to. Some Israeli company came up with a quad copter that has a tether running down to the operator. Technically speaking it is not classified as a drone because it is a capable of true free flight. A kite that has video cameras on it has that altitude capability of a drone but does not have free flight. I can also mount a camera on a 30 foot pole from a hardware store and be able to do quite a bit of aerial imaging. It's amazing the results that you can get from either a kite, tether drone or a pole. In some cases I've show the imagery I have gotten and have the next question asked the what kind of drone do I have two which my response is I do not have one. The ethical problem here is that of aerial imaging and regulations regarding all aerial vehicles.

Mike Messink: #DangerInfo tests a drone with a paintball gun attached. #donttrythisathome 

James Salsman: Homebrew guns on mail-order drones. Skip to 2:20. via +Mark Frauenfelder 

kombizz kashani: 

André Esteves: Wanna pop someone? Get a drone...

Kenneth Andrews: so if it's legal to buy a gun....and it's legal to buy a it legal to put that gun on the drone? It's time to start thinking about it now because the technology has already come this far

Alexander Williams: *Operation BSU* encourages you to do dangerous things. It's what we do. If we weren't trying to get you out there, building your own drone operations force, what kind of people would we be? But it's worth noting something very important here. For a few hundred dollars, these guys could sling a low-recoil pistol under a six-rotor electric mail-order kit drone, get it airborne, then peg some targets from a fistful of feet away. Scary ... if you're a deaf idiot paranoid who couldn't hear a loud, high-pitched whining coming from a hex-rotor craft dropping in mere feet away. If you get shot by something without even a laser sight or cross-hairs on the display, I think you might have deserved that one. But there are already people getting up in arms and crazy about this becoming even *more* Federally illegal, because, apparently, they are deaf idiot paranoids. Do you know what you never hear about happening? Terrorists dropping a drone with a few hundred bucks invested with a hefty ball-bearing explosive right down into a crowd and making a lot of chunky salsa. Never happens. And it would be *cheaper* to pull off than mounting a gun with any kind of accuracy. You could even remote it from your cell phone, for the ultimate in stealthy operations. In those rare places with signal jamming, it's really not *that* hard to get an Arduino ( or Raspberry Pi ( to give your kill-drone enough inertial guidance to get a few blocks over and cut engines. Hell, use an on-board smartphone as your computing core and you can have a disgustingly lightweight platform with image recognition capabilities, built-in camera, and more computing resources by orders of magnitude than it took to get a man on the moon. You never hear about that happening. Ever. No one's dropped a kill-drone into the middle of the Big Game and gone ass mass-murdery. No terrorist group has detonated kill-drones in the middle of public squares in Pakistan. No one's pushed out an autonomous flock of low-flying glider-drones toward the Presidential vacation home, creating a multitude of tiny point targets with semi-random flocking behaviours and minimal radar cross-section. This stuff has *never happened,* despite consumer-grade drone tech being publicly accessible for cheap since the transistor revolution, remote-controlled planes having been such a fixture of family-scale middle-class life that "going out to fly planes with the kids" was something pictured in every movie where it wasn't *kites.* Never happened. Which leaves me with two take-aways: * Despite being mainly middle-class twenty-somethings with time on their hands, the terrorist networks of the world are clearly made up of imbeciles if they're still trying to find people to carry suicide bombs into places instead of cheap drones, and ... * That seems to apply to the folks trying to get all riled about the civilian possibilities of kill-drones, too. Remember that the next time you see something about the "danger" of some "new technology." If all you're hearing about is the threat and not about examples thereof that would have been changed by some kind of action on your part or action *they're* advocating, you're being played. Even with examples, you're still probably being played, but without it there is no doubt. Also, if you design and implement a killbot? Make sure to put the code up everywhere. It's probably buggy. You're going to want to fix that. We don't advocate becoming a weapon designer for terrorist interests using sub-$1k drones. We just think it'd be kind of interesting to see. Citizen Drone Warfare - Dangerous Information

Charles Ballowe: Don't try this at home, kids.

Peter Weston: Consider the implications of these two videos. Testing the accuracy of a paintball gun mounted to a quadrocopter, and printing out a handgun with a 3d printer. Quadrocopter: Citizen Drone Warfare - Dangerous Information Printed gun: Liberator - Dawn of the Wiki Weapons

Andrew Chason: This *IS* the Drone *I'm* looking for:

Jorge Chino Bloch: Skynet is here

Doug Wilson: Hand gun mounted on a hex-copter. Fun!

Jim Hawks: Drones... not just for the military and police, but for civilians too. Strap a gun to one and presto... now you have all the ability to kill w/none of that pesky danger of being onsite. Quick... ban drones.

Moses Halkopoulos: Oh hell yeah! I know what my next DIY is! 

Chris Hall: Ah perfect.

Chip Oclassen: Varmint Hunt!

Edward Iglesias: This is sooo OTT

Ken Webster: Citizen Drone Warfare - Dangerous Information #Drones #dronewars #droneattacks #diydrones 

Tim Southernwood: *Dangerous Information* - *What's hovering in the skies near you?* All this talk about drones and their complexities? Really? How about a DIY drone armed with a microphone, video camera, even a weapon?! Clearly there are laws that cover most crimes that could be committed by people using drones, but considering the fact that people are going to commit these crimes.. should we be concerned? What can we do to protect ourselves from this kind of activity?


Jos Echelpoels: *Drone warfare, already DIY technology* No need to give me more ideas about how this technology can be misused, not just by nations but basically by anybody. Rather share with us your ideas how this technology could be used more positively. A good example of such good use is illustrated in the vision movie by Matternet : Is Matternet going to make FedEx or UPS obsolete? Or will there be barriers that can not be resolved? 

Stuart 陶明瀚: I wonder what kind of trouble someone would get into if their drone went around 'disabling' the state spy drones? Wow, that is fodder for some good Sci-Fi writing. I can envision a time when this will not be science fiction. Someone will be able to download a file, create it with a modern printer and control it with their phone. I am probably being put on a government watch list just suggesting such a thing. Not long ago a guy won a diy drone contest by infecting the other competitor drones with a virus, the source code is on Github. #drones

john verive: Wow. This is both awesome and terrifying: 

Christian Roy: ouff

Adafruit Industries: 

Michael Pierakos: Spy and assassin technology

Chad A. Willis: Poking a finger in the eye of GovCo! #CivillianArmedDrone #CitizenDroneWarfare 

Christian Buggedei: Armed private drones are (sorta) real.

John Lowry: I will take two please! Seriously though, Skynet goes online Dec 21, 2012.

Kent Barnes: DiY armed drones? Look to the skies....

Scott Knight: This is truly scary. The potential for abuse is just staggering.

Jürgen Hubert: Proof of concept for the revolution. #CoolRobots

Brent Herrington: A little scary because its true...

Luke Smart: 

ktisaac: Look up DJI kid. They have some good quadcopters you could start learning with. I am working on making an aerial photography business using them. Too bad every time someone see something like this they automatically think someone is out to get them with it. I guess critical thinking is out the window.

pbcrazy9898: You are a misinformed ne'er do well.

Nakelp86: Can't wait to see some pea brain to ban walking on the streets since there is absolutely no privacy. Folks are worried that some hobbyist flies the multirotor with camera on it but they do not object the camera on every traffic light intersection which is able to zoom right inside your car and see you ugly face up close

yaakia: you've obviously never used a paintball gun. most metal paintball guns have the same weight as a real gun. a little lighter yes, but not by much. and they do have about the same kick as a real gun, yes not the same but still a kick. Its not hard to scale something like that to match. i can buy powerful engines that are for DIY kits that would be able to handle it.You make it seem like guns have so much kick, when in reality its not all that much. This has all been simplified but google will help

Daniel Molina: Are you for real? to do surveillance? with an RC grade multirotor? do you even know how much power is needed to maintain the thing flying for 10 minutes? and you talk about these things being cheap! just the radio costs around 300 bucks! and easy to fly? do you even know what are you talking about? the learning curve on flying RCs is very steep, you need simulators and at least a couple of months to just hover decently. You should be banned form the internet for doing this fear mongering videos

kfaunce123: It's not the hobbyist with a toy drone that anyone has to worry about. It's the hard core criminal or terrorist. Industrial grade drones capable of carrying much heavier payloads (e.g. those used by professional aerial photographers and cinematographers) are available to anyone with the money.

Dave C: Very little recoil from a paintball gun. These guys feedoff

southsidesancho: @danger info Please contact me I have a few questions about your UAV and how you did the setup. Ive looked into diy drones but, still feel confused

keith john: Correct, but I have a friend who has built his own carbon fibre computer chipped drone.So I am sure joe blow can build one up to a reasonable size to carry something unpleasant.His drone is very impressive with more powerful rotor motors and takes off like a ufo.

ThailandVenture: HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF DJI !!!!!!! look them up and you will see that for a few thousand you could fly right from your laptop in your home like me ;) and send the drone WHERE EVER you want based on a click of my google map... WITH LIVE VIDEO.. EASY !

Lawrence Job: Is this the guy from Game of Drones?

Hersir604: if i ever see one im shooting it down!

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Citizen Drone Warfare - Dangerous Information
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Citizen Drone Warfare - Dangerous Information