Clash Of Clans [Tutorial] Lazy Farming Ft. Patrick From PlayClashofClans

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Piergiovanni Giovanni: Cool

CheeseBear: Pingfao ive used ur th8 farming base design but it doesn't work well for me i was at 1200 trophies and i had all maxed defenses except teslas and air defense and all lvl 7 walls but i still lose so much even to some barb and arch combos and they are lvl 5 i copied the base exactly how u made it but i lose so much HELP

Haziq Shaharuddin: no u liar

SCHORTCHED: My skype nane is Driftedjdog

Angel Vargas: Lol good picachu

zack montondo: Watching someone on YouTube watching someone on YouTube

Kevin Hoang: Lol

Emiel Van Eck: Hey im th9 and cant find bases with alot of loot anymore. What should i do?

Jacob Bain: Hey Pingfao! My friend and I recently made a youtube channel, and we were wondering what you use to record and edit your videos! It's always nice to get tips from the best! Thanks so much, I'm a huge fan! Channel=pb&jclashofclans PS-we actually gave you a shoutout in our first video, on behalf of your awesome th8 farming base!

heay46: Pingfao how do u que up troops before u battle like wat in each barracks

Mohd Sufiyan: He tried to do that to me and he got abused and kicked so sad

DanielTheClasher101: Thats helped me a lot thanks!!

PlayClashOfClans: Awesome video once again! Thanks for the mention :)

DarkMortas: sweet!! :)

RealSmith7thst: awesome

Wyatt Rowland: Pingfao i love your bases im using your th 8 base works great ty

Lazy Hazy: ''Casually''

SCHORTCHED: Hey ping, I have been subbed to your channel since the begining. I have some questions to ask you. 1. Im starting to do clash videos. How do I make my channel grow. 2. When I use the reflector app it keeps lagging. How can I fix that can you record voice for you videos. 4. I was wondering if u could add me on skype and I could chat with u about clash n stuff I need help witb and tips?. Thanks

JAJUAN Evans: Blonde Kai shut up

angelborquez: Hola Pingfao

fei zheng: I love the pika hi thing

Switch Board: Cool

betaCOC: Is that the TH7 base or the commentary?

David Kennedy: Pingfao plz do a th 7 farming and trophy base. Love your vids :)

Prxfessional: "Casually deploy meat shields" -20 giants appear on the screen at once- XD

100%MEXICAN: Shut up u noob ur not cool

Jack Llewellyn: How do you get free gemes, look at my clan assassin b***ch my name is josh

Mohd Sufiyan: Patric goes into clans asks to be leader and then destroys them so be careful

Calibt Tm: dude u rock

IceBeTwinK: For Lazy farming i use 200 archers or 75 babarian and 125 archers it's really nice for gold and elixir when it's in mines ;D !

PingfaoGaming: As one of the Bonus Videos, yes. ;) Stay tuned!

Evelyn Bosma: Hey its Patrick from PlayClashofClans ;)

Mohd Sufiyan: Ha ha ha guys I'm just warning u so plz be careful

FatedWithDesire: I sort of reminded patrick to give u credit for your base lol

PingfaoGaming: Thank you, Patrick. :) Least I could do. Good luck on your trophy hunt!!

iFurkan: Awesome video. Thank you pingfao and pat

Calibt Tm: no 9 ..

Robbie Turner: haha

TheAphelion101: Hey Patrick :D

peter dadaw: dude i love your pikachu sounds :P

SupersamCoC: What?? Chill out pickle head

Prxfessional: Look up "hyperbole" in the dictionary when you get the chance, pal.

Brandon Mapp: Loool

Trains: Your videos are serious yet funny at the same time. Good work.

PingfaoGaming: I have seen this in action before. Very good idea, in my opinion. I have Lvl 3 Minions, but I'm too greedy with my Dark Elixirs, so I have never used them. :P

Christian Johnson: Mohd sufiyan ur an idiot he has his own clan 2 actually and never once has he left them I'm in one he hadn't never left the clan so just because you are not as good as him dosnt mean u have to spread ur gossip

mark coc: Hi Ping,im Great Just Opened My channel

PingfaoGaming: Farming-wise, I queue: 3 Barracks - 3 Giants, 3 WBs, 5 Barbarians, 20 Archers, 5 Goblins 1 Barack - All Goblins HTH

Lisa Chambers: King almost dead

MrMario3691: Can you do a level 7 base please ):

Clash of Clans [Tutorial] Lazy Farming ft. Patrick from PlayClashofClans 4.9 out of 5

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Clash of Clans [Tutorial] Lazy Farming ft. Patrick from PlayClashofClans
Clash of Clans [Tutorial] Lazy Farming ft. Patrick from PlayClashofClans
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Clash of Clans [Tutorial] Lazy Farming ft. Patrick from PlayClashofClans