Sony HDR-AS10 Vs. GoPro HeroHD

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Jptr8: This video is no real action, no real motion. Sony camera is complete crap as action camera: unacceptable coding artefacts in fast motion. I have it, i know.

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wally19: now, with the new Firmwere the sony has 60 at 1080p and a new "water" option.

oscar paz: sony gives you a true color. looks like the go pro is increasing contrast during sun light. this is not good for the go pro since will do it at night and the video will look darker. I think the sony has better results.

poro hi: okok〃(゜ω゜)\(。。)

Business Aviation Crew Channel: GoPro simply has real colors. Look at the sky for example. Sony in this case is not an issue at all! GoPro is better!

CyclingJaz: £150.

NicGaming: 198€

Bob Pilot: Does anyone know a good website to buy a cheap Sony HDR-AS10? :)

wanoman99: Wow Sony's really smooth

sgtpepper1138: I would imagine it'll be different with every mic you plug into it.

Thijs Cazemier: go pro... (:

tsakirakose46: how about sound quality on a motorcycle...?

VerticallyUp: I looked at the footage before reading what was what.. Sony won..!

Gregory Long: I like this review, very different from others. While I like the more natural colors from the GoPro, it seems like something that could easily be adjusted with some basic software. The stabilization from the Sony on the other hand is pretty darn impressive. Very smooth flow.

Enduro Quebec: save youre money go with sony !

heliflyer7: Nice comparo, thanks!

xFrozenPvP: Sony its much better !

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Sony HDR-AS10 vs. GoPro HeroHD 5 out of 5

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Sony HDR-AS10 vs. GoPro HeroHD