Homemade Flashlight Silencer Test Using Maglite Or Greatlite!!!

What do you think about this video?

No Name: The freakin sarcastic comments... lmfao!!!

Donald Willhite: wow that is truly..silent...

Circie Quisling: That silencer is to powerful. He made the world go deaf.

Dre Reid: I need 20 of these lol

James Jensen: you are retarded

gamo98: you lost the sound  at 25 seconds

Garret Stocker: I could not here any thing

Bomber Fighter: You should sell that silencer to the army, it suppressed the sound of whole area!

osmmanipadmehum: quite idiotic

Mike Honcho: It's like in the movie Click where the remote silences everything. That is frigin awesome! Now you can even silence the boos from the audience for such a poor video. Too bad you still have to read about them. Lol.

archangel20031: Turn off the sound?
Why didn't I think of that!
Inviable silencers for sale!
Just turn off the sound!

harry guy: Rest in piece

Steven S.: My God...I'm deaf. Aww crap.

Maxwell Hill: I like how the silencer turns everything green!!! And the silence is phenomenal too!!

DeathOn ThePrairie: I wonder.... If I stick this flashlight in my old lady's mouth would it silence her perpetual nagging??????????

Kricka Cosplay: it silenced the earth

Evan Asche: What the hell!!! I just linked this to a guy, now I look like a dumbass!!! >:(

digitalfuk: wow completely silent suppressor, lol

American Patriot Forever: Yeah I know.

rigsby556: this video has been messed with. i seen it when he first posted it and the sound and audio was there. this is the same person as the producer of fps russia, the one that was found bound in his shop and shot in back of the head with no items stolen. literally surrounded by tanks, machine guns, silencers ammo explosives etc etc and not one thing was stolen when he was murdered. this was a t a very crazy time after the newtown shooting when the likes of him and noveske were killed.

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
Homemade Flashlight Silencer Test Using Maglite or Greatlite!!! 5 out of 5

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Homemade Flashlight Silencer Test Using Maglite or Greatlite!!!