Fixing That Cartomizer Vaporizer BURNT TASTE...

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naldo2005: I had they same problem with new coils even after primed and waited 30min. SOLUTION: I used a needle to puncture a hole thru the cotton. my problem was that the juice was taking to long to saturate the cotton. don't make the wholes to big or is going to leak.

Rareș 41: it kinda worked..

Eric Kuehnel: Are you sure that the ohms aren't too high for the coil? Because that can cause the juice to burn too. Im not sure if your vape will allow you to change the ohms at all, but if it does, i suggest lowing them till you get the flavor back instead of a burnt taste.

Disclaimer: I'm not a pro either, but ive done this on my Smok Alien mod with the Baby Beast, and it works well.

Stephen Brady: Very Helpful.Finally got rid of that horrible taste.A lot of lack if knowledge elsewhere.Thanks mate
Saved me buying new coils.

Terrestrial Decay: I'm having the same problem with my UWELL Crown Mini Tank. I've already went through 2 coils. Now, it seems to be okay but I'm thinking of taking it back to Avail and getting a refund or switch it out for a different tank compatible with my Innokin MVP4. It's so freakin' irritating. It's like 1:00PM where I live and I've got work at 3 so I have to head down there soon because if I get that burnt taste later on it's going to ruin my day. I have a back up mod but it doesn't pull like my current mod. The guy who filled up my tank has only been vaping for a month and primed my coil with e-juice and it had a burnt taste right off the bat but was fine later on. Now it's back.

Charlotte Ellwood: youre a freaking idiot mother freaking basterd

Charlotte Ellwood: you're a freaking idiot bastard

James Phillips: Turn your temperature down and new watchtower turn into like 100°C and anywhere from 25 to 35 W

inverma1: Nice one man it works!!! That burnt taste was ruining my day!!! :)

Trey Bowers: thats a tank problem not a mod problem

Joey Walsh: Thank you

Damien DBvet 1989: thanks joshua, totally saved my ass from buying more tanks to get a good taste, now i dont have that problem bro

OGG_ Jio: i've been having the same problem but found a solution for now.. open up to the coil and with a nail poke a hole on 2 sides into the coil.. its mainly because juice isnt getting to the fast enough..

elliot jenson: This was a crap tutorial get a job you ugly spotty bastard😈

Alexander Hadjikrastev: it works

howard greene: very helpful bro, seriously thanks. I've trying to figure out how to fix that burnt taste for weeks now

FiskarGaming: are you recording on a potato lmao ? :D

Joe Boskie: Did you prime your atomizer first before you started vaping? That could also be your problem. Make sure the cotton is fully saturated before firing.

Becca Rose: i havent used mine for a while because i couldn't find it and come to find out its was in my gfs fathers van now when i charge it the light blinks right but when i go to turn it on it wont go on!!

someone help me?!

Omar Ambrose: I was using a UWELL Crown dual coil at 0.48 ohms brand new. I put some of my Element 80/20 E-Liquid in and was vaping at 30.0W (3.84V) and instantly I got a nasty burned taste. Cleaned my tank and put a different liquid in (70/30), put a bit of juice around my coil and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Did a few inhales without pressing the fire button and tipped my tank upside down for about 5 seconds then back up until I saw some bubbles floating up and down then started vaping again and could taste the flavor much better. Thanks for the tip mate!

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Fixing that Cartomizer Vaporizer BURNT TASTE... 5 out of 5

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Fixing that Cartomizer Vaporizer BURNT TASTE...