Fixing That Cartomizer Vaporizer BURNT TASTE...

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Terrestrial Decay: I'm having the same problem with my UWELL Crown Mini Tank. I've already went through 2 coils. Now, it seems to be okay but I'm thinking of taking it back to Avail and getting a refund or switch it out for a different tank compatible with my Innokin MVP4. It's so freakin' irritating. It's like 1:00PM where I live and I've got work at 3 so I have to head down there soon because if I get that burnt taste later on it's going to ruin my day. I have a back up mod but it doesn't pull like my current mod. The guy who filled up my tank has only been vaping for a month and primed my coil with e-juice and it had a burnt taste right off the bat but was fine later on. Now it's back.

Charlotte Ellwood: youre a freaking idiot mother freaking basterd

Charlotte Ellwood: you're a freaking idiot bastard

James Phillips: Turn your temperature down and new watchtower turn into like 100°C and anywhere from 25 to 35 W

inverma1: Nice one man it works!!! That burnt taste was ruining my day!!! :)

Trey Bowers: thats a tank problem not a mod problem

Joey Walsh: Thank you

Damien .!!: thanks joshua, totally saved my ass from buying more tanks to get a good taste, now i dont have that problem bro

OGG_ Jio: i've been having the same problem but found a solution for now.. open up to the coil and with a nail poke a hole on 2 sides into the coil.. its mainly because juice isnt getting to the fast enough..

elliot jenson: This was a crap tutorial get a job you ugly spotty bastard😈

Alexander Hadjikrastev: it works

howard greene: very helpful bro, seriously thanks. I've trying to figure out how to fix that burnt taste for weeks now

FiskarGaming: are you recording on a potato lmao ? :D

Joe Boskie: Did you prime your atomizer first before you started vaping? That could also be your problem. Make sure the cotton is fully saturated before firing.

Becca Rose: i havent used mine for a while because i couldn't find it and come to find out its was in my gfs fathers van now when i charge it the light blinks right but when i go to turn it on it wont go on!!

someone help me?!

Omar Ambrose: I was using a UWELL Crown dual coil at 0.48 ohms brand new. I put some of my Element 80/20 E-Liquid in and was vaping at 30.0W (3.84V) and instantly I got a nasty burned taste. Cleaned my tank and put a different liquid in (70/30), put a bit of juice around my coil and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Did a few inhales without pressing the fire button and tipped my tank upside down for about 5 seconds then back up until I saw some bubbles floating up and down then started vaping again and could taste the flavor much better. Thanks for the tip mate!

FaZe Zessk K: Josh if u inhail the burnt stuff its tested to be bad

FaZe Zessk K: Josh if u inhail the burnt stuff its tested to be bad

Ben-Hur Parente: stop freaking burping man freaking gross

Ali A: Great video Josh, so glad you made this. solved my problem in a min after watching. i just put in a new coil a few days ago and im like no way this thing burned on me so fast. it happens especially if i use ejuice which is really thick and doesn't soak up in the wick as fast.

I did the dry vape like you said and even closed the air holes off allowing more suction. glad to say your technique worked like a charm. hats off to you my man!

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
Fixing that Cartomizer Vaporizer BURNT TASTE... 5 out of 5

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Fixing that Cartomizer Vaporizer BURNT TASTE...