Fixing That Cartomizer Vaporizer BURNT TASTE...

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Andreas M: Top job mate! Tried the dry draws and it works ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ I've got the innokin t25 got the burnt taste and now it's back too normal cheers matey! Kush cbd is awsome on it and btw you look like Ben Affleck if you've not heard that 100times was like watching a tip from batman how to vape lol..again cheers for the upload pal

Natori Simmons: well it worked

terry gill: Why does it take the Average American forever to get to the point,very annoying,switched vids not got patience to wait for your loooong draaawn out explanation.

White Iverson: U in prison bro

spook show: None of this she freaking works.

spook show: Yep mines about to go in the freaking trash.

Shawanda Brown: I've noticed if I blow into it...that gets rid of bad taste too....but you have to do it in the middle of your don't have to take mouth piece apart....just blow into mouth piece

Mike O: dude what ever your vaping looks like it's working, you're stoned.

Ashraf Mohammad: no smoke and burnt smell wat 2 do

naldo2005: I had they same problem with new coils even after primed and waited 30min. SOLUTION: I used a needle to puncture a hole thru the cotton. my problem was that the juice was taking to long to saturate the cotton. don't make the wholes to big or is going to leak.

Rareศ™ 41: it kinda worked..

Eric Kuehnel: Are you sure that the ohms aren't too high for the coil? Because that can cause the juice to burn too. Im not sure if your vape will allow you to change the ohms at all, but if it does, i suggest lowing them till you get the flavor back instead of a burnt taste.

Disclaimer: I'm not a pro either, but ive done this on my Smok Alien mod with the Baby Beast, and it works well.

Stephen Brady: Very Helpful.Finally got rid of that horrible taste.A lot of lack if knowledge elsewhere.Thanks mate
Saved me buying new coils.

Charlotte Ellwood: youre a freaking idiot mother freaking basterd

Charlotte Ellwood: you're a freaking idiot bastard

James Phillips: Turn your temperature down and new watchtower turn into like 100ยฐC and anywhere from 25 to 35 W

inverma1: Nice one man it works!!! That burnt taste was ruining my day!!! :)

Trey Bowers: thats a tank problem not a mod problem

Joey Walsh: Thank you

Andy DBvet: thanks joshua, totally saved my ass from buying more tanks to get a good taste, now i dont have that problem bro

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Fixing that Cartomizer Vaporizer BURNT TASTE... 5 out of 5

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How to Change the Coil On a Big Baby Beast Tank

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Fixing that Cartomizer Vaporizer BURNT TASTE...