HTC One X - JTAG Brick Repair Service (Debricking/Unbrick/Brick FIX)

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Sam Geche: hey
i would like to know the software that you used in the unbricking process?

Sandeep Gautam: hey, i have htc one x and i was installing viper rom in it and it got corrupt i think and now i cannot enter in recovery mode or factory reset its just stuck in boot loop its starts and turns off

Esteban Nahuel Bolañez: Hi friend, in the publishing it s says htc one x endevour tegra, but that model is the at&t one, the one xl one. The htc one x Its not so easy To do

pedro blanco: i have big problem withmy htc one xl . some wolrd not write as N .j , 9 sometime is stop i belive it is hardrive . can you help .

Hamilton Mateo: hello brother I have many questions and one problem, I have the htc one x plus and stays in brillant quelity and does not rise but the steps you take in this video do not know you think you can help me see if I can revive the mine

Anurag Nandi: Hey , my bootloader says modem path ON and adb is not working. How can i turn it off? 

Bodoutz Go: hi... anybody can help me with my htc one x.. its totally brick.. i dont know how to fix it.. in where i can send my phone?just here in manila... tnx

Lambert L: I'm impressed!

Ricardo Hofmann: Got an HTC One X Plus (AT&T) which I softbricked and apparently lost partition or so. Can your service fix it ?

Mcgarrette Roker: I have an htc one x an it is stuck on the silver htc screen and it has hazardous signs in the four  corners. 

Saurav Sitaula: I have HTC vivid which doesnt start (dead) it happend when the phone was connected to my comp for file transfer it froze and i removed - insserted the battery to start started but after showing the logo it went off ??? can you fix it ??

Ezer Fraga Arantes: Hey Can you guys fix a Sony Xperia S tablet, I am Stuck at boot Screen and i cant get to the recovery Menu. My guess is only through box am i Right?

Elvimar Sanchez: good afternoon need for specialized technical service HTC One X Plus JTAG Brick Repair Service.I'm from Venezuela, One X +. IF YOUR PHONE WON’T POWER ON AT ALL

MobileTechVideos: Hi Xin, We can fix this with our JTAG repair service. So yes just place your order and send it in. Call 657-444-JTAG if you have any questions...

Xin Shen: Hey, i got my one x bricked, and it is the QHSUSB_DLOAD problem, can you fix it? And, do i need to send you my phone? Or i shall walk into the store???

MobileTechVideos: Hi there, At this time we don't support the International? Version with Tegra CPU...

MobileTechVideos: Hi there, At this time we don't support the International Version with Tegra CPU...

MobileTechVideos: Yes we can 100% fix this with our One S JTAG repair service on our website...

MobileTechVideos: Hi there, Do you have another working model you can send with it? We can likely add world's first support for it. Contact us at if so...

junaid imam: can i fix qhsusb_dload error with jtag on a bricked htc one S ville/s4?

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HTC One X - JTAG Brick Repair Service (Debricking/Unbrick/Brick FIX) 5 out of 5

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HTC One X Review!
HTC One X Review!
HTC One X review
HTC One X review
HTC One X Review
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HTC One X - JTAG Brick Repair Service (Debricking/Unbrick/Brick FIX)