Tips For Using SPLAT Hair Color

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Ayy Want Some Phan (Cry Bean): I'm watching this while I'm waiting for my hair to bleach

chaney sprunt: i am dyeing my hair while watching XD

Beauty Nails education: 2 freaking hours NEVER DO THAT, that will kill your hair even faster it's not a preference it's a fact and I have better experience then this little bitch she doesn't know how to die hair I'm 13

Sonia Ramos: wow next time get to the point

Aweena Untoward: Whenever I use splat it just gets on everything my hair touches...

HaiixItsBridesx: I use splat. I kept mine in for an hour or 30 mins and it lasted a month. you do your ends of course it's not gonna last awhile. I did my entire head.

HaiixItsBridesx: I have bleached my hair so much and my hair is still healthy as ever. yes when I first started I had my ends break off. but I learned how over the past 5 years. and I'm still bleaching and coloring. I just bleached it a week ago and my hair is fine. I don't bleach it every month but a good chunk.

Piper Rose\m/: Bleach is not bad for you hair ...everything anyone has ever heard about bleach is complete bullcrap ..if your hair is dry as freak and damaged after bleaching your doing it wrong ..I've dyed my hair at least 50 times and have silky and healthy hair I recently just bleached it again. My hair has never fallen out or got like coarse or wire feeling ..most people are most likely bleaching their roots first..the roots is where your hair starts to take dye first no matter bleach or what so if your using bleach on your roots it's gonna dry your roots out and dry the rest of the strand too ..I don't understand people

_Bautista Sigala_02/07: i just putted the bleach on

3martiniplaydate: The box comes with directions that a monkey could follow. Are you and a million other people that put this crap out there really that vapid that you literally have nothing else? Come on, especially you younger ones, you are representing your generation. So far, I haven.t seen much promise.
Btw, do you know who Def Leppard is?

Heavydirtyelena: How long does it last

Nathan McClure: She's hot

susan cooper: im 10 and I love it

coco coco: Umm splat has always been just $8.98 to be exact I always use it

Nate Keller: It's fine to leave the COLOUR in for as long as you like.  It's the BLEACH you don't want to leave in forever.  Because it will damage your hair.  The color in splat is basically like kool-aid... it's a stain.  Perfectly safe to keep it in all night long if you have that patience.  Those timing charts for COLOR (just color - not other hair dyes that have amonias and bleaches and peroxides in them), are for the minimum you need it in for it to hold.  Just saying.... (oh and this is the wife of this account holder, using his youtube to see hair color looks and designs lol)

Aussie Aussie Aussie: You barely dyed any of it

I can't watch this crap e_e 

Joobie Joob: I normally prefer Splat but after this passed year, I'm beginning to like Manic Panic more. Almost any time I use Splat I can't help but notice how quickly the color bleeds out whenever I take showers. Especially considering I use cold water to wash my hair to begin with. I would use Manic Panic and noticed a huge difference with the bleed out alone.

.Like 8 dollars like my issue is the colored part DUDE STOP WITH "LIKE"... LIKE ITS freakING ANNOYING K, BYE!

Kayleigh Garrett: I get it at Walmart for 7.28 $. 

Alexis bartnik: Ive died my hair from 3rd grade (8-9 years old) it dammages but as long as u condition its fine 

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Tips for using SPLAT hair color 5 out of 5

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Tips for using SPLAT hair color
Tips for using SPLAT hair color
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Tips for using SPLAT hair color