V8 Air Freshener Review - 4g - Jay Muise - Legal HIGH Guy

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TerrinPS: people should stop freaking out. its called legal weed and synthetic weed , like coke is called blow or candy cane, their street names, the reason people are getting so freaked up on this, is because they treat it like weed, you want to treat it like acid or lsd, less is more take two huge inhales off a joint or a bowl then leave it alone. and let it hit you, and then you will know if you want to smoke more, or less for next time. i have been doing it a long time the same with research chemicals. and unlike weed you cant smoke it every day and just keep going and going. that why incense and all the other legal highs have such a bad wrap is because people are freaking dumb.

irik wynn-el: Did he die if not stop sayin that crap.

Andrew Patterson: RIP Jay Muise!!

TwistedTopix: ur not so smart y would u smock k2 ur pretty dumb y u talk about it like its cool 

midas touch: rip camera guy, rip jay

Kush Master: Rest in peace to the camera man

camo sony: do they have anonymous ???????

michele Last: Marijuana is a lot safer. Be careful with that crap. It's garbage. 

Fjsouth: just looked this up and the owner was arrested so u can longer get this. need some new info

Josh Belt: you should respect your parents you are smoking in there house afterall

TwistedTopix: it llooks like ur hiding from ur mom in that room

GearsofWaffle: dude i had some of this in lexington sc and holycrap... i had to sit in my truck for 20 min before i even relized i was sitting in my truck .. legit crazyness

brendino333: DUDE TRY MR NICE GUY: OMG.

Kody Gilbert: Hit some omg

Dylan C.: Review neutronium

gavin flament: It's off the shelfs here in buffalo NY, I miss spice smh.

Darren Groves: This stupid crap keeps showing up on my what to watch? And Jay m. Your gonna die a early long painful death if you don't stop smoking this crap. Smoke weed your kidney, heart liver lungs

bob cactus: keep smokin im burnin 7h rite now

gerald mcdaniel: Whats up bro just wanted to give you a thumbs up on the new camera and reviews they are much better my local dealer has two new products kushey kush airfreshner

Ed Linebaugh: Noo 2 is all u need man

imakillamann: you can definitely tell it affects you after that second hit when you start going on about the hand signal.. hahahaa

Connor Moore: When life gives you lemons paint that crap gold

FreeBird Ryan: 7H

andrew shoemaker: Cant toke cuz its u fake african american

Aida Huertas: have you every smoked any of that legal bud by international oddities? i live in jersey and cant find splice anywhere so when looking for it online i came acrossed the international oddities pages and just ordered the crap but wanted to see if you knew anything about them.

Gtaiv Drifter: Do the people you work for know about you doing vids on legal smokes and how do they take it?

BurnerOfHerbs: Hey everyone you should come check out my smoking review channel help me get started my channel is: Burnerofherbs

Cameron Hatton: do it all the time, too easy brother, keep your opinions in your mind where they belong

Matthew negus: fag

FreeBird Ryan: Smoke 7H .

offers4income: WTF it is Thursday and you haven't posted this weeks review. I have already seen one video on the product you will be reviewing and he did a pretty good job. He has actually already reviewed all these bullcrap B&B products. I would say if it is him or you this company is gonna sponsor Jay you are losing this one cause you freak around too much anymore.

Connor Moore: Atmosphere playing in the back. Love them. Sweet as freak!

Rump Crud: China sends this crap over to the states to poison us

TheDemoco: Check out Voodoo Incense, bought from them never been happier voodooincense.webs.com FREE SHIPPING, TOP QUALITY Herbal Incense, Affordable price. 1 G - $10, 3.5 G - $25, 7 G - $45 or you can get Wholesale and buy bulk. My order was shipped to me in less than 3 days from when it was placed and no matter what all orders are shipped out within 24 hours of the Payment. Great Customer Service and always updates with new Herbal Incense and flavors as well. Worth ever $ (A++) Company.

airman1class1: This video not bad better still like better the old times and yoo I was thinking you died from this crap but you back smoke on smoke on Bro

wigwag123: dawg your hella throwed from that crap. i needa get at that v8

ISpy Viidz: Haha i love how he sys maggot crap when this stuff is 10x the strength and before he comes out with some crap about how i havnt had good weed i just got back from the dam ;)

auzio: one day hes gonna smoke some real air freshener haahaaa

debbie: i hear that

Tara Meyers: This is the product I purchase almost on a daily basis where I live. I e-mailed them to see if I could buy from him direct and he said no. Then he asked me to send him a photo of myself. I am just looking looking to buy my stuff for cheaper. Creep!

Xx44killerxX: its freaking intense...

ladyinorbit: How can I send you a message Jay? I have a suggestion. Please go to high times dot com and check out their products. This is a magazine that has been around for years. It's less money than the products you review and more content. Let me know.

me: glad ur back lhg

Luke Swanepoel: Try Mary Joy evolution man, its my favorite one, or WARNING! For some super intense crap.

brendino333: that sounds freakin awesoime haha

Chisel O'Jawline: smoke Salvia, if you wanna talk about legal highs

FreeBird Ryan: I love how nobody gives you a thumbs down.

JLewis237420: You die from smoking good diggity dank? actually it's true - it's like a hidden secret or something in herbal incense to keep users addicts so their product keeps selling.

Mike Craft: Lmfao at 12:10 is hilarious "to face fear is to face it itself... ahh crap i shouldnt be sayin that crap" *leanback an hit* AHAHAHAA. You sir should take a break smoking these new chemicals and reveiw a few plants which get you high, search LSA, Woodrose and woodworm ive heard these are like LSD effects from nature but non toxic and natrual, it would be nice as theres no one on youtube doing this type of crap apart from the hardcore leather-lunged Jay Muisen respect.

V8 Air Freshener Review - 4g - Jay Muise - Legal HIGH Guy 4.6 out of 5

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V8 Air Freshener Review - 4g - Jay Muise - Legal HIGH Guy
V8 Air Freshener Review - 4g - Jay Muise - Legal HIGH Guy
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V8 Air Freshener Review - 4g - Jay Muise - Legal HIGH Guy