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Rock Cowles: Four different shooters ran a total of seven mags through my FNS-9 today without a single misfeed or other issue. Every one of them said they REALLY liked the gun. Three different types of ammo were used. FLAWLESS.

Lucky Louch: I own this same gun, thousands of rounds threw it and never have I had any issues. I don't know what the problem with his is but if you're watching this video to decide weather or not you want to purchase one don't let this video detour you it is a great gun!

John Miller: Sounds like the pistol needs some clp several times the slide pulled back and you heard a screech only oprahs chair could make

Mr Blister Mr. Blister: I've shot almost 2000rds through my FNS9 and had only 2 failures to eject with federal aluminum case ammo.  Brass Winchester ammo worked flawless. Great pistol.

Tom Meeker: I've had the FNS9 for about eight months now. I've put about 500 rounds through it without a single issue.

Cruz Peral: I have this gun too and mine also jams alot sometimes doesnt feed ammo into the chamber and also sometimes doesn't lock back after last round can someone help the coments are saying its the shooters fault for the jam i hope so because i had real high expectations for this gun and im just disappointed some knowledge would be helpful (this is my first gun by the way)

Mike Johnson: WTF was that?

flatop22: Purchased a FNS 9mm two tone in December. I did do my homework and research this particular firearm. I even got to fire one at the gun range range prior to buying one at the local gun store. Loved the sights and the handling of this firearm. Took the firearm to the gun range and the most I can fire is 5 rounds before it has a FTE or FTF. I even gave 20 rounds to a a guy next to me thinking it was the ammo. He fired 20 rounds and no issue with his Taurus Millennium. I had him shoot my FNS thinking it might be my grip but it failed with same ammo. Tried 3 different ammo and utilized all three magazines and still had is a FTE/FTF. All three ammo was 115 FMJ. The firearm is now back at the manufacturer. Hopefully will get it back in 2 weeks. Yes, the firearm was taking apart and cleaned and oiled prior to shooting.

Tan Trom: Look how the shells are barely ejecting out. I would guess there is a sign something is up with his ejecter.

Ronald McCoy: The fnp 9 mm is one of the most reliable pistols out there. This dude is probably using a low grain ammunition or just putting a loose ass grip on it causing it to jam. Notice how hard he is gripping and pulling the trigger when rapid firing at the end..didn't jam. Case closed lol

Markus Stonson: I've never had mine jam on me, BUT my girlfriend has constant misfeeds. I believe it's her grip. She keeps her wrist rotated to the side vs behind the pistol. Try a different grip. The gun may just not be comfortable for your style.

Tj Townsend: U just need to break that bitch in. I took my FNS 9 to the range with 1000 rounds and got it to fire just fine after several failure to feed jams. Apparently its cuz I didn't clean it before I shot it.

John Teller: I've fired thousands of rounds through mine over the past two years without a single malfunction. That's with various brands of inexpensive ammo. I've gone through over two thousand rounds between cleanings on one occasion. Not sure what the deal was with his pistol, but I reluctant to believe the validity of the video. I know any firearm can malfunction but something just doesn't seem right here!

stuna101a: This gun is great. Ive fired thousands of rounds through it with no jams. This is even with crapty ammo. Idk if this video is for views or what, but this is an awesome, reliable gun.

gymowner123: please don't review a gun until you become more knowledgeable about guns in general, if you don't have a few years of trigger time under your belt. It only confuses people. I carry a gun for 45 years and when I watch these videos of people who really are not efficient or knowledgeable with small weapons to even hold them properly, let alone review them, it is very disconcerting. It would be like me giving a review on a sailboat, I have been in one but know nothing more than the sail powers the boat.First get proper training and win a few matches at least so that you have some credibility before badmouthing a weapon that is one of the best in it's class. Giving this weapon to someone who never fired a gun, and then taking his thoughts to paper is indeed as much a waste of time as it was to do this in the first place, If you plan on doing this to help others you are achieving the opposite.

landnnut: The FNS-9 is not a JAM-A-MATIC. The FNS-9 is a great pistol- highly recommended, zero malfunctions of any kind mostly using cheap practice ammo including aluminum case. I have not tried any steel case ammo-probably won't. I have shot approximately 200-300 rounds, have not kept close count. The manual does instruct a person to clean and oil the pistol before firing it out of the box. The manual states that the assembly preservative used is not suitable for firing. I suspect GARYSGUNS did not read the manual and follow these directions because he has another video where the pistol preforms flawlessly after cleaning and lubrication. L&N nut

bigblock19721: cheap ammo

Tyler Ingle: I wonder what the problem could be...? Maybe the fact that his gun has absolutely NO oil on it... Look at how dry the barrel is, I guarantee the slide is just as dry..

gaeaneye: i own one and haven't had a ftf, fte, or failure to lock so far. haven't put many through it yet (still pretty new) but 115g winchester whitebox (obv not the cadillac of rounds) all fed perfectly. either you got have a lemon or, like everyone seems to be saying, your ammo is pure crape. don't blame the gun if you don't understand the issue fully

FNH-FNS-9mm JAM-A-MATIC 5 out of 5

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