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Don Davis: I sorry your have problems.
I've put around 1500 rounds through my FNX long slide w/o any problems

jocwalk: I have not one but two FNH FNS 9 guns, one built in late 2012 and one in 2014, both puchased new within the last year and a half. With hundreds of rounds put through each one, I can honestly say that I have not had a single problem: no jams, no trigger issues, no malfunctions of any kind. They have been extremely reliable and incredibly accurate. I am a casual shooter and do not claim to be a great marksman by any stretch and am not close to being a competition shooter. I have consistently been able to put all 17 rounds in an area about the size of a saucer at 30 feet. If a regular guy with marginal skill who shoots infrequently can do that, it says something about the gun.

White Male Infidel: The FNS-9 is over sprung. The FTF and failure to lock open come from using under powered ammo. I'd bet if you used NATO spec ammo in it, that would never have happened. Had the same problem with mine, but ONLY with Aguila ammo. EVERY other ammo ran flawlessly

craftsman89 d: I'll buy it off u??

Steven Steele Jr: Meanwhile I shoot glock, Soooooo I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

Grant Hashimoto: I had the problem, I checked the forums and other people have said it's just breaking the gun in. For the record, i'm not a fan of 9mm guns at all, I shoot an m&p 40c and a 1911, so I knew it wasn't my wrists giving too much. I put about a hundred rounds downrange and my jams virtually disappeared. Also the slide was extremely tight for a 9mm which loosened up as the gun fire some rounds off. Give the gun a chance as the gun performs flawlessly once it's been broken in right

Trent Hills: I've never had a jam or issue with any of my M&P's. I purchased the FNS 9c and had to break it in. After the first couple mags she has run like a champ. Shoot a heavy load at first then move on down to the cheaper stuff. Treat it like you're breaking in a kimber.

Michael Bohlander: had a failure to lock the slide back one magazine the first day shooting, no problems since. I run trash ammo through it and have put about 2,000 rounds no problem

Social0007: Mine is doing the same thing. Did you ever figure out what the cause was?

infurium: I really wish people would stop blaming "weak" 9mm ammo. The manual says the gun is designed to fire 9mm Parabellum which is the same thing as plain old "9mm". The manual says nothing about shooting NATO spec hotter +P rounds. I will say this I just picked up a FNS 9-Long Slide. First magazine was a total disaster. FTF multiple times and a few times it failed to lock the slide back on an empty mag. Now I blame 2 things #1 me. I am always giddy when I first start shooting. It takes me about 50 rounds to relax and find my groove. I believe limp wristing was causing my issues with a possible #2 reason being brand new springs that haven't been worn in. Those to factors combined I believe gave me issues.

After I relaxed a bit and worked the slide a few dozen times in between reloading the gun was fine. I shot a variety of ammo, Freedom munitions, Remington UMC and Winchester white box. All were 115gr. I put a total of 500 rounds down range the first session and only the first 50rnds gave me trouble (about 1 in 10 rounds).

Yes I took the gun apart prior to shooting it the first time and cleaned it completely and oiled it per the instructions in the manual.

I know that limp wristing is an issue for as I had similar results with my H&K USP 9. Again after relaxing and putting a few hundred down range all issues disappeared. Now it has thousands of rounds down range with no issues. As a good measure I've learned to work the slide on lighter polymer framed pistols to loosen the springs up a bit. Heaver non polymer guns like my Sig P226 never gave me issues again pointing towards limp wristing. When I used to shoot all the time this was a non issue. Lately though my pistol sessions are scattered, sometimes months apart and I always get excited the first few mags. Knowing your own shortcomings is more realistic than blaming the gun off the bat. Could he have a crummy FNS? Of course, but chances are shooter error combined with stiff new springs and perhaps maybe shooting some really really cheap crap ammo might be to blame but I doubt it. My 2 cents. Cheers gents.

808maxstone: The manual says the firearm requires an initial cleaning before use. Maybe he didn't clean it before use.

Jason Thibault: I'm not going to believe anyone with a southern accent wearing hunting Camo. I own an FNS 9 and I can't make it freak up. I guess just stick to your retard proof revolvers hick.

Dusty Nonya: The FNS was brand new when this video came out; there's a possibility they hadn't even fixed the trigger recall yet. Any gun in the first 3-6 months is liable to have a couple hiccups.

Adventure One: Had a failure to hold open on my first mag, everything since then has been perfection. Never a FTE, FTF, or stovepipe

Small Stack Robot: I've only had 200 rounds through mine not even enough to truly say I have broken in my fns 9 but so far not a single failure, not one.

David Garcia: I have fired thousand rounds through mine no issues. He got the one bad one or ammo sucks!

NIGBEATS: my comment is the same as everyone else's. fns9, many rounds thru, no failures.

Zachary Cropper: Not sure what your issue is. I've got close to 800 rounds through my FNS40 and not a single problem.

s88m88h: good thing you put the pacifics in the down below.

Eric Ossmann: What did you have polished?

FNH-FNS-9mm JAM-A-MATIC 5 out of 5

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