ELEC E-Cloud DVR Remote Monitor Setup

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gorgeousdzastr: I just got one with 8 cameras... I REALLY wish I had seen this official "ELECtechsupport" youtube page (OR lack thereof) BEFORE I bought it. No comment in 4 YEARS !

Jorge Napoles v. YC inmuebles: Hello to every body. I nead your help. I have a ELEC CVD-1004. my assistant ded. and im lost all information and support to this machine. admin it,s the user, and im lost the password. manuals and cd software.
please i nead help. the vendor here in mexico closed. no more. my skype jnapolesv.
Thanks every body.

Sports Community: Guys, just download the NVSIP app for iphone and andriod.. you will need to port forward some ports with your DVR ip to 80 and 37777 TCP and you will be able to remotely view your camera's anywhere outside your local network!

Popescu Vasile Danyel: ok people but my serial number is from 6 numbers and on xmeye you can make it only from 10-12 number on serial number not much short then 10-12 numbers, my serial is short and xmeye don't take it, what should i do now people? Any help? Thanks a lot.

Gustavo Simões: I have the CVK-MR04C10, but I dont remember the factory admin password... Can U help me ? Tks


Joe Scanlon: My ELEC system stopped working with Ip CamViewer Pro that worked perfect for years, I had to force the connection using a different device type but it's supper buggy now.

GiZmozGorge: "It is fail to get the service state!"Anyone else get that? Wont work for me...

Brian Jordan: quit working after loading windows 10 on laptop

Ubrik Bregga: Good luck getting support and forget trying to google elec dvr firmware or even like mine google the model in the unit says d6008d-f and nothing shows up for that. the elec homepage does not even show my model dvr i think these may be knock offs using elec's name

Ringo Silver: How to shut down?

Federico Tagliabue: Hi, i change the password and i can't to remember this. How i can reset the DVR's password? Tks!

Alexander Avelar: I have a problem it appears error 1008 when I try to connect it

dj Delazion: Cameras look great and its a small device that sets up quickly and easily enough for me. HOWEVER... I am so far very unimpressed with the CLOUD and  App VMEye, Having just a 4 channel HD setup the app just cant handle more than 1 camera or 2 cameras broadcasting at the same time via the internet. Also the pic quality isnt great. I have used a lot of Wifi cams and was hoping the App and cloud viewing would be optimized to suit high def cams. Thank god i never got the 8 channel HD setup. And im using a fast connection broadband and trying to view via WIFI. I cannot imagine how bad it will be if i go to 3G or 4G. They need to work on their cloud service.

H N: 24/7 support hotline 1-888-568-1318 is just an answering machine and the answering machine is always full and cannot take any messages.  Total fail.

Pharroh Ku:
what about firmware upgrade is there somewhere one can download and UPGRADE the DVR

Haimanot G: what about for MAC computer

Saad Baslom: I need help with Configuration . 

Gary Haynes: Be sure to check your modem/router settings. I/we had issues connecting the DVR to the web. We found that our own router's firewall was denying our outbound connection even though we set it in the DMZ.

Don Rodgers: Can you get xeye,net to work? and how can you configure my system?

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ELEC® e-Cloud DVR remote monitor setup 5 out of 5

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ELEC® e-Cloud DVR remote monitor setup