ELEC E-Cloud DVR Remote Monitor Setup

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Gustavo Simões: I have the CVK-MR04C10, but I dont remember the factory admin password... Can U help me ? Tks


Joe Scanlon: My ELEC system stopped working with Ip CamViewer Pro that worked perfect for years, I had to force the connection using a different device type but it's supper buggy now.

GiZmozGorge: "It is fail to get the service state!"Anyone else get that? Wont work for me...

Brian Jordan: quit working after loading windows 10 on laptop

Ubrik Bregga: Good luck getting support and forget trying to google elec dvr firmware or even like mine google the model in the unit says d6008d-f and nothing shows up for that. the elec homepage does not even show my model dvr i think these may be knock offs using elec's name

Ringo Silver: How to shut down?

Federico Tagliabue: Hi, i change the password and i can't to remember this. How i can reset the DVR's password? Tks!

Alexander Avelar: I have a problem it appears error 1008 when I try to connect it

Daniel Delazion: Cameras look great and its a small device that sets up quickly and easily enough for me. HOWEVER... I am so far very unimpressed with the CLOUD and  App VMEye, Having just a 4 channel HD setup the app just cant handle more than 1 camera or 2 cameras broadcasting at the same time via the internet. Also the pic quality isnt great. I have used a lot of Wifi cams and was hoping the App and cloud viewing would be optimized to suit high def cams. Thank god i never got the 8 channel HD setup. And im using a fast connection broadband and trying to view via WIFI. I cannot imagine how bad it will be if i go to 3G or 4G. They need to work on their cloud service.

Ryan Hong: 24/7 support hotline 1-888-568-1318 is just an answering machine and the answering machine is always full and cannot take any messages.  Total fail.

Pharroh Ku:
what about firmware upgrade is there somewhere one can download and UPGRADE the DVR

Haimanot G: what about for MAC computer

Saad Baslom: I need help with Configuration . 

Gary Haynes: Be sure to check your modem/router settings. I/we had issues connecting the DVR to the web. We found that our own router's firewall was denying our outbound connection even though we set it in the DMZ.

Don Rodgers: Can you get xeye,net to work? and how can you configure my system?

Cy berlabs: .xmeye.net no longer works - I would say the company appears to be defunct..elec doesn't answer their phones or respond to any emails - they seem to be selling products that they know are no longer valid.

BellMan1111: the dvr is system is decent. I wish there was some other way to directly connect to the dvr over the net instead of going to the cloud.

T Barnes: does anyone know how to find the app on a droid. I'm unable to locate it.

ironman2427: The instructions that come with the setup are PATHETIC at best and vague. Negative feedback coming and so is a Paypal case.

ELEC® e-Cloud DVR remote monitor setup 5 out of 5

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ELEC® e-Cloud DVR remote monitor setup